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LFLA EP02: That Crown Thing... by fruztal LFLA EP02: That Crown Thing... :iconfruztal:fruztal 2 2 Le Fiestas Patrias by fruztal Le Fiestas Patrias :iconfruztal:fruztal 3 0 Co-Op gals trying out new Badges by fruztal Co-Op gals trying out new Badges :iconfruztal:fruztal 15 0 Happy 18 Birthday Deviantart! by fruztal Happy 18 Birthday Deviantart! :iconfruztal:fruztal 7 2 Ms. Chalice Farts by fruztal Ms. Chalice Farts :iconfruztal:fruztal 53 27 Commission Chart by fruztal
Mature content
Commission Chart :iconfruztal:fruztal 2 10
Christmas Night by fruztal Christmas Night :iconfruztal:fruztal 4 1 GMODComic: Pink Bomber's Upgrade by fruztal
Mature content
GMODComic: Pink Bomber's Upgrade :iconfruztal:fruztal 24 4
A Lil's 21th Birthday by fruztal A Lil's 21th Birthday :iconfruztal:fruztal 2 2 Hat Trick by fruztal
Mature content
Hat Trick :iconfruztal:fruztal 26 3
In Hat Kid's Secret Hideout by fruztal
Mature content
In Hat Kid's Secret Hideout :iconfruztal:fruztal 13 3
Traveller Gas by fruztal
Mature content
Traveller Gas :iconfruztal:fruztal 4 0
Mustache Gas by fruztal
Mature content
Mustache Gas :iconfruztal:fruztal 10 0
A Poot in Time by fruztal
Mature content
A Poot in Time :iconfruztal:fruztal 26 1
Penny's Peanut Hole by fruztal
Mature content
Penny's Peanut Hole :iconfruztal:fruztal 10 0
Teri and Penny Farting by fruztal
Mature content
Teri and Penny Farting :iconfruztal:fruztal 17 8
Just silly art from this guy, pls don't hate :c


(Kink/Comedy Animation) Bittersweet Sniffling by NapalmXiphias
Mature content
(Kink/Comedy Animation) Bittersweet Sniffling :iconnapalmxiphias:NapalmXiphias 117 31
Vivi. by Thumtas
Mature content
Vivi. :iconthumtas:Thumtas 11 0
Commission: Linus dominating Patty by waffengrunt
Mature content
Commission: Linus dominating Patty :iconwaffengrunt:waffengrunt 26 8
Minecraft: Peridot by Mega-Shadow-Mewtwo-Y
Mature content
Minecraft: Peridot :iconmega-shadow-mewtwo-y:Mega-Shadow-Mewtwo-Y 6 2
A Smelly GIFt! (With Video!!) by Wadaylash A Smelly GIFt! (With Video!!) :iconwadaylash:Wadaylash 7 7 Isabelle Turns Over a New Leaf! by joaoppereiraus Isabelle Turns Over a New Leaf! :iconjoaoppereiraus:joaoppereiraus 591 121 Cirno Circulation by Allstarman
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Cirno Circulation :iconallstarman:Allstarman 138 12
Mom's Beer and Pizza Night by GassyJackal
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Mom's Beer and Pizza Night :icongassyjackal:GassyJackal 222 70
Fusion Poots by RepulsiveProto
Mature content
Fusion Poots :iconrepulsiveproto:RepulsiveProto 126 16
Peritoot by Thumtas
Mature content
Peritoot :iconthumtas:Thumtas 15 1
Icy Toot by Thumtas
Mature content
Icy Toot :iconthumtas:Thumtas 12 1
Electoots by Drawful-S
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Electoots :icondrawful-s:Drawful-S 67 17
5-Volt's Cooking by Drawful-S
Mature content
5-Volt's Cooking :icondrawful-s:Drawful-S 274 14
Here's a Little Lesson in Trickery by Mickeymonster Here's a Little Lesson in Trickery :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 3,931 396 SiBlings' Day 2018 - Privacy Issues by mickeyelric11 SiBlings' Day 2018 - Privacy Issues :iconmickeyelric11:mickeyelric11 54 10


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
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My name is Fabian, but call me Fruztal.
I'm a Artist, but not all of my art is uploaded here due of being too Risqué for this site. Check my Pixiv for my entire Gallery. I play games too! pretty much in any Platform, i do random videos aswell.
I don't only make Fetish stuff you know... check my SFW stuff here!: :iconfruztal-x:
If you came from a random Cringe Compilation, I'll delete your comment if it doesn't have any constructive criticism.
in fact, any hate comment will be deleted.

