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Custom Moonball for Cosplay by frubarulez1 Custom Moonball for Cosplay :iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 1 0 Nudez by frubarulez1
Mature content
Nudez :iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 0 1
Cat Plush Sketch by frubarulez1 Cat Plush Sketch :iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 0 3
Midnight Meditation
The fan was throwing drafts of air my way that carried a pleasant-but-sudden blast of cold on them. Summer nights were like that, sitting alone, sitting up long past night-time. Too hot and too cold. Not cold enough to bundle up, yet without a quilt I felt exposed and icy. My blood is too hot- no, wait, it's too cold- for this, I would say. It's time to sleep-no, I won't sleep, but I will dream. Dreams of paradise, of heaven, of things with no name or shape, of fear and of hope; I saw them all. My thoughts were with the moon and the stars. They were icicles and raindrops of thoughts and expressions, star-dust falling backward to the heavens (or is that called flying?). Warm because of the season. Cold because I could feel the moon's dark desert. Little prayers, little hopes and wishes- did the angels hear them? Did the star-dust bring them back my small piece of a soul?
:iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 1 0
My Heart beats fast- but for what?
I love you, yet who else do I love?
Sweaty, nervous glancing, shaking under your gaze
Or is it my most-fancied delusion?
I deny you, and I defy myself
I don't believe in like--to like is painful
I believe in love, plain and simple
but I don't believe my heart
and I don't believe your words
and I don't put trust in actions
and I doubt my every passion
Unlucky girl, unlucky girl- and why?
the stars still call us to sleep
your fortune was read with blessed luck
and yet I cannot see you before me
your voice cannot sound from your throat
because you clogged it with honey and
threw away sincerity, and I am unhappy--
an unlucky lover
is the lover who forgets Love
:iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 1 3
Mature content
AMARE-to love- :iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 1 0
Hades is no fire pit, no, Warmth
Nurtures and heals, burns passions until
They melt your sorrows and cares
The ice- now the Icicles in that cave-
In those eyes, that hate, that place
That cold, frost, detested, deserted, you are
in the Arctic that mad scientist fled to
Trying, striving to escape the cold, grave,
Heavy burden, fruitless efforts, dead wishes
Ice burns as if it were dry
Ice burns like solitude
Ice is just frozen tears
:iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 0 0
TOAD by frubarulez1 TOAD :iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 0 2
Let not the planets stop revolving
Let not the sand dunes stop falling
Let us not forget those who were
And let us not trod heavily on their Earth
Let not the river stop running far
Let us move, never hindered by the Past
But always mindful of those who cleared a way
Let us hope, transform, and envision clearly
But let us leave no one behind in misery
:iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 1 2
Snow White's Slumber
Snow White I am
I wait for a kiss from my prince, in an eternal sleep until that-
The moment that my eyelids flutter; my mouth will whisper of things that you didn't want to hear:
That my snowy skin was alabaster from the time I spent afraid of the world, of you, of living
That my dark hair could have been-should have been-lighter, reflection -less, the color of sweet
Honey, rather than burnt charcoal
That my lips were red because I bit them when I was so close to tears that I couldn't speak
I took the apple willingly: I wanted to escape, to sleep forever, or at least until the world was less scary
In my dreams, I see witches and demons and visions of things with no description
I now know that the old saying must be true;
As I wait, I think of the changing world, of your breath that says you are alive, of my heartbeat that still hastens every time I dream of terrors
'While there is life, there is hope'-
Return me to the realm of the living, so I may thank you and the apple-giver
I'll b
:iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 0 1
'Don't run too fast into love, for one little stumble will mess up your entire
Path. Don't fall like a fool and keep your pride; the world will forsake you
The moment your weakness shows. It's a messed up thing, young love,
You don't need the pain, Child. You don't need to feel anything at all.'
