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Leopard GTD Icons v1

By fruitycube
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Here is a set of 4 icons for OS X Leopard which are perfectly suited for the GTD ethos. They each come in 4 different sizes (512,128,32 and 16) and come in a variety of filetypes (PNG, ICNS and PICT Resource file).

These icons can be used on personal and work computers, but cannot be sold unless heavily modified.

Please let me know how I can improve these, different symbols etc. ^_^
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I love this idea and want to use the icons. However, when I get info for them the icon appears as a generic png icon. Any suggestions?
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I love this idea and want to use them! However, when I get info for the icons, they show up in a generic png icon. Any suggestions?
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I always liked leopard folders and additional ones are even more welcome !
Thankyou for these folders. They are god-damn useful .You've put in real hardwork. :+fav:

You could create folders with hp, apple, MS office logo. There is another set of about 200 extra leopard icons in myssynen 's gallery on deviantart. There are not high-res and you could make those symbol folders in high resolution icons




Aditya ( ) :)
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really REALLY useful, thankyou!
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Awesome job, many many thanks!
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wow! great icons!

it would be really fantastic, if you tell us, how you did these icons. actually a tutorial video is not necessary. a simple step by step description with a few screenshots would be enough for me =D
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tutorial video please ?
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Great!! Thanks!!
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No problem! ^_^
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I understand too how do with what you said could make a tutorial in image or video capture directed to folder an icon Leopard

Help me, and you can give a little of your time for us beginners
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I might produce a video tutorial in the future. At the moment I don't have the time or resources (microphone etc.) to make one.

All I can suggest right now is to play around with the layer effects I mentioned earlier.
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where did you get the original leopard folder in 512x512?
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1. Open finder and switch to "Cover Flow" mode
2. Browse around until you can see a normal folder showing in cover flow
3. Right click on the selected folder on the list below cover flow, and select "Get Info"
4. In the Get Info window, click on the small icon in the top left (it will glow blue) and press Command+C on your keyboard
5. Open Preview and press Command+N (You should see all the different icons for the blank folder.
6. Select the huge 512x512 one and go to "File" -> "Save as" in the menu bar, and save it as whatever you like.
7. You're done! ^_^

Hope that helps.
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Wow great :D Thank you so much ;)
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Thank you! ^_^

The symbols were created as paths in Illustrator/any vector app and imported into Photoshop. I then used a variety of layer effects (Drop shadow, emboss, color overlay, etc) to achieve the shading and depressed look. It took ages to get it to look the same as the original Apple icons!
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Pretty Work

I want done icons leopard but how you doing to include the symbol in the folder you use an effect in photoshop?

Please help me and answer me
They look great. How did you make the symbols?
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