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I Hate You, Marcus Flint!
The restaurant was filled with people when they arrived. There was a line leading all the way out of the building, and many people were just standing around waiting for their party to get called in. Marcus and Oliver were dressed up for a dinner with Oliver’s parents. It wasn’t often Marcus and Oliver found time between the constant Quidditch practice and tournaments to have an outing. Thankfully, Oliver’s parents were a nice witch and wizard who invited them to dinner.
After a half hour spent waiting, Marcus leaned against Oliver and put his head on his shoulder. He sighed, gently sliding his fingers through Oliver’s.. “I didn’t realise it was going to take this long.”
Oliver chuckled. “You even called ahead. They’re really busy.”
Marcus bit his lower lip and stood up straight. “Okay, nevermind.” He moved to grab Oliver’s arm instead. “Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Wood. I need to borrow Oliver for a bit.”
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Coming Out of the Closet - [One-Shot]
It was supposed to be safe in the West-Khan’s castle. Chrom and the Shepherds were invited to stay with Basilio while they considered their next move. After a long, boring discussion, Chrom decided he needed a walk. A walk without his loyal bodyguard, Frederick, or his close friend, Robin. They’d been talking about what the next step would be for days now. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like. Chrom just needed to stretch his legs and rest his mind for a little.
And that’s when he turned the corner and felt a massive hand reach up from behind him, forcing the palm over his mouth, -- but it nearly covered his whole face -- pulling him tight against an equally large body while at the same time another hand took his right arm at the wrist and pulled it roughly behind his back. He shouted, squirming under their grip.
His captor led him down the hallway, stifling his cries for help before kicking open a door and leading Chrom inside. The room wasn’t wh
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 6 0
Picture Perfect
“Oh, Link, Gerudo Town is beautiful!” Sidon exclaimed, appreciating a photograph Link took on the Sheikah Slate. He bent down, inspecting the town a little more. “I sincerely appreciate you sharing this with me. I don’t think I’d last very long out in the desert.” He swiped to the next picture automatically, cocking his head as he saw a photo of Link’s middle finger, flipping off the Champions and Princess Zelda. And then he flipped to the next and saw Link shirtless, smouldering in a selfie. And he was going to stop there, since he was pretty sure he didn’t want to stumble on anything else unseemly and personal, plus Link was signing at him to stop, but he saw the red, gold, and blue in the next slate, and…
He looked up at Link with a blank stare. Link had taken a picture of Sidon from below, showing off his buttocks and…
“I-I told you not to keep swiping.” Link signed quickly, his face almost as red as Sidon
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Held in Holy Captivity [One-Shot]
“Come ‘ere.” Negan said, gesturing beside him at the altar.
The doors to the makeshift church closed behind Rick as he stepped onto the red carpet. He gulped, gritting his teeth as he started to make his way slowly up to the altar. The Saviors had set up the room according to Negan’s specifications, probably robbing the neighbouring surviving groups for materials. There were streamers up on the rafters and pews on either side of the red carpet, and one of those white arches behind Negan at the altar.
Negan stood at the altar in a trim full white tux, only a little dirty, which was remarkable considering the state of the world. Rick, too, had been forced into a bloodied white tux, matching his husband-to-be.
And in the second pew from the front, Rick’s boyfriend, Daryl, sat. The Saviors forced him into a straitjacket, tightly tied behind his back. They’d reinforced his bondage with cold steel chains wrapped around his body, forcing him to stay in the
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 13 5
Mature content
Blood of the Hunter [GiD Exchange] :iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 7 1
A Laughing Matter [Chapter 2/4]
Chapter Two:
Barry Allen tapped his foot impatiently, biting his lower lip as he waited on the rooftop for Nightwing to come. Nightwing wanted to talk to Barry about something happening in Gotham. He surmised it probably dealt with Batman and the Joker’s endless fighting, but it didn’t necessarily have to be.
He looked around for what felt like the hundredth time and felt another twinge of foreboding. Nightwing had set up the meeting and time, but… he was over two hours late. Something just didn’t feel right.
After calling Nightwing’s phone a few times and getting nothing but the voice mail each time, Barry pocketed his phone and looked around tensely. He massaged his shoulder and decided it was best to be proactive rather than wait.