And because the -elders -had said so, it must have been true
It was a warning, prophesied and tested by time and hearts and souls
Of many generations over the ages, all having the experience, the pain
Of loving and having loved in the past without restrictions, heart-chains
That they placed because –they- have been there, they knew the hurt
They messed up; they don't want you to mess up
They don't want
The fear in your eyes to be seen
The pain in your heart to be shared
Your joy to be felt
Only to be shattered by the cruel reality
That they faced so long ago
Maybe we're messed up and depressed then
We try to take Joy and Pain and Loss and Gain at the same time
After all
People's emotions a
:iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 0 1
Flying Squirrel lol by frubarulez1 Flying Squirrel lol :iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 0 1 Cat Scratchboard by frubarulez1 Cat Scratchboard :iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 1 7
With hands not painted
I want out of this hole, this cave full of dull 'treasures'
I want to stop staring at carvings from ancient times
To make something new, something genuinely my own;
I know the pains of the artist at heart:
The girl with the paintbrush who only wishes to become Picasso
The boy with the pen that would have rewritten Wonderland
The songs never written, the piano that is always covered
They want something with old wisdom, yet genuinely their own and new
I know the limits of newness lie above the Sun,
While we below it can only watch and wonder
Whether it will fade before or after our own light
Whether the angels beyond will care that we tried so hard
You knew Me when I used the crayon
When I first held the brush, then a pencil
When I had tried so hard for so long that I decided
That art had to be beautiful, made from pretty, painted hands and
Carved with a golden chisel that really doesn't work that well
My hands were white, milk-colored, with scattered cuts
From that not-so-golden chisel
:iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 0 3
Not quite a year later, the girl still held on by a red string that was shredding
She was shedding the same tears over and over, regardless of season
And her vision became skewed again and again, her hypnosis was everlasting
Some things just don't change with the setting of the sun
And others just don't begin with its rising glory
Instantaneous passion with longterm pain, why do you-
Bicker and squabble still, unsilenced by unsteady heartthrobs while
Tears form pearl chains that were never, ever  truly treasured
Why do you, of all the people, keep a heart that you know is broken and charred
I know that you love regardless of pain and trials and demands
You think that pain and trials are simple sacrifices
But you haven't been near a looking-glass lately, have you?
Your eyes have lost a  certain glimmer for an entire year
You've lost touch with yourself, from your image to your heart
You look smaller, weaker, half-awake, stressed
It's time to leave a realm where dream
:iconfrubarulez1:frubarulez1 3 0
Animus Meus
Silence in the court! My lips, my brain,
They froze in mid-speech;
Mid-thought, I see mocking faces
Judges and jurors and
Friends of enemies
The noises will come: a grunt, sniffle,
Or sob. A single tear freezes upon
My cold cheek, iced by embarrassment
And soon to be melted by fury or
passionate blush. I am numb;
unable to hear or feel anything except
my own thoughts, ridiculing my dumbness
Do not freeze my mouth, already dry
Do not take my hope, already dwindled
My mind, I command: Do not compute things
that nature gave to emotions for them
to deal with, using waves of love and rocks divine
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How to Sleep and Never Wake Up
The year they discovered my best friend, twenty years old and silent under the heap of her wrecked car, I learned one can sleep forever and never wake up.
That year, her sister, only seventeen, ate magic mushrooms and lost her mind and her brother, fourteen, started running and stopped eating and I didn't eat magic mushrooms but lost my mind anyway as everyone watched my skin, too white to be real, disintegrate before their eyes.
That year I flew to Colorado to see an urn surrounded by pointe shoes. It reminded me more of a wastebasket than the last I would see of the girl who shared my soul. Her sister ran naked through the street a few days later after ingesting a certain fungus at her school's homecoming dance. Most say it was the drugs. Maybe, I said. But I knew exactly what it was. Her brother started walking with his feet turned out, a remnant of his ballerina sister instilled in him. I ripped the flesh from my arms, hoping to find her somewhere underneath my fingernails until a
:iconbeastbookbody:beastbookbody 442 114
Sexy Trilobite by jollyjack Sexy Trilobite :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 2,534 401 Charybdis by GENZOMAN Charybdis :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 4,222 120


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Yes, it is finals week, and as usual I am doing my best to try to pretend it's not. I'm trying to switch majors and that is a pain in the butt schedule-wise. I hope to start posting some...-gasp-... COSPLAY PROGRESS PHOTOS...once I have time to work on the costumes themselves. I'm making one for me, and one that is infinitely more difficult for my sister. I haven't posted anything I've sewn on here before, I believe, but I have been able to do so for years. I look forward to becoming best friends with my sewing machine...I think.


A sometimes poet that sometimes also draws.
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Wallpaper of choice: Small florals, pastels,and nursery rhyme themed ones. Like with animals and stuff. :3
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