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Of eastern nights

By FruVider
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The eastern moonelves look and live different from the west, those from Darcgoria. This is the 9th queen from the elven nations in the west, from the city in the mountains. Her name is Keez'aí. She was married to the 13th king W'Onarêch.
Those days the queens had no power (no woman had) different from the darcgoria moonelves where women was very powerfull and the only ones that could be "chosen of the moon". But she held a royal title. Keez'aì thou was known among all the elves in the nations as the first to discover the true power of moonlight. She also was the one who learned how to capture moonlight in objects. Therefore, despite that she was a woman, she was celebrated and was alowed to write books. She kept on to study the moon, even after her housband was killed in battle and she lost her queen title. She moved to the elven city in north elvezoalah and lived to see her 4 279th birthday. She died of old age in her sleep.


So the drawing is mostly just a concept picture of the eastern moonelves, 'cause I never draw them. They've got warmer colours in their skin than the northern moonelves.
Made this one for a background at my site that has everything 'bout Elvezoalah. Or it will have... soon. xD
Sketch is messy yes, it's scaned, and I hate lineart, so i did not clean it up. Coloured in Photoshop CS2
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It's a very nice style and I love the outfit.

There are a few proportion problems. They're thankfully not as glaring as things I see from other people, and are afraid to comment on.

Namely her thighs look too long compared to her shins, and her head looks too big as well.

Part of this may be that the hands are a *little* too small as well, but If I'm seeing this right, then it looks like her whole head should be about the current height of her face at the eyebrow (this is not counting poofy hair, just where her face should stop)

Once her head is the right size, the hands should be made equal to the length of the face from chin to halfway between the eyebrow and the hairline.

This is of course assuming that she has normal human-like proportions which may not be the case. :shrug:

Anyway that's my :twocents: and you can do or not do with it what you will :D

I know personally I was never a fan of critiques, as I felt no one had the right to ask me to change my finished work, but that's really not what they're for, so much as to give some guidelines to help out with the next time.

In general, the thigh and shin are about the same length, a person's height is between seven and eight heads, and a person's hand is the length of their face. The hair makes it difficult for me to judge her true head height, so it may just be that the face is taking up too much space. I doubt that's the case, but if it is, then it would be good to remember that we usually draw faces disproportionately large because we pay so much attention to them.

When viewed from profile, the line that runs through the eye actually doesn't occur untill halfway between the top of the skull and the lip line, which is lower than most people put it. This has the general effect of making the face smaller than most would initially draw it, but it is correct (and you can test out the hand thing with your own face :D)

Another good reference for getting hands the right size is that if the arms are relaxed at the sides with the fingertips fully extended, then the hand should stretch from just below the crotch at the wrist to halfway between the crotch and the knee at the fingertips.

Anyway, I'm done. Didn't mean to sound like I'm lecturing or anything, just trying to help.

You don't have comments set to ask for critiques, but since you also don't have it set to discourage them, I figured I'd put in my :twocents: about what I saw to try to help out :D
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and the critque too by the way. Maybe one day I will think of it =)
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whatever really, don't care about the anatomy, while this is a concept drawing. I don't care about them anytime really. I think it's boring with perfect anatomy anyways =)
Thanks for the comment, anyway
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You're welcome :D
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Great that you're back anyways ^^
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;D Gaaah! *feels sooooo much like drawing but all my things're at my dad's >.<*
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