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Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa

A pretty obscure Konami character: Upa, the hero of Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa. He's a baby with a rattle that makes his enemies puff up into platforms, and he can eat his way through giant cakes.

While the game was Japan only, it later saw a worldwide release on the Wii Virtual Console, so you can go enjoy Upa's silly adventure right now if you want to!
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I found the game's main theme to be catchy. Composed by Seiichi Fukami a.k.a Lydian Fukami, who also did OSTs of Gradius II and X-Men
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The only game where you play as A BABY. (Aside from Yoshi's Island or Partners in Time to. ) Maan, the game's pretty fun to pick up even today though. Sucha a good thing Konami still gives it love time to time.

I tend to call Upa this "Ice Climber" of Konami expect his game was good. (-l3l-)
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Upa is probably more like the Takamaru of Konami, given that his Japan-only status has been alleviated somewhat by occasional references, even outside of Japan. :)
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Konami was high on crack during their early times. Upa is still awesome, I should his game a try...
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I gave it a go. Strange that it was held back from international release due to worries about "quality", given the sheer amount of rubbish on the NES :)
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I believe he's also one of the playable characters in Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius for the Super Famicom.
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That he is! And he gains a female counterpart.
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Yes. That game is awesome.
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Oh yeah! I've seen this game before. :) I hear it's actually pretty good. Maybe I'll get it for VC someday. Great job on Upa.
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