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Pixel Icon Sample by FrozenTimez Commission - Hidekineko by FrozenTimez For SPARKLEBOOTY by FrozenTimez For risxeo 2 by FrozenTimez Icon Batch 4 by FrozenTimez
  • $8
  • Blinking animation is included
  • I will not do any animations besides blinking


Chibi batch 2 by FrozenTimez Raffle Chibis by FrozenTimez
  • $12 per chibi
  • +$3 for background (see second set of examples)
  • Approx 400px by 600px 72 DPI
  • Be warned that my chibi style tends to change so it might not look exactly like the above examples (」゚ロ゚)」;;
  • Small props/items are free






  • Canon/existing characters (ie Naruto, Ichigo, etc)
  • Manly men/muscle ;-;
  • Facial hair/weird hair styles
  • Anthro/furry
  • R18 or explicit content
  • Mecha
  • Full backgrounds
  • Group pictures (more than 2 characters, with the exception of chibis)


  • If I turn down your commission, it's not personal, I'm probably just not comfortable drawing your character.
  • You may use the finished piece however you like (upload it onto your website, use it on your DA front page, etc) as long as you credit me and don't claim it as your own, thank you <3
  • All images will be saved as .pngs
  • No refunds unless you cancel before I've started.


  • Payment by Paypal only in USD. Either send it as a gift or you have to pay the transaction fee, sorry D; Link to fee calculator:
  • Please note me with your request with the following information:

    Paypal email: so I know who I'm receiving payment from
    Style: Pixel icon, chibi, thigh up, or fullbody
    References: Clear picture references only! No avatars (ie gaiaonline)
    Other: Please include a brief description of your character, like their personality, likes dislikes, etc, so I can get an idea of how to draw them. Feel free to include anything else you think is necessary here.
    Total: Total payment
  • After I accept your commission, I'll note you with my paypal email address and confirm your payment total.
  • Send the payment. I will not begin until I receive it.
  • I note you the finished image and maybe upload it onto DA ´ ▽ ` )ノ

© 2012 - 2021 FrozenTimez
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AngeltheMerman's avatar
Hey there, do you still do your pixel commissions?
SarzBarz's avatar
Hiya! Are you open for commissions? ♥
Kookaiz's avatar
Are you still open for commissions?
FrozenTimez's avatar
I'm not at the moment, sorry!
But thank you for your interest! (´・ω・`)
mal-ice's avatar
Are your icon commissions open yet? maybe, please
FrozenTimez's avatar
Not at the moment, sorry! (´・ω・`)
Cyaniic's avatar
Are your icon commissions still open?
FrozenTimez's avatar
They're not at the moment, sorry! But thank you for your interest!
ChewyCacti's avatar
Are the icon's open. ;; I noticed that this was a long time ago but on your page it says it's still open ha;
FrozenTimez's avatar
Yes, they are! ahaha ya this journal is hella old but all the info is up to date at least xD;;;
ChewyCacti's avatar
TnT actually I think I'mma pass sorry. I'll def commission you later though ahh~
FrozenTimez's avatar
It's no problem c: I'm always open for commissions whenever!
ChewyCacti's avatar
Okay I'm clear to go o v o~ um would you like me to send a note or o v o?~
FrozenTimez's avatar
Awesome! And yupyup, go ahead and send me a note with the info at the bottom here please! References of some sort are preferred but if the outfit design is simple a description should be fine * v *
ChewyCacti's avatar
Do you think you could do burns? like um… this on Tristan o v o? if not I'll have Niall done if you think you can pixel him o v o!;;
ChewyCacti's avatar
Alrighty, let me get some references up ;v;!~ I'll be getting two. Just let me check my account but otherwise do you want references ;v;? (I only have a headshot for one but I can explain what he wears or I can see if I can make a quick reference ;v;
Watolf's avatar
I would love a chibi ; v ; is it have available slot still? 
FrozenTimez's avatar
Yup! commission slots for chibis are still open! go ahead and send me a note if you're still interested! ´ ▽ ` )ノ
xiao-adopts's avatar
Hi I need a pixel icon so if it's still open I'd like to buy one! ;u;
FrozenTimez's avatar
Yup, my commissions are still open! feel free to send me a note if you're still interested! ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Alexitalics's avatar
i'm interested in ordering an icon but i have to wait for my points to clear before i can use my paypal. it would be 10 days or so from now for me to get the $8 i was worried you might close your commissions by then so i wanted to let you know of my interest in your pixels.   
FrozenTimez's avatar
Thanks for your interest!! My commissions are basically always open and I don't plan on closing them anytime soon so they'll still be open by then  ` v ` don't worry about it!
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But can you take points ? ... I have only points ... :iconlazypoolplz:
FrozenTimez's avatar
I don't do point commissions though, sorry D;
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