Barry liked to run. He wasn’t much of a… sit still and wait kind of person. It was a miracle he waited around for 2 hours. Besides, if Nightwing showed up at the meeting point, it wouldn’t be too difficult to
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A Peony for Heiji [One-Shot]
“I can’t believe you’ve never tied a tie before. It’s basic level stuff,” Shinichi said with humour tinged in his frustration.
Heiji lifted his chin up to allow Shinichi access to his neck. He grinned like an idiot. “I’m honestly surprised you know how to do it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear a real tie before. You only wore a clip-on as Conan, right?”
Shinichi rolled his eyes. “My dad told me it was imperative to know how to tie a tie. I just… don’t do it too often.” He grasped the ends of the tie and focused as he brought the large end of the tie under the small and then crossed it over. “You should learn to do this yourself at some point.”
“Why should I learn when I have you?” Heiji beamed as Shinichi glared.
Shinichi finished off the tie and then pushed up a little too tight.
Heiji choked in surprise, hurriedly moving to loosen it once Shinichi turned away to se
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Shaggy and Scooby in:
The Case of the Missing Dog Walker
“Huh… he’s not in here either.” The scientist had opened the door enough to poke his head inside and search around the room. He stepped in once he saw another person focused completely on writing reports. He tapped lightly on the table to get his attention. “Hey, boss. Sorry to bother you, but have you seen Rogers?”
“Norville?” The boss repeated back in monotone. “He’s always late, just give him another hour…”
The scientist bit his lip and shook his head slowly. “I did. It’s actually been well over 5 hours, and the dogs haven’t been taken care of. They’re getting ancy… and although Shaggy is late all the time, he’s never not come in. He loves these dogs, especially Scooby. He’s come in when he needed hospital care before. Practically had to force him out of the building.”
The boss paused and looked at the clock. More ti
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 22 15
Mature content
A Laughing Matter [Chapter 1/4] :iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 10 2
Only One Truth [1/?]
Sunlight flit through the cracks in the curtains. The room was slightly illuminated, enough to rouse the half-naked sleeping teen detective. Heiji Hattori grunted, raising his head up to check the clock.
1:00 P.M.
He groaned, letting his face fall into the pillow for a minute as he convinced himself to get up. He squirmed the covers off as he moved his legs over the edge of the bed. As he began to stand, a hand grabbed his arm and pulled him gently back.
Heiji smirked, sitting back down to look at his boyfriend, Shinichi Kudo. He reached out with his other hand and tousled Kudo’s dark brown hair. “I’ve gotta go meet Kazuha. She told me ta meet her in town… she’ll kill me if I’m late.” He paused for half a second before adding, “again.”
Shinichi peeked out from the pillow to give Heiji a long distressed look with his bright blue eyes. Damn his eyes. He could play Heiji like a fiddle, and he knew it too. They stood stark against his p
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 3 0
A Promise Kept [Chapter 3/3]
Chapter Three:
“I told you to be careful, Keme.” Drusus chided, focusing his attention on the ropes binding Keme’s wrists and chest.
Keme mumbled under the gag in reply. Once his hands and body were free he untied the gag and tossed it to the side. “Jeez, Drusus, I didn’t think you were gonna make it. He was so…” He trailed off a little, holding a hand to his stomach. “I was worried.”
“What happened?” Drusus asked, trying to take his mind off it. “Was it the merchant who asked you to the other town?”
Keme shook his head, glad for the slight change in topic. “No, I finished the job, and as I was heading back, they tricked me into coming to this cabin. That one said there was a monster in here. Man… he wasn’t completely lying…”
Drusus grunted in response, untying Keme’s legs and feet. He struggled to stand, using the pillar for support. In a quick motion, he grabbed Keme
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 4 0
A Promise Kept [Chapter 2/3]
Chapter Two:
“Hm?” Drusus stopped as he walked passed the entryway of his home. He was headed upstairs for a nice long bath while he waited for his next assignment or for Keme to return home. Drusus paused and noticed a scrap of paper that had been slipped under the door. He walked over and picked it up, turning it over to find words scrawled on the parchment. His hand balled into a fist, crumpling the paper in anger.
