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Frozen flowers

Frozen flowers.
Edited by photoshop , photo made by me.
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This looks so good!
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These looks like forget-me-not flowers
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The colors are amazing and the blur effect makes it really nice!
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we love art I would like to display you art in a Journal Entry as best artists for this month . If that’s ok with you.
your art is so good. me and stephanieprime are working together.
Deal With It - Elsa (Icon) :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen Deal With It - Elsa (Icon):frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen Deal With It - Elsa (Icon) :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen :frozen 
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Lovely blues, 
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Forget me not
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i love how the background is blurred but the flowers are perfectly in focus!
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I usually don't like blue flowers, but this pictures an exception. Good Job!
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these are one on my fav kinds of flowers! great job
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can you help me
how you do this effect on the photo
how you make warm color
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That was the favourite flower from my mum.. 3':
Cute pic :3
The color here is so soft! And the yellow really pops! Great picture! Which camera/lens did you use?
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It's beautiful!
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very nice. i love the colors
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i like this picture a lot!

I used it for my background on my twitter, edited it a little. If you don't want me to use it I will take it off immediately.

Here's the link, let me know if I can keep it up.
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beautiful ^.^
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