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Chigau Youlle
My first Dungeons and Dragons character. A Halfing Wild Magic Sorcerer and Hexblade Warlock. 

As one of the Harpers, his role is to usurp those who abuse power and help others rise from their ashes.

"I-I-I'm not a Tsun!"


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Anything would do :)
Writing from Haven, where we call a Human an Arcalian. See you in 5085 years!

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Personal Quote: Live well as life is a great opportunity
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Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental) Caeruleus

Sigh. It may take a while for me to re-adapt to this, and it was the most intense one I've felt so far. Suddenly, a wave of emotional pain struck my heart, and a few tears collected at the bottom of my eyes. I wiped them off a bit, and stood up, walking towards Lit. I turned to look at him, And he Really kept his eyes looking straight ahead.
"Are there others like us?" I asked.
"Yes. But We only know some of them. Most of them are on the other side of this planet or in the other star system."
Milchra strolled towards the pilot's area, and announced, "Kindle said we have to stop by Flailie's Place. And we also have to get Hilt too. We need more assistance when It comes to strategies and defence. And we can't afford to pass an opportunity like this for her to show them our strongest flame."

We quickly descended from our altitude and landed in front of a golden-trimmed building. Actually, it wasn't a building. It was a five-storey mansion.

"Should we announce ourselves first?" I inquired.
Kindle came down from the eagle. "No. we don't have any more time. And save your flame. Absorb the eagle back into your hand."
"How should I-" And Kindle raised her hand, which, for some reason, caused mine to follow. The blue Eagle then kneeled and dissolved while its wisps flew into my palm. Milchra created another whirlwind of flames, and as soon as they settled, we saw all things any rich technoholic could have.

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental) Milchra Puleun

Her real name was Ao. And the reason why we called her Flailie was that she flipped her arms up and down in certain occasions. It was her signature movement to many.
Kindle asked, "Flailie, I'm sorry if we disturbed you at this time of twilight, but We need as many as we can." And she looked around then back at Flailie. "Have you seen Hilt?"
"Yeah. I've heard that he stayed at your place last night." Flip said.
"True, but he's still asleep by now. Last night, we played with each other, played with our flames, Trained our flames, watched a few entertaining shows, and I even got to level up my flame to white-trimmed Basic Red!" A tall person with a noticeably healthy stature entered the room and still had his eyelids drooped a bit over his eyes. He looked around, stared at the group for a bit, and headed towards the sofa. He then collapsed on top of it. "I'll catch up later! I still need to charge…." What was surprising was that he was one of the most useful members of the team. Though he may sleep a lot, his energy is amplified through his special flame.

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental) Ao

Sooo sleepy…. Playing with Hilt last night took away most of my energy. And I still don't feel that well today… Must be the leftovers I ate from the last platter left on the table. It tasted so good, yet it felt so bad….
"I don't think I can come with you right now, I'm not entirely awake. I hardly even know why you guys are here, what the heck I just did? Why the heck Am I talking like this and so on." I then collapsed onto my pillow, and drifted on to another world.

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental) Lit

Flailie was spread on her bed, and Hilt was face down on the sofa. I wonder what they played last night… The color of Caeruleus' eyes turned blank, and he placed his hands on Flailie's head. He ran his hands down her side, until he lifted them from her legs. He then moved on to Hilt and lightly pounded on his spine in a chopping manner. He then Raised his hands, a bright blue aura twisted around him, and he proclaimed, "Purify!" And his hand moved to Hilt's direction. "Energize!" Blue Flames exploded out of Caeruleus, and entered Flailie and Hilt.
His original look returned, and he looked at them. Both patients sat up, and jumped out of their temporary resting spot.
"I am not sure how that happened, but at least We can help you now!"

But what we failed to notice was that one of us had gone already and left us at the mansion.