They had Keme. He didn’t know who, but they had him.
And it was his fault.
He had to save him, to protect him. He swore he would, and he meant to keep his promises.
Without another thought, Drusus rushed out, slamming the door behind him, and ran. Into the Forest of Silence.
Drusus made his way through the forest, eyes set forward and mind focused on Keme. He met few monsters on the way and any unlucky enough to encounter him were quickly dispatched. Drusus tries to remind himself Keme is capable and maybe he’s already escaped, but until h
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 4 0
Chasing a Fairy Tale
“Listen here, Street Rat.” The Captain of the Guard spat, reaching down to grab Aladdin by the front of his shirt, tugging him up like a small animal. He smirked, looking at Aladdin and the King of Thieves, trussed up  with rope and gagged with white cloth.
Aladdin and his father, Cassim, thought their lives were forfeit once they were bagged and carted away to who-knows-where. Considering that’s how Aladdin almost met his end a few years earlier, it wouldn’t have been a stretch of the imagination. Instead they’d been stolen away to a dungeon of some sort. Their captors replaced their bonds with strong thick ropes binding their wrists, chest and arms, and feet. Despite their almost month of capture, they never met the mastermind behind their kidnapping.
Aladdin snarled behind the gag, thrashing at his bonds, but to no avail. Cassim struggled in his bonds as his son was manhandled, trying to protect him. Neither of them would be able to get free. All t
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 17 0
A Promise Kept [Chapter 1/3]
Chapter One:
It’s been three years since Keme met Drusus. Well… more like Drusus cornered him in an alleyway after he caught Keme stealing food. It wasn’t like keme had a choice. He’d been stealing for many years just to survive. Drusus offered him something more than a life on the streets, more than a life of crime. He offered him a home. A family in the Mercenary Group.
Drusus was a year older than Keme and protected him many times on duo missions and raids on monster nests. In the beginning, Keme wasn’t sure what to make of Drusus. First he’s there to arrest the thief, and then he offers him a job! It was definitely a weird turn of events, but now Keme ate three square meals a day. But after a few days with Drusus, it wasn’t hard to see he had a good head on his shoulders and a good heart.
Keme yawned, stretching his arms above his head, brushing bright blond hair as he walked into the Mercenary Group’s Headquarters. It was a medium si
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 8 2
The Ghost of Arkham [Chapter 3/3]
Nightwing awoke to muffled, pained grunts. He blinked his eyes a few times, shaking his head, found that made it worse, then stopped to let the beating in his head settle. He shut his eyes and decided to use his other senses to feel his way around until he could act properly. The Knight seated Nightwing in a chair and bound his wrists behind the back. The knots were out of reach, but held strong against his minor struggles. Rope was also wrapped tightly around his ankles, thighs, and chest. The rope on his chest went up and over his shoulders then back down and under his armpits, holding it tightly in place.
He sighed, opening his eyes again and looking around as much as he could without quick movements. Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement, and slowly turned his head to look at Tim.
Tim didn’t get a chair. He squirmed on the floor, his wrists bound behind him, chest bound in rope and tied off between his arms, and he had his ankles bound tightly. He grunted and st
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 11 8
The Ghost of Arkham [Chapter 2/3]
“Where’re you going at a time like this? Gotham’s in danger, but here’s Nightwing, slinking off to Blüdhaven. It’s almost like you don’t care what happens.” The Arkham Knight stalked on the top of a nearby building, knelt down on one knee casually starring as Nightwing came to a stop just below him.
Nightwing paused, raising his eyes to him for a minute, looking him over. “The Arkham Knight, I presume?” He reached his right hand up to touch his ear. “Hey, guys. I think I found that guy who’s causing trouble round here.”
The Arkham Knight didn’t move. “Oh, I probably should’ve mentioned I hacked your signal. Too bad. Bats could’ve used that information.”
“Hm… I guess you’re as good as I was led to believe. You’ve been causing him a lot of trouble lately. What’s the deal with that?” Nightwing grinned, pulling the two escrima sticks from his back a
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 10 0

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