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A UK-based illustrator, designer and writer. I play videogames (mostly Nintendo games) and tend to draw a lot of stuff from videogames too! Formerly a comic artist on Nintendo Force magazine. Presently a dad to two Small Fries.

After 14 years and over 150 entries deep, I'm still thinking about Nintendo monsters. And now I'm considering compiling a bunch of them into a book. I'm not sure if there is enough interest to make something as niche as a "Nintendo monster art book" viable, but I wanted to try and gauge interest before I start trying to figure out how to make it happen. So... Would you be interested in buying a Nintober art book? Leave your responses in the comments! The book would likely contain mostly existing Nintober monsters, but with new artwork. I lost most of my original files in 2012 and my techniques have come on a long way since I started. It wouldn't simply be my dA gallery in a book. I expect I'd throw in a few new ones as well. And if you have any experience of this sort of thing, I'd love to hear some ideas of where to get started.
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So DA is introducing an AI that automatically has access to everybody's art. It's "opt out" as we say in the web business. It's assumed you support the change until you specifically say you don't support it. The problem with assuming "opt out" is that only a complete moron thinks it's a good idea. Someone who either thinks their idea is so brilliant everyone will love it, or someone who cares so little about you that they don't care what you think. And opt out is always a bad call. There are consumer and privacy protection laws all over the world protecting consumers from "opt out". The assumption that all artists support having an artificial intelligence take a copy of every piece of art in our galleries and spit out machine-learned replicas is such a stupid assumption, that many are deleting all their artwork and accounts without delay. It's a garbage thing being done by garbage humans. Once they cotton on to the lost subscriptions and the community wipeout, I expect they'll U-turn
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Thanks for following along with Nintober 2021! Tomorrow (8th of Nintober), I will be becoming a dad again to a new baby girl. So I'm going to have to press pause on Nintober for another year. 150 is a nice round number to stop at. And no, we will not be naming her "Samus" in honour of Metroid Dread's release.
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Where the new art

I have a full time job and two kids. I've hardly drawn anything for a year! :( Managed to get a late Nintober entry in though. Hopefully I can start doing a bit more now the baby's turned one.

I'm waiting for it, too. He's probably busy or something.

Hello, I'm looking forward to see your Nintober Art.

Sorry you had to wait so long! But there's one in there now :)

That's okay, and I already know.

Wow, Nintendo Force, eh? Now there is a name I haven't heard in a while. It was a great publication; back in the pre-Internet days, when I was a sprog, I'd spend a huge amount of time reading games magazines. So, as you can imagine, I'm pretty stoked to find you here on the dumpster fire that is DeviantART - they say never meet your heroes, but I'm pleased that I found you. :)

Much respect and many kudos to you, sir - you're a talented artist, and Nintendo is honoured to have you furthering their cause.