Birthday: November, 07

Commission Chart:…

My Pixiv:…

My Youtube Channel:…

If you like what i'm doing, you can Donate here:
if you can't, that's fine.. i still love you for liking my art :love:

Streaming Channels:

Fetish Drawings:


Play with me would ya?:

Other Platforms:
3DS: 4313-4106-3152
Switch: SW-1703-7754-8307
Steam: fruztalunlimited
Uplay: fruztal_project
Roblox: fruztalx
Discord: Fruztal#1996

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Good Luck
  • Watching: Uchū Sentai Kyuranger
Tagged by: :iconalexandergantt:

8 Facts about my OC: Little Fruztal (Lil' Fruz)

Littlefruztal by fruztal

1. He likes to Dress Up as many characters
2. He is not ashamed to show his butt in public
3. He's based on one Drawing my sister made for me
4. He loves Chloe Park. A Lot.
5. He Farts in Command
6. He is Bisexual
7. He's a cool guy, kinda naughty sometimes.
8. The things he imagine, he draws it.

Aaaandd.... i'm Tagging:

:iconthumtas: :iconundertaker5656: :iconsoniclover562: :icontronicz:

That's all i guess
  • Watching: Uchū Sentai Kyuranger
Hello Guys and Gals..

Today i decided to make a new Account for my Safe for Work art..
(Click on the Icon :iconfruztal-x:)

from now on, this account will only contain fetish and lewd stuff (i'll be moving some stuff to the new account)

And no, i'm not quitting fetish art.. i just want to try something different besides farting and all that kind of stuff

You know... doing the same thing gets boring and also makes you feel incomplete for some reason.
but.. whatever..

Just.. please keep your fetish comments and stuff here and don't bring them there.. or else i'll have to start blocking and remove comments..

That's all
Night! ^_^
  • Playing: Gears of War 4
i've been having this question time ago and... well.

Sincerely.. What do you think about my art?...

  • Drinking: Lemon Stones

Heyoo guys, i just want to say Happy Holidays to all of you <3

it was a looong year, with challenges, ups and downs...

but.. yeah, i hope you guys are warm, with your family, etc etc. over there.

My Present for all of my followers is... uh... actually it was “The Poot House” collection of pics i uploaded on a week... lel

but here’s another one:
Sneek2017 by fruztal

a smol quantity of previews from my next uploads in 2017! ^_^

and... that’s all i guess... Love you guys :love:

Merry Christmas, and a happy new Year 2017!

  • Watching: The Christmas Tree
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola


Aaaandd Drawtober Begins! Only being uploaded to Tumblr, Pixiv and Inkbunny
LFLA EP02: That Crown Thing...
(made this in terms of comedy and not harm)
Lil' Fruz just had enough about the whole Bowsette thing, so he did a small Session with some of his friends.. and Tumblr Guy.

I WANT TO CLARIFY, i'm not against the entire Bowsette/Super Crown thing, though i wish it just cools down, it bothers me the fact my Feeds are filled with images of her. I also added Meltan on this because this lil nut didn't get any recognition as far i'm seeing.
(i wanted to add Eggette but.. eh)

(Past Episode:…)
I'm really getting annoyed by this Bowsette trend bs...


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Hoi! Do u Take Request??
fruztal Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018  Student Digital Artist
i do, but with low priority. lol
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Rokusho Eat much Ice cream....
He got toilet...
I wonder what's going to happen next.
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Do you know what KidVsKat is?
fruztal Featured By Owner Edited Aug 29, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, i used to watch it as a child
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Could i maybe give you a suggestion for a fart art idea about it?
fruztal Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018  Student Digital Artist
ehh, sure.
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Discord Name doesn`t work for me.
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You have been making fart fetish pictures on DeviantArt.

And you have not seen this coming.
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