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Art Trade-Krystal by FrxPlanner Art Trade-Krystal :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 21 8 Copihue by FrxPlanner Copihue :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 4 0 Art Trade for VenomSprinter by FrxPlanner Art Trade for VenomSprinter :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 4 2
My Star Fox fanfic timeline
Creation of the Universe and The Forgotten War:
The krazoa create the universe with all their laws and species, being the most notorious the cerinians and the sarubians. Seeing that the universe was consuming emptiness, their original home and that some creations were potentially dangerous for themselves, Drasnos rises against his own kind, starting a devastating war and becoming the first dark lord.
To fight Drasnos abominations made for ultimate destruction, the krazoa created Amethyst, a powerful cerinian able to control matter and Uther Putorius, a charismatic and smart sarubian warrior. For another side, a cerinian sorcerer priest who was jealous of Amethyst sides with the dark lord, becoming Ram’Pretx, father of necromancy and the first necrox.
After many terrible battles, Drasnos and the necrox are defeated and sealed and Amethyst will let a big lineage. One of them will eventually cross with Ram’Pretx bloodline.
Krazoa withdrawal and beginning of The Ancie
:iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 2 11
Autobot leaders by FrxPlanner Autobot leaders :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 3 2 Ceres The Mad Witch by FrxPlanner Ceres The Mad Witch :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 5 3 Eris and Uldren by FrxPlanner Eris and Uldren :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 11 9 Something pathetic by FrxPlanner Something pathetic :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 5 5 Deathlinkz by FrxPlanner Deathlinkz :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 4 4 At the gym by FrxPlanner At the gym :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 3 4 An older Krystal by FrxPlanner An older Krystal :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 7 6 Necrox dungeon by FrxPlanner Necrox dungeon :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 3 2 Posing like the ancient statues by FrxPlanner
Mature content
Posing like the ancient statues :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 4 2
Arwing Ghost Shell by FrxPlanner Arwing Ghost Shell :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 17 0 Regicide Mission but with figures by FrxPlanner Regicide Mission but with figures :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 3 2 Black Sun by FrxPlanner Black Sun :iconfrxplanner:FrxPlanner 5 2
Fanart, cosas viejas y mis propias creaciones se encuentran aquí. Espero que les guste :).


Sappy Sketches by 0laffson Sappy Sketches :icon0laffson:0laffson 143 27 PTR - Inktober 2018 - Artica by Temrin PTR - Inktober 2018 - Artica :icontemrin:Temrin 27 9 Nagaraja specter by Cerberus-rack Nagaraja specter :iconcerberus-rack:Cerberus-rack 11 7 Tarasque specter by Cerberus-rack Tarasque specter :iconcerberus-rack:Cerberus-rack 10 3 Who would get into Smash? by MissMcCloud Who would get into Smash? :iconmissmccloud:MissMcCloud 6 27 Third Eye Tiger by TasDraws Third Eye Tiger :icontasdraws:TasDraws 180 6 Gogeta by Maniaxoi Gogeta :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 227 38 Spider-man PS4 a tribute to Stan Lee RIP by bat123spider Spider-man PS4 a tribute to Stan Lee RIP :iconbat123spider:bat123spider 176 32 Fall Party 2018 by Blackbear972 Fall Party 2018 :iconblackbear972:Blackbear972 32 64 Poor Kari! by 0laffson Poor Kari! :icon0laffson:0laffson 177 52 Dakuwaqa specter by Cerberus-rack Dakuwaqa specter :iconcerberus-rack:Cerberus-rack 9 4 Sketchpage - Britney by SatraThai Sketchpage - Britney :iconsatrathai:SatraThai 70 17 Divide et Impera - page 5 by 0laffson Divide et Impera - page 5 :icon0laffson:0laffson 94 22 Jaz by KristKC Jaz :iconkristkc:KristKC 10 0 Saint Seiya - Shaina Masque - by Iso-pI Saint Seiya - Shaina Masque - :iconiso-pi:Iso-pI 54 9 Breath of the wild by MCAshe Breath of the wild :iconmcashe:MCAshe 266 8
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Stan Lee's Death:

Even if this wasn't an art site, is more than an obligation to mention the loss of one the greatest contributors of the media who left an inmense legacy, one of the best minds from the comic industry and I bet that Stan Lee's work has at least a little influence on the work of almost every creator that can be reading these lines right now, even if it is as the inspiration of your inspiration. Despite the news of his health state and everything else that were pointing to his inminent departure, we weren't prepared to this moment and is unavoidable lament the loss of someone who have done such great contributions to humanity. Thanks Mr. Stan Lee for everything.

Monthly Art Trade or Collab offer:

 I have reopened the art trade or collab offer for this month. Said this, now I'm going to specify my conditions:
  1. I'll wait some time to receive offers and select the most interesting one to me.
  2. In the art trade case, what I will want in exchange for the requested work will vary of what I see in your gallery. For example, if I see that you make only portraits, I will request one in exchange, if you only make symbols, I will request that or if you have ease in drawing complex and detailed things, I will request something like that. After all this is a trade.
  3. When I have selected a trade or collab proposal to work in, I will update this journal or write a new one to tell you about it.
  4. Keep in mind that I can take one week or two or an entire month in the worst case to finish the requested work.
    With the conditions especificated, now is time to show you what can I do as art trades:

  Deathlinkz by FrxPlanner  An older Krystal by FrxPlanner  Sapphire Stained Glass by FrxPlanner   Art Trade for VenomSprinter by FrxPlanner  At the gym by FrxPlanner  Art Trade-Krystal by FrxPlanner

  Eris and Uldren by FrxPlanner  Something pathetic by FrxPlanner  The truth about Cayde 6 Forsaken Edition by FrxPlanner  The real shit by FrxPlanner

If you want to offer a collab, this is the kind of stuff that I like to do:

Mature Content

Krystal vs Sapphire by FrxPlanner
  Krystal in Easter Island by FrxPlanner  Necrox amphora ship in the green space by FrxPlanner  Cerinian necromancer by FrxPlanner  Forest of the Spirits by FrxPlanner  Krystal vs Oryx by FrxPlanner  Black Sun by FrxPlanner 
I can collab with another kind of stuff, so don't be afraid to bargain with me about that (I won't make porn or fetish however).

    And well, I hope that we can make a nice agreement. Have a nice month :D (Big Grin).


FrxPlanner's Profile Picture
I'm only a guy who is stuck in life for 3 years who likes to make memes, upload screenshots and draw.


Sólo soy un tipo que está atascado en la vida por 3 años a quien le gusta hacer memes, subir capturas de pantalla y dibujar.


My Krystal Art Trade is so far my best drawing ever done now. Could it surpass my Cayde-6 meme someday?
Art Trade-Krystal by FrxPlanner
I wasn't giving a shit about this game until I watched this 
When you think that Doomguy can't be more badass, he just becomes more badass .
If Ceres backstory was a song, it would be this:

Even the song's picture reminds some paintings of my character :o (Eek) .


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