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M'Baku's Lament [One-Shot]
M’Baku stood transfixed as he watched men and women, warriors and family, slowly dissipated into ash before his very eyes. There was a silence across the battlefield. Such silence only came in times of complete and total defeat. Yet… they won, hadn’t they? All of Wakanda came to beat back the beasts and the aliens. A brother nearby began to fall, and M’Baku instinctively moved to catch him… and he vanished into a cloud of ash before M’Baku could touch him.
He stared down at his hands.
They were… shaking. He was afraid? What… what was happening?
He blinked and found his body reacted before his brain fully comprehended. He was running --  no -- pelting across the now very sparse field toward the trees. M’Baku remembered seeing a bunch of those Avengers running that way as he fought back the invaders.
T’challa was there.
M’Baku jumped over brush and fallen trees, hurrying to… he didn’
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The Red Hellions [Chapter 5/5]
“And that’s how you got away?” Luther asked, his hands steepled in front of him. Classic villain, Red X thought. “You brought the Young Justice to their knees, and then simply left them there?” He smirked, every word tinged with skepticism.
Red X was obviously lying. It’s not like he had to tell Luther anything even remotely close to the truth. About how Ten was nearly captured or how Robin actually saved him and her from dealing with the other heroes. All Luther needed to know was his plan or his involvement hadn’t been leaked, and he obtained the information he needed. Everything else was moot. “Sure.” Red X said, shrugging.
“I’m very impressed,” Luther said, but it didn’t sound like he meant it. “Your team of broken toys and goons actually distracted the Young Justice long enough for us to obtain this.” He held up a USB. “I assumed you would want to take a look at what your effort gained.
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The Red Hellions [Chapter 4/5]
It all started with a robbery.
Luther told them he’d bail them out if they got caught. Assuming, of course, they distracted the Young Justice team long enough. It wasn’t going to be too difficult. There were six of them (if you counted the twins as one), and they could easily misdirect the do-gooders.
Jason knew they needed to be thorough. If any of their opponents caught wind of their trick, they could send a message to the Justice League. And he didn’t want any information coming to them either, in case Lex’s other plans fell through. He had to create a little bubble of interference around the city. Jason set up some pretty ingenious jamming signals with Blackstar and Venom’s help. They subtly placed jamming towers hidden behind large billboard signs and on top of roofs.
Instead of setting it up so the message would never get out -- creating all that troubling static -- it would instead send the messages to multiple different lines, so they would never b
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 3 2
The Red Hellions [Chapter 3/5]
Jason grunted as he plopped into the loveseat, draping his legs over the arm. It took effort to relax his limbs, since he had to stay tense just to walk around sometimes. He removed the skull mask with minimal effort and let it fall to the ground beside the chair. His short black hair stood up at attention, ruffled by the mask. With little interest in actually fixing it, Jason flattened the hair with one motion and then let it be. “What a pain.” He rubbed at his stomach, and tried to ignore how body still ached a little from time to time, despite it having been a few years since his incident with the Joker. Broken bones didn't heal all that well, and his scars hadn't faded either. It didn’t help that he’d managed to find himself a group of friends that encouraged his old behaviours.
Of course, things were better since the Joker's demise. Well… kinda. A lot of people kept vying for the nut-job vacancy the Joker’s death left in Gotham, but the old Bat
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 4 2
Imperio and Mistletoe [One-Shot]
Newt sighed as he came off the boat. They’d forced him to leave his creatures behind. Not that he didn’t have faith in his trusty assistant to take care of them for a few days while he spent time with Tina Goldstein, his… well, he wasn’t sure what they were to each other. It wasn’t often he found himself with someone smart, beautiful, and… perhaps interested in him?
Either way, he felt a pit in his stomach as he walked down the long ramp and through customs. It seemed that the wizarding community put pressure on the muggle leader, because it was more thorough now. Of course, if he’d really wanted to, it wouldn’t have been hard to sneak his briefcase through once more. Muggles wouldn’t know what to look for.
But the Ministry of Magic allowed him some freedom to go visit Tina, as long as he agreed to leave his creatures at home and avoid another incident. America had had enough when it came to animals escaping and wandering all of the
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The Red Hellions [Chapter 2/5]
It was inevitable the Joker would hear about Harley’s new kid. And when he did, he went ballistic. When Harley cut ties with him for Poison Ivy, it was a blow to his ego. It wasn’t like he cared about Harley, but dammit if she was going to have a good time without him. And now that she had Jason, it was like she was building her own little family. He couldn’t have that.
