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Fullview please. You can't tell much of it from the small preview :giggle:

My entry for =vvirtual's "Atlantis" Contest. For details check his journal page here [link]

It's how I imagine it. A somewhat futuristic city that is located in the deepest, darkest pits of the ocean, that's why the canyons all around.

:bulletpurple: Stock: :bulletpurple:
=lindowyn-stock [link]
dreamstime [link] - by Abyla [link] ; by Cads [link]
and 3 images from morguefile for the canyons
fog, water, bubble brushes bought @ renderosity
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I really love this piece but the thumbnail really doesn't do it justice. Full view is a must!

I saw this in my inbox and since i'm a fan of legends and all things forgotton and lost i decided to check it out.

The technique i have to say is exceptional, the blending of the various stocks is amazing and the togetherness of the piece is very evident.

I also like the use of textures and foreground bubbles, something i haven't seen as much of in this artist's work.

There is one thing for me that i would say. It is very monotone. It's a wonderfully vivid colour blue and i love the fantasy element but perhaps adding a photo filter of something like green or even better magenta would add a bit more depth of colour.

Other than that i love it! Well done.
Hello I work in a small company that we have created in texas right now. Were going to launch our tcg in late october with the first wave that is 2 starter decks 1 booster box with displays banners mats etc etc. Were going to have our playable mobile app to play the card game have internet announcements with our cinematic crew with after effects etc etc and to start a first episode of an anime with the launch of the card game and we saw your art and would like to know if your willing to let us use the art of yours For our card game and we will give you credit for it in our webpage also a link where people will see. your art and follow you and your artist name on the box of each booster set and pack..Let me know here is a link of our web page as well:
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I don't think you've got the right person, there is nothing remotely close to anime in my gallery.
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Looks beautiful, but I would love to see it bigger :) I can't zoom in to make it bigger when I click on it...? (No full view?)
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I love this pic. I'm writing a book and I need pics of Atlantis becuz the main chacater comes from Atlantis sooo this is one I might use as Atlantis! :)
Wow, beeeaaauuuttttiiifuuullll!!!
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this is some good drawings!! dude the conseapart!!
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So beautiful. I love the colors, the lighting, everything. :)
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Hey FrozenStarRo. Dude... OH MY GOD... That is amazing and I would like to see more! I have a Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game (MMORPG)
Team set up and we need more people like you. We need 2d and 3d artists. All roles are available to fill as we only have 4 people in the team so far. I would be greatful as it will be volunteer work for a while until gaming money is made! Thank you so much.

Also goes for the entire deviantart community.

The VisionXtreme Team
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Gorgeous! Would love to see this even bigger
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Remarkable work :)
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its really great but atlantis is old and that looks prete advanced to be a sunken ancient city
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Hi :wave:

I have featured this artwork as inspiration in my news article promoting the Treasure Hunt Contest [link]
I hope this is ok :)

xxx Lauren
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I have always been fascinated with Atlantis. This is a truly amazing rendition of Atlantis.

How long does it take you to do these things!?!
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anywhere from 2 hours to 10 hours :lol:
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:wave: Hello! :iconpeachplz:

I'm just letting you know that I've featured your awesome artwork in my journal this week: [link]

Thank you for creating one of my very favorite images here on dA!!! :deviation: If for any reason you would rather not be included in this journal entry, please let me know and I can remove your image… But I think you should know that I will cry if you do :tears:
:iconblush--plz: Otherwise, I look forward to seeing what else you create! :painter:
~Ellen :iconcookieteaseplz:
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:iconfloatingheartplz:Beautiful luv. Love and Hugs...Pam:iconnessalovesyou:
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