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Gilgamesh (Tower of Druaga)

Gilgamesh, the hero of The Tower of Druaga. He's another surprise entry in the Namco Top 10, but he has made quite a few cameo appearances that may have helped his cause.

The original game was strangely popular in Japan, but never really made an impact in the West.
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I just got the mii fighter costume for this guy
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Oh it made an impact in the West. Most Americans didn't like it. X_X
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"Tower of Druaga" is probably THE hardest game I have ever played and came so close to completing!
yet, I still LOVE it and keep coming back for more!! i'm a sucker for western fantasy and there's nothing like the thrill of good challenge, right??
NICE WORK, btw!!(^w^)
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Looking pretty good there! Is this game a dungeon crawler, I wonder? Other than that, I quite like this kind of presentation shown for Gilgamesh.

(That shield has Mickey Mouse-like logo on it, haha)
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It's more like a proto-Zelda. You have to solve cryptic puzzles to make treasures and weapons appear on each floor.

The shield is supposed to have a blue arrow on it. A case of "didn't do the research" ;)
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I might have to try that game sometime. Nice work on the hero. :) Love the brick details in the background to.
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I wish I'd spent more time on the background and fixing a few bits, but I still have three more Namco characters to do, then 10 Sega characters! And I wanna get the Capcom poll going. :p Also I'm lazy!

The game's not great either - it was one of those where there's loads of secret cryptic crap, but the Japanese lapped that stuff up in the 80s for some reason!
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I see, and man, you're really making yourself draw alot lately. ;) Hope you don't overwork yourself.
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