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Is this what it was like?
Twirling in a world of nothing ... a land of nothing
I had already been turned down
Light had banished me from its bright embrace of serene ripples of love
Darkness shunned me from its sharp glare of dark evil and hate
I had no where to go
No where to turn in this pitiful world of nothing
No where to go
No where
Because ... I'm not part of the equation
Because ... I am not wanted
Because ... I'm a no one
Because ... I'm a nobody

I walked across the slick sands of the beach, my toes bare as sand particles slipped between my toes. The sound of seagulls calling filled the air. The smell of sea salt along the waters of the ocean filled my nose. I could only call this place home ... this was the only place that seemed to be home.

I kicked the sand as I walked, watching young teenagers and younger kids ran along beside me laughing and screaming as they played with each other, oblivious to my existance. At times, I wished that I could call out to them. To have them notice me. But I knew better. I knew that I was beyond them. All I could do was watch.

I climbed the wooden steps of the dock as I watched the sun set along the glistening waters. I stooped down and sat on the edge of the dock. The ocean water splashed along the tip of my toes just as it did every day, every night. I had long lost the amusement.

Night soon began to fall and the children began to leave, leaving me in my lonesome with only the sound of the waves and the moon and stars to comfort me. Without them, I wold be alone. I stared out across the ocean at the glistening stars. How I wished I could be like them ... with someone rather than alone in this empty prison of an island.

I stood up and slowly turned and started towards the opposite side of the beach when I heard a warping kind of sound. I slowly turned behind me and at the edge of the dock, I saw a person. A person draped in a black hooded robe. Did he see me?

No. He didn't.

He just stood in his position, facing towards me. No words escaped his mouth. No form of greeting.

It was just to good to be true. I turned and began to walk away.

"Greetings, young one," a voice said, smoothly and lady-like.

I stopped and quickly turned around to face the hooded form. It still looked at me, face hidden behind the darkness of its hood.

"Salutations," another voice stated, grabbing my attention. I looked behind me at the bottom of the dock's stairs at another form like the lady's wearing the same clothing but with a different body type and voice. His voice was deep and quaking as if it could literally shake the world.

I looked at the two hooded forms with a smile, happy that I had been acknowledged. Happy that someone had noticed me for once.

The hooded form, obviously a woman, on the dock made a deep chuckle. "She seems amused, doesn't she?"

The one behind me on the stairs spoke, "Indeed she does. She must be very alone." His tone sounded a bit directed to me although he was talking to the woman.

"Ah, yes," the woman stated, "she must be. All alone on this island. It must be so hard to cope, wouldn't you agree?"

"Are you alone in this world?" the man's voice quaked, directed to me for sure

Unable to open speak, I only nodded.

"You seek friendship," the woman stated, waving her hand in front of me as silver letters appeared swirling around and hovering forming the letters "R. E. E. N. A." ... Reena

"I can give you purpose," the man said causing me to look towards him.

I watched as the man waved his arm again and the letters swirled around me. I watched the letters, going around in circle areound me. My eyes tried to keep trying up with them as they gained momentum and were no longer the letters but flashes of silver.

Suddenly, the man slammed his fist into the letters and five points of golden light shoot int my face. I quickly close my eyes, flinching at the brightness. I slowly opened my eyes, after the light died down to see a new letter. A large golden X floating in front of me. Slowly, the silver words hovered over to the X, rearranging themselves in a beautiful pattern. After rearranging, the new word turned bright gold reading a word that seemed so familar to me ...

I opened my mouth, words floating out in a voice I didn't know was mine, "Arenex," I said simutanously. I quickly touched my lips. I was 'speaking'. I'd never done that before.

"Yes, that is you ... Arenex," the woman said.

"The new you," the man said soon after.

I blinked and stared at my hands. "The 'new' me?" I smiled at my hands and quickly looked up. "Thank -," I stopped myself when I noticed I was all alone. I looked around, noticing I was by myself again. But something was different. This time, I was a no name. I was Arenex.

I quickly leaped off the dock with a smile. "Arenex! My name is Arenex," I repeated in a high squeal. I kicked the sand, twirled around. I did everything. I had a name. I had a meaning. I had a purpose. Granted, I didn't know exactly what it was BUT I still had a name.

"Arenex. Arenex. ARENEX. ARE. A. NEX," I chirped.

"Yeah, swell name," a voice said.

"Ahhh," I screamed quickly jumping back. I turned to see a guy in a similar robe as the others but with his hood down. He was a red haired guy and due to the tone of his voice, he had a cockiness about him.

I frowned and glared at him. "Hey! Don't sneak up on me like that! Are you nutty or something?! You could of given me a heartattack," I snapped at the red head.

His eyes widened and threw his head back in laughter. "That's a good one kid. Heart attack. Phew, that was a good one," he said still in a fit of laughter.

I frowned and stomped my foot. "What? You could have! You scared me half to death."

He stopped laughing almost immediately and groaned. "Not again ... they assign the roles but i have to deliver the news. Great. Okay kid -"

"My name isn't kid! Its Arenex!"

"Okay, okay, geez. Arenex, happy now? "


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Chello, Yellow, Mello, all you devianties. I'm FruitCake150 otherwise known as SilverKey/TheClumsyChibiNinja/FruitCake150. ^^ I'm a young teenager girl searching for a chance to be the next best thing (either next young writer OR next young voice actress). I'm into roleplaying, writing, and drawing. I also like dancing and singing amauterly. I hope to meet a LOT of you guys and totally become your pal since normally I love making friends. Thankies. Lovies. Kisses. <3


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