Daffodil 2341 Petal 4 Optical scan Gringe

Arcalisia has been under my parents for twenty-three years. Since they passed away in an ambush by the Hiretians and some rebel Arcalians, I've been ruling for already a month, though no one outside the family knows about it.
I tinkered around with a piece of metal and a prism of energy, morphing both into many different blades, projectiles, and firing mechanisms. I am one of those Arcalians who have the ability to control technology, as there was some mutation in our DNA after some exposure to alien energy after the colony's trip to a newly found planet. Only some in Arcalisia III and IV have these rare abilities.
Someone went in the portal linking to my room and out of reflex, I threw a grenade at the intruder.
A hand of green tinted blue flames halted it in midair and crushed it, suppressing the explosion which came after. His face was a bit cross, but was still generally calm. His right hand made a gesture of dismissal, and his flaming hand evaporated.
"Hasn't anyone taught you how to announce your presence before you enter?!" I scolded.
He then seemed offended in his tone, but kept his familiar expression. "You are like the others. No one notices me well at all now …"
I then calmed down. "That's alright, the only way through here is a portal. And It doesn't really transmit sound well either." I sighed. "So, do you have anything new for me?"
"They're preparing. And they're in pursuit of you."
"I'm aware of that. The petals know everything."
"Not everything. A large area of daffodils were disabled since the school burned down."
"I'm aware of that. The-"
"Petals know everything.  But there are still things you don't know about us. Aside from the things which I have told you the past month…"

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental) Genji

We went outside. Caeruleus watched Lit create a better version of the Eagle Caeruleus fashioned as we fled from the school, and it was complete with wing aesthetics, Fine flame cloth for the seats, and a well-made cabin on top of the eagle's flaming head.  There was a specially-made fuselage made to fit its back and to make the eagle look better. All of us boarded, and I can't help but feel as if I was forgetting someone, for some reason…

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental) Ao

Several things happened on the vehicle. I bumped into Caeruleus while we stood from our seats, Milchra and Caeruleus slept on each other as their heads leaned on one another, Lit fell asleep on the Eagle's reigns, which caused the eagle to power down and crash, and as we regained altitude when we woke up, Hilt held my hand and clamped the other onto his seat. Genji and Kindle sat in different rows, and after the incident, she had to stay awake the whole journey to inspect Lit's consciousness. Caeruleus looked a bit dizzy and went back to sleep. He then couldn't help but lean in different directions, only to be pushed or pulled back by Milchra. I froze my seat, and created a frozen pillow. Hilt brought out pieces of metal and morphed a sleeping chamber. This will be a long night over the ocean…

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental)Ao

As I woke up, We were in front of a Large hologram that had a picture of a Blue Daffodil and read, "The Flowers know everything. Abide and live." Lit and Kindle seemed to have fallen asleep in the cockpit, and Caeruleus was absorbing the vehicle's flames into his hand. His eyes were blank, and his face lacked expression. "What are you doing? Those are Lit's flames!" My voice only seemed to bounce off his head. As soon as all the flames were absorbed, everyone fell. But before they touched the ground, I created a soft flame solid enough to catch all of them. Lit and Kindle slept beside each other, Milchra curled up in one of her sleeping formations, and Hilt stayed unaffected in his own armour. Genji looked shaken, and was awake, and color returned to Caeruleus' eyes.

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental)Caeruleus

Impulse took over again and I couldn't control myself. But for some strange reason, I felt much stronger. Ao stared at me and asked, "Why did you do that?!"
"What exactly did I do?"
"You stole Lit's Flames! You absorbed the eagle he created!"
"I don't remember doing that. And I didn't think that was even possible…"
"You had the same look when you healed Flailie and Hilt!" Genji said.
"I healed them?" I asked, surprised.
"Yes. I still have your flames in my body. And so does Hilt. And they seem to be working effectively. "
"Shouldn't we wake up the rest?"
"Yes we should." Ao replied. And we shook anyone who did not wake up to our verbal warnings.
We had a slight problem with Hilt, though.

