Browsing way back IV: 2006- Photomanipulation Gems

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By FrozenStarRo
2006 - this one was bittersweet. It was the year I joined dA so browsing the manip galleries of that year brought ack a lot of memories.
This issue bring not only manips that excel in technique and quality, but also the trendsetters of the generation.

Eris by AlexandraVBach Metallic Dreams by obselete-angel The Prisoner by wolfmorphine
:thumb27771542: :thumb29491428: :thumb29540222: pretending... by bleuz
Wizard by mmebuterfly Symphony by Aphariel The end of magic by JohndeLano :thumb30423469:
P U R G A T O R Y by ihatemonday :thumb30480078: hello oskar. by knavish :thumb31579714:

Mature Content

soul fertility spectre by Simbelmine
Her hidden shrine by JohndeLano Naai by houk Productive Organ by SmxDeadlyDesignz
Deus Absconditus by angel1592 Enter The Story by ZODC Fairy in the sky with diamond6 by CPEx-Slash Leviathan and Esednahea by drcrane
Breathless by barnaulsky-zeek Melusine by Adaae
The station by Nissun Spooky Jacky by asunder Fishing for Tales by silent-reverie Lullaby by Ailinon
Sounds of the Forest by mmebuterfly

Mature Content

Kali - Destroyer of Illusions. by Dr-Benway
...Medusa... by boozer :thumb40312831:
Keep your joy by SmxDeadlyDesignz Escape by meaty Night and Day by Eireen :thumb37056117:
At Night I Rose by galefra Macha - Mach II by StygianDeath

Mature Content

Dark queen of chess by KatrinaStranger
A Childs Play by Anacorreal Cinderella by mmebuterfly :thumb35886052: In The Torture Garden by neodecay
Vampiress by nightgraue :thumb36816818: Stage Beauty by ThisYearsGirl Forget The Past That Sleeps by galefra
Fishing in the City by geckokid . surrounded . by karincoma
.:FOCALOR:. by StygianDeath extracted by yv Atlantis by everlite

Mature Content

Aberrant Indemnity by meaty

N a t u r a l B e a u t y by elisafox Rest in water-lily by MySweetDarkness My body the floor by damnengine Tears for Atlantis by azurylipfe
Silent Hill Hospital by Madreblu Desert Plant by mashina Electric Medusa by nelchee Spiritual wanders ... by MySweetDarkness
:thumb37968297: chains of love... by mmebuterfly Atlantyopia - 2 by jsmonzani The night of Quijote by mariano7724
:thumb39428929: Lady Devine by obselete-angel :thumb40159324: Thorniak Peninsula by JJasso
Enchanted Sorrow by angel1592 Illumination by Derfel Dawning of Aquarius by miskis Lure by bugdown :thumb39968449: Bedtime Story by wolfmorphine The aviator III by Funerium The Wing Collector by ThisYearsGirl
MULTI CITY by JJasso Ex luna, scientia by angel1592 fake love by DaStafiZ The streghes by Eireen
John Timeless by YagaK :thumb42080565: Hidden Place by Aegis-Illustration
Lady Raven by Fenrizulf Chilly Embrace by galefra :thumb43101609: Losing my leaves by temporary-peace
:thumb43083287: The Red Hat by kayceeus Aves de paso by Staldren

Mature Content

Requiem for a Suicide by Kaek

:thumb43210177: :thumb42778920: The sorceress by azurylipfe Farewell by ROCINATE
Garou by ScorpionDeathlock Christmas Faery Tale by angel1592 Quest for the roses by obselete-angel
Quest for the roses by obselete-angel Queen of the Nile by IdaLarsenArt :thumb45449173: Without words by azurylipfe
Winter awakes by patriciabrennan :thumb45649785: Reality Clash by Aegis-Illustration Winter and Fire by drcrane
Into the dark by AusraKel Black is my heart by Fenrizulf

:bulletblack: Even more eye manips - on-going trend to this date, which I dont get.
:bulletblack: Such variety! The only exception being the dark category, the trend back then was the Falln-Stock ruffled dress.
:bulletblack: A lot of celeb manips, be it candid shots, photoshoots or movie screencaps edited.
:bulletblack: Top artists at that time:
:iconadnrey: :iconanarasha: :iconangel1592: :iconarwensgrace: :iconazurylipfe: :iconbitchinblack: :iconcpex-slash: :icondastafiz: :iconmarcelabolivar: :icondonjuki: :icondrcrane: :iconeireen: :iconfenrizulf: :icongalefra: :iconjjasso: :iconjohndelano: :iconjsmonzani:
:iconkarezoid: :iconkayceeus: :iconkedralynn: :iconmelgama: :iconmmebuterfly: :iconidalarsenart: :iconmysweetdarkness: :iconobselete-angel: :iconlilysanches: :icontemporary-peace: :iconthetragictruth-of-me: :iconthisyearsgirl: :iconalexandravbach: :iconyagak:

Since I was asked what determines an artist to be listed here as "top artist", that is marked by repeated appearances on the first page (popular) of several months in the year the article is about.

Ending on a humourous note


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mmebuterfly's avatar
wow...!!Thanks a lot!!I feel honored :glomp:
Zleepy's avatar
Thanks for featuring my little whore ;)
ErikShoemaker's avatar
Some stuff is already familar to me. Wow, I can't believe people were so good in 2006 :O It's kinda sad that many of these guys aren't active anymore...
FrozenStarRo's avatar
that's true. they'd make wonders today if they were this good back then :)
MarcelaBolivar's avatar
Cool idea. 2006-2007 definitely rocked.
FrozenStarRo's avatar
the 2007 article is in the works, and yes, it was a great year :nod:
MyChem11's avatar
amazing feature!! took me forever to get through it ^^
FrozenStarRo's avatar
took me forever to find them, but it was worth it :giggle:
MyChem11's avatar
MelGama's avatar
Thank you soooooo much for the feature :smooch:
Ailinon's avatar
Thank you for the feature :)
knavish's avatar
thanks for the feature :>
MadeByRona's avatar
I enjoyed every piece of work in this article, what a good selection Andreea! In this year I started to visit DA without being a member, I remember some work :nod:

Thanks for sharing!:thumbsup:
FrozenStarRo's avatar
glad you liked the selection. It's so hard to narrow it down to just a few, and this was a pretty big article too ^^;
MadeByRona's avatar
Well, I'm definitely grateful you are doing this for the DA people :-)
I will give your news articles in my next journal some extra attention.

have a good Sunday! :sun:
FrozenStarRo's avatar
that's very kind of you. thank you! :w00t:
FrozenStarRo's avatar
thank you for promoting it! I'll have the 2007 article posted tomorrow.
MadeByRona's avatar
AlexandraVBach's avatar
Thanks for this series of articles : it's good to browse back year by year and re-discover all those now classic artworks. I am really fond of them !
FrozenStarRo's avatar
I'm glad you enjoy the newsletter :hug: already started selecting for 2007. Guess what?
You'll be in it again :giggle:
Demoncherry's avatar
2006 was the best year for manips :nod: I remember 80% of these!
FrozenStarRo's avatar
it was a good year indeed :nod:
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