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Update: Thank you guys so much for all the support! I'm un watermarking the print version of this on my deviant page. If you want to buy it feel free. Also I am going to update this shirt to make it look way better on the backside. Once again thank you so much.

After two previous entries into a deviantWEAR contest, one of which making it into the semi-finals, I've now got the knack for this whole Apparel Design area. So I've decided to try my luck again and enter two entries this time since Typography involve relatively less work even though this is new for me. I'm pleased with what I've ended up with, after going with something more deviantART related.

All you have to do is click the "I'd Wear This!" button, just below the favourite button. It would make my day and I would owe you a lot :3

Check out the print version here! [link]
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Really beautiful! Voted!
Please, check out my entry and vote if you like it, thank you! :aww:
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hey you sould really add something like an color explsion on th the back or something but it still looks cool!
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Thanks. The original approach was for a monochromatic black scheme on white.
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Hi there, I like your entry, but surely the fact that it uses a tutorial to create the exact same effect, it's not a valid entry?
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There's a tutorial? I just asked my friend what would be a good idea and he said make something with a lot of words so I brainstormed and made something. I made this a while ago. Possibly there could have been a tutorial made off my original composition. Could you link me.
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Actually I've just found the original piece on this site, which was submitted in 2009, and a link by the guy who made it to his tutorial for it.

Link to original piece: [link]

Link to his page, which shows the piece and the link to his tutorial for it: [link]
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Yeah the link is in my previous comment. The idea is exactly the same so yes that is entirely possible, in which case you should be aware of it anyway!
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I see it. Wow I never knew this existed thanks for letting me know. I started this piece 1.5 - 2 years ago but wow someone made that. It looks just like mine. What should I do?
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I'm not sure really, I guess its just a coincidence. Probably just leave it for now and see what happens lol. Sorry to annoy you about this, I just thought you should know. Good luck in the contest :)
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Alright. Hey no problem, you know sometimes stuff like this happens. Anyways thanks for wishing me luck do you have any entries?
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Yeah I have one up, here's the link if you'd like to see it: [link]
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What font did you use for the back design?

I'd be glad if you could check mine! :) [link]
FRSHSnip3r's avatar
Bebas. I'm glad you like it.
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I love this design! I think it'd look great as a shirt. I wish you luck in the contest!!!

And if you have time, can you please check out my designs too? :D
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A genius idea, I could go into further detail, but I just love everything about this design. Voted.

Could you please check out my designs? [link] and [link]
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Thanks! Yours look great! Voted!
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No problem, and thank you so much!
best tshirt ever WATERSTEAM HERE ids sooo wear it
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Thank you guys so much. I had this deisgn and thought it would be great on a shirt. I'm not sure if I can modify that back text to something better but I think it will do. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart I have never had this much support. Thanks!
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WAO~ So creative! ^__^ Voted~
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very cool!! Voted
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