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Bringing home a days harvest.

Made from Super Sculpey
5 inches to to top of her hat.

Hope you like it,.
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Fantastic! But the empty eye scare me....
Owl-Parchment's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! :D 
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I thought this was made of cheese xD
TheWrongestTrousers's avatar
This is fantastic, yo. I love the detail put into this.
mkanke's avatar
This is amazing right down to every detail.
hollow-whispers's avatar
This right here, is perfection.
CrossbowROoF's avatar
This is amazing! Your work continues to impress me!
Chibi-pets's avatar
seriously? this is the most fantastic applejack of all!!!!

Is a piece of art! congrats this is amazing
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GhostRiderWolf's avatar
This is awesome!! The pony anatomy is perfect! The store toys of MLP FIM really look similar to the old style, but this is epic! :D
rachphil's avatar
this is so awesome! the proportions are perfect *_*
MadPonyScientist's avatar
I really don't understand people on deviantart sometimes...well, most of the time really. This one is just so awesome I can't stand it. As others have said, the wood grain is fantastic and AJ is looking great and I realize that this is a WIP picture set but to be up for almost a day and have only 390 views is just wrong. I just don't understand people. Anyway, I love it and I hope I get to see the finished piece before i have to leave :)
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Hehe thanks, glad you like her. I'm going to rty and get her painted ASAP cus this was a really fun little project to work on.
MadPonyScientist's avatar
It looks like it! Is the wagon removable? It looks like it is just the strap over her back and could be removed.
frozenpyro71's avatar
The cross beams actually have a couple of magnets in the ends as well as on her harnace. Allows me to get at all the awkward places for the painting.
MadPonyScientist's avatar
So that means that is IS removable right?
frozenpyro71's avatar
Yes the cart can be removed but the harnace is attached to her.
MadPonyScientist's avatar
Okay, I see how you did it. She looks great by the way. I hope you don't get the attention of the person who criticized my recent Vinyl Scratch. This person seemed to think they know exactly how a pony's eyes are supposed to be all of the time even though they are drawn differently and also are different when in 3D compared to animation. This person said :her eyes are too close for a G4" and then when on to say the space between the eyes is narrower than the eye. I went and corrected them and pointed out why that is not always the case and they argued but finally quit when they knew they were wrong or just realized that I knew more about the anatomy than they did :) Anyway, I think her eye spacing is perfect and I can't wait to see her finished :)
Xelmon's avatar
Looks great!

... That's about all I can comment. :D
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I love the details you added, it looks great!
Maddog3060's avatar
The fandom can always use more Applejack. :iconapplejacksmileplz:

And more applejack. :iconapplejackreally:

But mainly AJ. :iconapplejackishappyplz:
frozenpyro71's avatar
Applejack is best pony afterall XD
Maddog3060's avatar
Weeeellll... Mostly. Second best, in my book. ;) My heart belongs Rainbow Dash will always be my Best Pony. But AJ is second best pony, followed by Luna. ;)
MusePony's avatar
So gorgeous! I especially love the realistic pattern on the wood - amazing
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