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Nightmare Rarity - final sculpt spin

Final pics of Nightmare Rarity sculpt.

Made from SuperSculpey. Sprayed in grey primer for even basecoat.

Such a crazy challenge getting the flowing mane right. I wanted to try something different from the usual styles for alicorn manes. I'm rather happy with how it came out.

Painting is going to be fun with this one. All those fancy blends and colour transitions will be awesome.

What do you think folks?
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omg, amazing :D
DarkTailss's avatar
Pretty cool, but next time make sure to go back and clean up those carved lines (like the two long ones in the hair). You could try using a tiny brush to gently work out all the kinks
Will she be for sale?
If so, how much?
Xelmon's avatar
KrazyKari's avatar
This is going to look amazing.
Nachtana's avatar
I'm impressed and yust don't know what's more remarkable. Her mane or your working speed. You are really fast in the last few weeks.
Stancet's avatar
"I really like her mane!"

Sorry... just had to say it. It looks simply amazing!
NomDeCheval's avatar
Can't wait to see the final, painted version. :)
WollyShop's avatar
wooow!!!'s fantastic!!!!...I can't wait to see it painted :3!!!!
batosan's avatar
Mane and tail flow is really fine work!
sumbutt's avatar
really want it in my bedroom D:
i wish i could sculp as good owo
Xoranes's avatar
Looks amazing!
The-S-H-A-D-O-W's avatar
Nightmare rarity, this a new thing i've missed?
frozenpyro71's avatar
She appears in issue #6 of the official MLP comics. Well worth a read.
The-S-H-A-D-O-W's avatar
I haven't ever seen any official MLP comics
DrawingsbyAlicia's avatar
Wow, great work! Your craftsmanship is wonderful. <3
MadPonyScientist's avatar
This is freaking awesome!!!!!! I might have to up my Luna game a bit after this one!! That mane is AMAZING!!!!
RachelRaechan's avatar
A wonderful sculpt! The main puts me in the mind of the scene in animated Atlantis: The Lost Empire when Kida is taken over by the crystal. Such flow!
Maddog3060's avatar

This is gonna be good.
WhiteHeather's avatar
She's looking amazing so far! I'll look forward to seeing her all painted.
celestial-lights's avatar
oh wow, that's absolutely gorgeous, i can't wait to see it painted. c:
how big is it?
frozenpyro71's avatar
She is about 7 inches tall to the top of the mane.
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