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The Wedding

She's late. For a wedding.

And don't ask why I'm spewing this crap. I guess this belongs in scraps, but even such simple things take me a really long time to do. Although lately, I have been submitting a bit much haven't I? *should be shot*

Argh.. actually I should be working on something else that's due tomorrow.. but I just can't seem to concentrate on it.. might take me too long. So my break was this T_T

Why do people make such a big deal over pink anyway? It's just another color... a color that I happen to like.

Oh, here's the event file if uh.. any of you like watching things draw themselves.. not very interesting though


Btw, you need openCanvas4 to view, which can be obtained at [link]
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yunaXsora's avatar
She reminds me of Yuna from Final Fantasy X
drawwithme15's avatar
woww, i really love it~! So beautiful <3
mirckku's avatar
so beautiful!!
SheiaLyn's avatar
Really cute! I am looking forward to my own wedding, so...This picture just really excites me. :3
BeeMilxByuel's avatar
this is likeeee. kinda really cute(: wait. is cute.
beni-the-onion's avatar
wow! thats so simple but so lovely, good job
GinnyPotter7887's avatar
This is amazing! I love her hair, and her dress, and the pink goes lovely with how simplistic it all is :D
Chia-4rmfuture's avatar
hey there,,
my sister really loves this drawing of yours,
and she wants me to ask your permission for the courtesy because she would like to have your picture as a cover for her novel which she's about to sent to the publisher,,

the picture will not be used as an official cover, but she will let you know if the novel is published.

so, .. what do you say? :love:
frozenwilderness's avatar
It's fine as long as she credits "Snow Meng" somewhere in the novel that she's sending to the publisher. I would like to know if the novel is published though, and prefer that it not be published with this drawing on it in the case that it is published. Thanks.
QuietHeartSong's avatar
haha i HATE pink and i love this <3 instant fav
One-Piece-Anime-Fan's avatar
Hey..I love the picture, when you get this comment... i have a question for you..if you can send me a comment back?? please and thank you..anyways i love our picture..IT'S AMAZING
One-Piece-Anime-Fan's avatar
Hey i love this's amazing!!!
Navigirl's avatar
the design of the dress is pretty!!!
chocolatelover101's avatar
i like pink too! beautifully done ^_^
Puokki's avatar
I like movement and dress, folds are simple but beautiful. The wing thing and those little things are nice details, though the wing distracts balance of picture. Her face is kinda blank, they hold no emotion.
asiye's avatar
Very nice.. ;-)
Avid-Spirit's avatar
It really beautiful. I love the way the hair and dress flow. <3
i love this xD
Chibi-Yumi's avatar
8D FWAAA~!!! Why are you like so good at drawing her cloths folds T__T!!
x-n3ll's avatar
Wow... Amazing pic, so simple and yet so beautiful =O
Pakeet's avatar
nice job ^^...i like the linework here
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