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Welcome to the Arena

Painting done for the Quake Live crew, team and facebook group :)


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Wow... I love it !
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Double posted my comment by accident. XD
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Awesome picture! Crash is my favorite character, but your art amazed me not only because of it. Thanks for good work.
Absolutely Love this :D Quake rules <3
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Wow! I immediately thought this could be Crash. I have been playing Quake series for a very long time. So to see something like this is amazing.
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Wait, is that Crash?
fruktsallad's avatar
Some interpretation of her, sure! Could've done better with her helmet, but kinda wing'ed it!
ProfessorLemur's avatar
Holy shit, that is a pretty good interpretation!
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welcome to the Rage Arena...long live id games
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This is great, you should add it to a Quake or iD fan group. Also if the background looked more like a specific map that'd be cool. I do appreciate the ammo box though.
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Thanks Mazzaroth2. The map isn't a specific map which you can tell, not really sure what I had in mind, something aerowalk'ish I suppose, haha. I'll do more such paintings, so I will keep that in mind next time! Thank you!
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Yeah I can see the Aerowalk resemblance with the colors and the 3 tiers :).
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This chick is hawt. She looks like she can take care of business on and off the battlefield. I really dig her glare.
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Thanks Exocolumn! :D
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Wow, I must say, I love the character pose as well as the background. Everything fits together very well in this sci-fi pic :D
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Thanks a lot Kapalsky! <3
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