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Have I ever drawn this often? No.. some kind of record. But I kinda want their story to get started and then maybe I'll put a bit more time in the drawings (or less). So, Dunai is back and have his new horse. As well as Triss, Alyssa is someone I'm keeping, though I kinda wanted her to look a bit meaner so I gave her black hair instead of brown.




Dunai had arrived pretty late at Arlanda. His flight from Russia had been delayed so he took a cab home to his apartment in Stockholm. He had planned on going out to the stables or at least take a beer in town, but it he was tired and realized it was better to wait until Saturday. To his luck, Aly had rescheduled their party night to Saturday as well. So it was with good confidence Dunai could sleep almost till noon the next day. He had some arrends to do in town before going out to the stables. It was a drive for about 30 minutes from the city center with normal traffic, and he planned to go around four in the afternoon. Triss and Aly was supposed to go with him back to his apartment and get ready there and take some pre-drinks before meeting up the others for dinner. It was better that way, as both Aly and Triss lived near the stables so going in with commuter trains took almost 40 minutes.

As Saturday afternoon, the stables had lots of activities and Dunai felt that warm feeling of coming home as he drove up to the smaller yard to the stable that Triss hired at Runåker. He was very excited to meet them all again and to ride his new horse. Outside the smaller stable, away from the big livery stable, there was a little less activity and Dunai could see Triss and Aly taking a cup of coffee outside as he parked his car. They both got up and smiled from ear to ear as he got out of the car.
“DUNNY!” Triss almost ran towards him with arms up in the air. They both met in a big hug, laughing. Aly came after and joined in on their hug.
“Ooh, how we missed you you little soviet bastard!” She smiled and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.
“Nice beard, it suits you.” They all three laughed and went to sit outside the stable, enjoying the late summer sun over a cup of coffee, talking about what had happened in their lives the month Dunai had been in Russia. Triss was thrilled over his new sponsor and how good it had went on the shows this summer, but concerned that he hadn't got any horses in training yet. It was essential for his economic survival to have at least two horses stabled up for training during the winter when there was no big eventing competitions then. Aly had been mostly busy with drinking wine and spending her money on new Schockemöhle tack. The usual in other words for her.

“No, now it's time to try out that expensive horse” Dunai proclaimed, clapping his hands together, after they've been drinking coffee for almost two hours. Aly made a small “yey!” and they all three got up. The black mare was still out in her pasture so Dunai and Aly went together to take her in. Aly told Dunai she had mostly just been riding around the stable grounds and some easier work to get the mare acclimatized to the new place. The mare was still a bit tense though and not so pleasant to handle from the ground, even if she had become better according to Aly.
“She kicked Triss once, so he calls her 'Haggan', but I think Maggan is a nicer nickname” Aly told and laughed as they tacked up the mare. She helped Dunai to mount Maggan who whipped her tail and snorted, seemingly displeased.
“I'll just try her out in the large paddock, can you come by later when you are finished in the stable?” Dunai asked as he picked up the reins and stroked the mare reassuring over her neck. Aly nodded.
“Sure! I just gonna get Kaskelot from the walker and put on his night bandages, then I swing by!” Dunai let Maggan go out from the stable yard towards the big outdoor pasture. The mare whipped her tail, and almost trotted. He knew she was a bit of a handful and just tried not to disturb her. Soon the mare calmed herself, but she still felt tense.

In the paddock he warmed up the mare in walk, trot and some canter, but she refused to ease into the bit and stretch her back. It really felt like she was fighting back and only small moments she seemed to listen to him. Dunai understood it would take some time to get to know her, but he still got a bit frustrated as it felt really bad and he who had been so excited for this horse. After being in the paddock, trying to get the mare to relace for almost 30 minutes, Aly finally came down. Dunai halted by the fence and looked at her really troubled.
“Aly, help! She is stiff like a plank and doesn't ease into the bit at all.” The mare didn't even stand still, only whipped her tail and tensed her back like getting ready to buck him off or something. Aly frowned and got over the fence into the paddock.
“She seems really mad today.” She laughed a bit and walked with them, “Let her out on loose reins for a while”. Dunai looked a bit skeptical at Aly but did as she recommended. Maggan tossed her head and snorted, speeding up her pace. Dunai almost reflectively started to pick up the reins again
“No, stop! Let her walk it off!” Aly shouted after them and once again he did as she told.
“Just let her walk in the pace she wants and find her rhythm first.” Aly stopped by the middle of the paddock, watching them. After a while, Dunai got in the the mares rhythm and soon she started to slow down a bit more relaxed.
“Okay, now just pick up the reins a little bit, barley any contact and try to steer her with your weight and legs in a circle around me, okay?” Dunai only nodded. The mare tensed up at first but after some large circles around Aly she relaxed even more. They continued like that, slowly getting more and more contact. The mare stayed a bit more relaxed but was hanging in the bit, fighting against Dunais hands. They only worked on that, in trot and some canter, just to get the mare relaxed and stretching out her back.
“Okay, walk her off now, she is doing good so better stop so she has a good memory” Aly sighed a bit, she tired of following them in circles for almost an hour. Dunai nodded and gave the mare free reins. He was tired and also disappointed. Aly could see that.
“Hey, cheer up! It's a new horse that has a special temper, you need to give her some time to adjust to you and yourself to adjust to her. After riding all those heavy horses in Russia it's hard to just get up and ride a sensitive one like this.” She smiled encouraging and Dunai laughed a bit
“Yeah, you're right. C'mon, it's getting a bit late, we need to get out for some beer now”

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Håller med tjihopp, det är nästan lite omänsklig takt du haft den senaste tiden o.o

Hursomhelst så är denna fröken supervacker och jag ser fram emot att se henne mer och det ska bli intressant att se hur deras relation utvecklas, lite ovanligt i harpg-sammanhang med "knepiga" hästar (som alltså är knepiga även för ryttaren, inte bara tokpållar som ändå har en magisk kontakt med sin ryttare)
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Wow, I really like how the black coat contrast with the light background and drags all the atention to that amazing pose ♥ Such a pretty composition!
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Hur har du ens orkat med så här många bilder på så kort tid? :faint: I alla fall så är även den här väldigt fin och mysig, du lyckas verkligen med ljuset och stämningen i dina bilder! Och som vanligt kul att läsa vidare. :D
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New horses are always a challenge, especially the pretty flashy ones :giggle:
Lovely little picture! Can't wait to see what comes next! :la: