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Final round

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The last piece for qualification to :iconha-champions-league:
Really excited for this, it will be much fun! :eager:
Hopefully more fun than I had with this. But you can say that even I got some good training with this clinic. Buildnings and stuffs...
In the background you have Florence Woodrow and Tell me Tomorrow that belongs to Helsinge and Matej Baranka and GES Brijant belonging to C-Creatio
Peter Crosby and Crosby stables are property of Shotechi

Come saturday Alyssa woke up with excitement. Today was the day, to make or break it. Her muscles ached and her thoughts spinning around just everything she had learned tha past week. This afternoon she and Nevriye would show that they qualified for the big events. The sun was shining bright and the autumn air was crisp with a cool breeze. Perfect weather for a day out on the jumpingfield. You could feel the tension amongst every participant during the last lesson that morning, everyone looking both excited and exhausted. During the lunchbreak, Aly bid them all good luck that afternoon, some she had become rather good friends with that past week. She would miss them, but if everyhing went good, they would probably see each other the coming spring in the Champions League. It would be exciting to see who got paired up with who.

As Aly mounted the akhal teke mare for hat last ride, she could feel how tha mare got filled up with the same excitement as her rider, flaring her nostrils and snorting loudly. It was as that past week of hard training hadn't stuck at all on the mare, she was fiery as ever and sought out every fence they passed while warming up. Come their turn to jump the course, Aly patted the mares neck and gathered up the reins. It was their time to show their colours.
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Kul att Florence fick vara med :D Och alltid bra när karaktärernas lärotillfällen har värde för oss själva som konstnärer också... blir nog samma för mig, tvungen att rita lite extra gubbar och hus och konstigheter.
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Oooohh they look awesome up there! I love the perspective and the depth of this, the whole thing kind of draws the eye right to your two lovely ladies! So excited to see more of them!
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This looks amazing!!
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Soo pretty! They look like they're flying!
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This looks EPIC! The ladies are killing it! :la:
And I think you did a great job with the background too, it looks fab!
I'm so excited for the League to start!
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Ohmaan this is so coool. I love the angle! :D
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