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Not feeling quite right

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I'm not happy with this. At all. It was a bit fun trying to do buildings in the background, but something didn't go right in the beginning of this drawings, so it feel kinda off. I didn't realize it before it was too late to fix it, and then usually I just delete that kind of stuff. But I have told myself not to delete stuff but to finish it and then just move on. So here it is. Halft-heartedly spitten out. Enjoy the story instead :)



The week went by rather fast, Dunai was back at his regular job as a office broker in town. He tried to go out to the stable almost every evening to train and get to know his new horse Maggan. The days he couldn't be there Alyssa was caring for her as she lived close to the stables and had a lot of more spare time than Dunai. The days he were out they mostly did easy work and he didn't push the mare in any way. Some days felt better, others the same as that past Friday. A week had gone and he could be out a bit earlier in the stable so he took advantage of there not being so many people there and decided he would train Maggan at the dressage paddock. He had realized she needed much warming up, so he did some easier work in just a basic walk for almost half an hour before trotting and later a little canter. The mare seemed displeased as always, whipping her tail and fighting against the bit, not being able to straighten out or searching down her nose at all. It was really frustrating and after feeling like he'd been fighting her for half an hour and her getting ready to buck him off, he just gave up. Dunai sighed and let the mare walk on long reins a couple of rounds in the paddock before he unmounted her and walked her of by the hand around the stable grounds. There was some good walkways between the paddocks and buildings. The black mare at first was sidestepping and misbehaving but after some time she seemed to sense Dunais disappointment and indifferent towards her that she soon just walked calmly beside him.

Dunai looked at the mare as she led her around the grounds that was slowly lighting its outdoor lights as the sun was setting, wondering if he really had made a good decision on this horse. It had felt so great, like they had a connection, when he had tried her out. Almost as the connection he had with his old horse Vera. Vera now stood at his fathers small farm down in south of Sweden, living the life in happy retirement. He had known the mare would be tricky, but he was slowly running out of patience. As they came closer to the stable buildings they met some of the girls that had their horses stabled up there. They greeted him with big smiles and asking quickly about his new horse and how it was going. Dunai forced a smile
“It's OK, she's still a bit tense” He just answered and kept on walking, not feeling like stopping and talking to anyone. It was really relieving that Triss and Aly hired a whole part of one of the smaller stable buildings at Runåker. That gave them some privacy. Outside the smaller stable it was quiet, Triss had backed up his car with his trailer on it, getting ready for a competition the next morning. Maggan snorted loudly and sidestepped when they passed the trailer, Dunai didn't even bother and just led her inside the stable. They were met by a low, dark neighing from Kaskelot that stood in the aisle, Aly putting on his bandages for the night.
“Oh hi, how did it go?” She looked up as she moved away a bit from Kaskelot that started trampling around a bit, the stallion excited over Maggan. Maggan on the other hand just put her ears straight back towards her neck, not being excited at all about seeing the big black brute. Dunai just stopped her and started untacking her in the aisle.
“Shit.” he muttered as he but on the mare her halter and tied her up. “I just gave up. Don't know why I bought this horse.” His voice was dry and a strong hint of disappointment was heard. He started to a bit distant brushing the mare off. Aly stood up, looking with a bit of pity at Dunai.
“Aaw, Dunai don't say that. She'll come around soon. It's a very nice horse, you'll see it will turn out great” She stroke Kaskelots neck reassuring, as if it was the stallion her words was meant for. Dunai shrugged as he felt the mares legs. They were still warm after the bandages he had on during training.
“Eh, maybe. Maybe not. I miss Storm, he was simple” Dunai stood up, looked at Alyssa for a moment. “Can I borrow your ice balm?” He then asked, turning back to the mare. Alyssa didn't say anything more about the thing, just nodded and handed him the bottle of ice lotion. He could feel her eyes in his neck though as he started to massage it in on the mares legs. Dunai remembered the bay gelding he had on loan from a big German stable a couple of years back. It had been a good match and it was the horse that had taken him to higher levels. Though when he had decided to make a career outside of the equestrian world, he had been forced to give the gelding back to his owners as he didn't have the time for him anymore. Now when his normal career was getting good and stable, he had decided to start more with horses. Now it felt like a bad choice. He could her Alyssa taking in Kaskelot in his stall and walk up to him and the mare.
“Hey, why you use the ice balm, isn't she feeling alright?” She asked. Dunai just shrugged and got up to his feet again.
“No, I'm just too lazy to cool down her legs with water. She is getting a bit thick in her legs when she's been stabled up, so wanna help out for a bit.” He untied the mare and led her in her stall as well where she immediately went to the nighttime hay that was put in there. Aly didn't say anything, she just nodded, looking a bit worried.
“Okay, I'll give her legs a closer check in the mornings. You did x-rays on her, right?” They both stood by the open stall door, watching the mare eating some hay, and from time to time looking angrily at the young gelding in the stall next to her.
“Yeah, spotless. The vet only remarked on her bad temper.” Dunai couldn't help but to laugh a bit and Aly giggled as well.
“She is a real bitch.” She agreed, then looked at Dunai, giving him a encouraging clap on his back “Hey, I think you should call your dad and get his advice. He's always had a good hand with tricky horses.” She smiled and Dunai couldn't help but to nod, agreeing.
“Yeah, you're right. I'll give him a call.”

(Yes, Kaskelot is alive, and you'll see him soon <3)

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Hon har väl inte ont D:
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Ugh I feel ya. Buildings suck but I actually like them cos then I don't have to think so much about colouring a natural background with similar shades...

But Maggan & Dunai look ace :D tricky angle for the horse's head and neck so kudos there.
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I know what you mean by "half-heartedly spitten out" .. it happens to all of us, but I'm glad you decided to upload it anyway! :heart:
I wish Dunai a lot of luck in figuring out the mare! The best horses take a while to figure out. And I can't wait to see Kaskelot! :la: