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dudebros to the left, plz.
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My name is Fishie, I love Harry Potter, Andre Nickatina, Nas, Texas Longhorn football, the Clash, and Russia.

I'm from Austin, Texas, went to school in Portland, Oregon, and I now reside in Brooklyn, New York, thus completing the hipster city trifecta.

Check out my damn HP ff account

Favourite Visual Artist
Bill Watterson.
Favourite Movies
The Blues Brothers, Ratatouille, Spice World.
Favourite Writers
Dostoevsky, Dickens, Flannery O'Connor.
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As long as I'm updating my deviantart for the first time in years, I might as well use this space to get my bizarre post about the Half-Blood Prince out of the way and brag all at the same time. ANYWAY, the thing I'm bragging about is that I just found out I'm a Fulbright finalist and might be going to Siberia this fall. Woohoo! I don't know why I chose Siberia since I really hate the cold but I guess I have some masochistic tendencies or something. Anyway, so excited!!! The only thing I have reservations about is that I just got a dog because I never in a million years thought I would advance to the shortlist stage and now I feel bad I'm g
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So, after just reading HBP (yes, instead of actually doing anything new or productive, but also for maybe only the second or third time. For someone who's such a huge Regulus stan, I'm not that actually into the last two books :/), I have compiled a list of complaints/things I would definitely do if I were a wizard and also evil. 1) I would Imperius everyone all the time if I were a Death Eater, and maybe also if I weren't. Just to keep people in line. I would make it standard practice to Imperius like 50 random people a day. I mean, if fucking Draco Malfoy can do it? Everyone would be Imperiused all the time. Why didn't the Death Eaters act
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Okay so I have noticed recently a lot of people who have like... style twins. Like, two people whom I watch or otherwise see their art around who have no obvious connection to each other but very similar styles of art. Which is really fascinating to me because what does it say about two people that end up drawing so similarly? Maybe that they both watched all the same animes, or read the same comics, or whatever, you know. BUT anyway, so I feel like chances are high that most people have these "style twins," if you will, and my new mission is to find mine.  It's like a social experiment, or something, I want to know if someone who draws like
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Happy Birthday!
Do you realize that some of these communications make reference to "the next Harry Potter book"? As in, a time before they were all published. IT'S BEEN TOO LONG, damn it! Good to be in touch again.
Btw, fuck Neopets. They deleted my account so now I can't even look back at the silliness. :(
LOOOL ME TOO!!! I'm so angry. They definitely deleted the Terror Mountain Pack (awesome that I remember the guild name and everything, too), because I have looked up and down for it more than once over the past few years. So heartbreaking; I will be devastated if we can never find that story. We worked so hard on it! Also, maybe you will look at this again at some point, but if I not I sent you a facebook friend request like... weeks ago! So why don't you accept me?????
Oh yay! You check this more regularly than I do! Wait, when did you send the friend request? What's your name, again? I got a few friend requests in my bank but I don't feel like any of them are you! I'd totally accept you, haha.

TTMP is dead?? Noooooo! :( That's where it all started!
Haha speaking of checking this more regularly than you do, I'm checking it three hours after you!

Actually, thinking about it, I may have just sent you a message instead of a request, and I know sometimes if you're not friends with someone and they send you a message, it goes straight to your "other" folder instead of your inbox. Which you can find if you go to inbox and click where it says "other" lol.

And yeah, I was crushed when I couldn't find TTMP!! I don't know if maybe I'm just incompetent, though, that's always a possibility as well.
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The quote in my signature is so dramatically angst-y. And I still have that fucking cat tongue as my avatar - WHY!!!