It was a simple snatch and grab. He drove up in an ice cream truck, threw a net over Jason, and hauled him off to a warehouse in the center of Gotham City. Usually, he’d take this kind of thing out of town since the Big Bad Batman lurked about, but word on the streets was Batman hadn’t been patrolling for a few days. However reliable that information was.
But when it all came down to it, the Joker had Jason tied up and not even whimpering. Like wasn’t scared of the Joker. Well… he wasn’t yet. But he would learn soon. Everyone fears the Joker.
The Joker giggled, finding the
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Ace -- Escape the Cabin: Hard Mode [One-Shot]
The explosion woke him up first.
His whole body shook with the cabin as it roared.
He tumbled from a barely comfortable bed to the hard ground. Metal. Painful. Great...
A little hazy and dizzy, Ace moved to sit up and found he couldn’t move his hands. He blinked at the ground, shifting his body slightly to look down at himself.
Ropes had been bound intricately over his upper body. Ropes lashed over his chest several times keeping his arms tied to his sides, while yet more rope had been spread out over his stomach like a spider web. He could only imagine his back had similar roping and his wrists and arms were lashed together.
And then he noticed he’d been gagged. And not just any gag, a muzzle. He heard a jingle as he tried to push it off, in case it was loose or poorly latched. Unfortunately, it was tight and kept him from making any noise.
He squirmed and struggled, frustrated by his situation, before he became distracted by his surroundings.
Now that he thought about it,
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The Red Hellions [Chapter 1/5]
Life should be easier.
Jason threw a tennis ball at the opposite wall, reflexively catching it. He repeated the process. He watched the ball soar back to him over and over, letting his mind linger on nothing for a little while. Thinking didn’t really help in this situation. Well… wallowing didn’t really help. He needed to think, to strategize about how to be better.
When he thought, he thought about how his father left Jason and his mother to fend for themselves in the eye of the storm that was Gotham City. Or he’d think about how his mother overdosed on pills and died in a cold, wet alley. And Jason couldn’t save her. He might think about how he was stranded, forced to rot in Crime Alley.
His story wasn’t that much different than anyone else in Crime Alley… but it still sucked.
A year or two of squatting in abandoned buildings, slumming it out on the streets, and stealing to get by led to Jason settling into an abandoned apartment complex with
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I Hate You, Marcus Flint!
The restaurant was filled with people when they arrived. There was a line leading all the way out of the building, and many people were just standing around waiting for their party to get called in. Marcus and Oliver were dressed up for a dinner with Oliver’s parents. It wasn’t often Marcus and Oliver found time between the constant Quidditch practice and tournaments to have an outing. Thankfully, Oliver’s parents were a nice witch and wizard who invited them to dinner.
After a half hour spent waiting, Marcus leaned against Oliver and put his head on his shoulder. He sighed, gently sliding his fingers through Oliver’s.. “I didn’t realise it was going to take this long.”
Oliver chuckled. “You even called ahead. They’re really busy.”
Marcus bit his lower lip and stood up straight. “Okay, nevermind.” He moved to grab Oliver’s arm instead. “Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Wood. I need to borrow Oliver for a bit.”
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Coming Out of the Closet - [One-Shot]
It was supposed to be safe in the West-Khan’s castle. Chrom and the Shepherds were invited to stay with Basilio while they considered their next move. After a long, boring discussion, Chrom decided he needed a walk. A walk without his loyal bodyguard, Frederick, or his close friend, Robin. They’d been talking about what the next step would be for days now. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like. Chrom just needed to stretch his legs and rest his mind for a little.
And that’s when he turned the corner and felt a massive hand reach up from behind him, forcing the palm over his mouth, -- but it nearly covered his whole face -- pulling him tight against an equally large body while at the same time another hand took his right arm at the wrist and pulled it roughly behind his back. He shouted, squirming under their grip.
