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Yay Applejack.

This was an absolure pleasure to sculpt and paint. I had so much fun and the end result is better than I had hoped.
Hope you like it.

Made with Supersculpey and painted in acrylics
Stands about 140mm tall

Picture spin montage: [link]
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It looks so amazing! I really wish I had this!
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Wow, this is amazing! The detailing on the cart is fab, it looks real!
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Wonderful AJ sculpture, all the apples in her cart look fab!
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Love your detailing on the cart
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I've never seen a toy with so much character. If it had no hat, cutie mark, her hair was like the girl from Leon The Professional, and was grayscale, it would still very obviously be Applejack. It's rare to see so much life in any sculpture. Really well done.
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This is fabulous. The cart and apples look so real and natural!
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That is a beautiful piece of work.
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ur work is very good :)
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would u be willing to sell?
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would u be willing to sell any applejack models :/
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Not at the moment.
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I THOUGHT IT WAS A PAINTING OMG :iconnoesexcitedplz:
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Oh, that's wonderful. :)
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This looks incredible!
cool, cool. i love the detail!
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this is awesome...... :3
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