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Klonoa, Namco's adorable anthropomorphic bunny mouse thing, came top of the Top 10 Namco poll I've been running (see the results [link]).

I opted for his Wii remake outfit design over the various designs he's had before. I also tried to throw together a bit of a background. I may do more of that.
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only played one of his games once.....loved every moment of it
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Until about a year ago, I'd only ever played one of his GBA games, and I really didn't get what the fuss was about. I didn't even know there were console games as well ;)
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Very cool. I like how you've drawn him running about.
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Thanks! It took a little time to get a pose I liked.
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He is so well done!
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Thank you very much :)
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he's adorable
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Thank you :) He is pretty cuddly :D
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I really remember this guy... but never got a hold of his games. I sure wish I di- there's a game for Wii?
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There's a remake of his first game for Wii, no less!
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I have the Wii remake of the first Klonoa. Haven't touched it in ages. I should do that...

Oh also this picture is totes adorable :D
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Daww, he's so cuddly!
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Nice! I'd like to give his game a shot someday. :) I always liked how he wore a Pac Man hat.
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He's had a few games now. I really should pick up the Wii remake.
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Yeah, I saw that in the store very cheap a year back, it's getting kinda hard to find now unfortunately.
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Is surprising that he managed to be most well known Namco character in your votes. Nice job on him, looks very adorable.
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He's fairly well known now, even if he wasn't so much when he first appeared. And thanks! He is adoooorwabble!
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klonoa 2 for wii would be awesome it might be even more awesome if it was on wii u that's coming in november
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Can't argue with that! They said they would if the first one sold... But I'm not sure it sold enough :(
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first one didn't sell enough, that's because namco didn't do any ads for it, also the wiimake isn't good as the original ps1 game, the reason is because Klonoa works didn't make the remake, paon made it.
We can still hope because the webcomic is literally Klonoa 3, and they could make it as a game or, we can still hope Klonoa gets in ssbu since namco is working with nintendo, somehow it feels like Namco is working with nintendo for Klonoa, I wonder...
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