His captor led him down the hallway, stifling his cries for help before kicking open a door and leading Chrom inside. The room wasn’t wh
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Picture Perfect
“Oh, Link, Gerudo Town is beautiful!” Sidon exclaimed, appreciating a photograph Link took on the Sheikah Slate. He bent down, inspecting the town a little more. “I sincerely appreciate you sharing this with me. I don’t think I’d last very long out in the desert.” He swiped to the next picture automatically, cocking his head as he saw a photo of Link’s middle finger, flipping off the Champions and Princess Zelda. And then he flipped to the next and saw Link shirtless, smouldering in a selfie. And he was going to stop there, since he was pretty sure he didn’t want to stumble on anything else unseemly and personal, plus Link was signing at him to stop, but he saw the red, gold, and blue in the next slate, and…
He looked up at Link with a blank stare. Link had taken a picture of Sidon from below, showing off his buttocks and…
“I-I told you not to keep swiping.” Link signed quickly, his face almost as red as Sidon
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Held in Holy Captivity [One-Shot]
“Come ‘ere.” Negan said, gesturing beside him at the altar.
The doors to the makeshift church closed behind Rick as he stepped onto the red carpet. He gulped, gritting his teeth as he started to make his way slowly up to the altar. The Saviors had set up the room according to Negan’s specifications, probably robbing the neighbouring surviving groups for materials. There were streamers up on the rafters and pews on either side of the red carpet, and one of those white arches behind Negan at the altar.
Negan stood at the altar in a trim full white tux, only a little dirty, which was remarkable considering the state of the world. Rick, too, had been forced into a bloodied white tux, matching his husband-to-be.
And in the second pew from the front, Rick’s boyfriend, Daryl, sat. The Saviors forced him into a straitjacket, tightly tied behind his back. They’d reinforced his bondage with cold steel chains wrapped around his body, forcing him to stay in the
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 14 5
Mature content
Blood of the Hunter [GiD Exchange] :iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 8 1
A Laughing Matter [Chapter 2/4]
Chapter Two:
Barry Allen tapped his foot impatiently, biting his lower lip as he waited on the rooftop for Nightwing to come. Nightwing wanted to talk to Barry about something happening in Gotham. He surmised it probably dealt with Batman and the Joker’s endless fighting, but it didn’t necessarily have to be.
He looked around for what felt like the hundredth time and felt another twinge of foreboding. Nightwing had set up the meeting and time, but… he was over two hours late. Something just didn’t feel right.
After calling Nightwing’s phone a few times and getting nothing but the voice mail each time, Barry pocketed his phone and looked around tensely. He massaged his shoulder and decided it was best to be proactive rather than wait.
Barry liked to run. He wasn’t much of a… sit still and wait kind of person. It was a miracle he waited around for 2 hours. Besides, if Nightwing showed up at the meeting point, it wouldn’t be too difficult to
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A Peony for Heiji [One-Shot]
“I can’t believe you’ve never tied a tie before. It’s basic level stuff,” Shinichi said with humour tinged in his frustration.
Heiji lifted his chin up to allow Shinichi access to his neck. He grinned like an idiot. “I’m honestly surprised you know how to do it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear a real tie before. You only wore a clip-on as Conan, right?”
Shinichi rolled his eyes. “My dad told me it was imperative to know how to tie a tie. I just… don’t do it too often.” He grasped the ends of the tie and focused as he brought the large end of the tie under the small and then crossed it over. “You should learn to do this yourself at some point.”
“Why should I learn when I have you?” Heiji beamed as Shinichi glared.
Shinichi finished off the tie and then pushed up a little too tight.
Heiji choked in surprise, hurriedly moving to loosen it once Shinichi turned away to se
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 3 0
Shaggy and Scooby in:
The Case of the Missing Dog Walker
“Huh… he’s not in here either.” The scientist had opened the door enough to poke his head inside and search around the room. He stepped in once he saw another person focused completely on writing reports. He tapped lightly on the table to get his attention. “Hey, boss. Sorry to bother you, but have you seen Rogers?”
“Norville?” The boss repeated back in monotone. “He’s always late, just give him another hour…”
The scientist bit his lip and shook his head slowly. “I did. It’s actually been well over 5 hours, and the dogs haven’t been taken care of. They’re getting ancy… and although Shaggy is late all the time, he’s never not come in. He loves these dogs, especially Scooby. He’s come in when he needed hospital care before. Practically had to force him out of the building.”
The boss paused and looked at the clock. More ti
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Swim Team Kidnapped 3 by Tacitus3
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Swim Team Kidnapped 3 :icontacitus3:Tacitus3 263 26
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