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental)Milchra Puleun

When I woke up, I felt really dislocated and disoriented. The area was really unfamiliar. Then I remembered that we chased Mewi to the other continent. Kindle looked as sleepy as Lit, but she tried to force herself awake. We were all awake except for Hilt. Hilt was secured in a chamber of his own and we wouldn't want to disturb him in that state. If we used our flames against it, we might accidentally injure him since he was not prepared. He was out of his consciousness, in a dreamy state where we do as we please and no one else cares about what you are doing inside your head unless both of you are in the same dream.
"Guys, let's try melting the door. Flailie, can you freeze it first?" Kindle requested.
"Yes." And she touched the door. The whole construct froze.
"That will do. Lit, Caeruleus, cover every side with flames. Make it as hot as possible."
Lit went to the other side of the chamber and they both covered it with raging flames circling the construct. Slowly, the construct shrank and holes opened up in the hull. Lit then stopped out of exhaustion and sat on the ground. I then went inside and shook Hilt. Despite all that happened, he still stayed asleep until I went in.
"Wake up, Hilt."

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental)Hilt

"The sofa is beside the clock tower. Move in and secure the package." I said half awake with a yawn. "Hilt, we have to go. Mewi stopped at what seems to be a base" Kindle announced as she came in. "Alright." I said. And I went back to sleep.

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental) Caeruleus

When Kindle found out about what I committed, she just sighed and asked me to create a land vehicle and aksed me to carry Lit and Hilt. Lit was light, and he was easy to carry by myself. But I needed help from Genji to carry Hilt.
As soon as we were all loaded, Kindle drove the vehicle for fifteen minutes, to a Black and red coloured fortress.
"Shouldn't we announce ourselves first?" I asked.
Hilt seemed to have heard it in his sleep and his palm landed on his own face.
"This is not the time to play around." Milchra replied.
Kindle then raised Lit's hand and the vehicle dissolved into his palm. Lit then stood up, but his eyes remained sealed. He slowly opened them, and looked at Hilt, who still had a peaceful breathing pattern. "Hmm… If Caeruleus already 'energized' Hilt, how come he isn't awake yet?"
"I'm sure you know him very well. He likes to sleep when he can." Kindle answered.
"Everyone, formation!" Daffodils sprouted, and everything glowed red. Some grew on walls, and others in the air. They morphed into explosive projectiles, and launched at us.
"Defence team, You know what to do." Milchra and Genji created a tunnel through the wall, burning the alloys which held it adamant. Lit flew in the air, and unleashed a halo of flames, slicing all the daffodils in its path. Guards soon arrived, and more militarised daffodils appeared. They became much more difficult to burn. Kindle covered herself in flames, and bolted through the air, penetrating the airborne vehicles overhead. Milchra then Led the rest through the tunnel, and Lit and Kindle followed through. The flames behind us dissolved, and created more tunnel length up ahead.
Hilt was just beside me, and he sensed something odd.
"She isn't fleeing. She's coming to us."

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental) Flip

I somehow appeared in a passageway of flames, inclined to the highest tower as to where they thought Mewi was. A barrage of blades and projectiles fell from the sky and shattered the blue bridge into wisps. Most of us fell and hovered over the ground before we landed, but Lit, Kindle and I remained hovering over them.  A mad-looking adolescent descended and rushed toward the ground. The resulting explosion flattened half of the fortress and revealed all that was inside those rooms. "Mewi!" Kindle Exclaimed.
As the cloud cleared from the crater, Mewi stood in a set of armour which was only bulky at the torso but light at its extensions. "Stop calling me Mewi!!! I AM GRINGE!!!" she cried insanely.
Milchra thought of escaping, but I stopped her by launching a bright beam at her, paralyzing her left arm. She then fell to the ground, weakened and unconscious.

Personal journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental)Hilt

"What the heck did you just do?!?" I scolded Flip. "What the-" and he revealed a bright collection of beams from his arms.

Everything was too bright.

Personal journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental)Caeruleus

Genji and I were busy fighting the remaining Daffodils which kept popping up and evolving. Genji was hit once, and a succession of missiles followed. He, too was also knocked out.
For some reason, My supply of power didn't seem to have any end. But this has been getting too tedious for the past several minutes.

Personal journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental)Lit

I saw everything that took place. Kindle became busy fighting Mewi, and Caeruleus was busy with the flowers. Broken machinery and singed blood covered the soil, and every step was too slippery, so I had no choice but to stay in midair. I called Flailie to my side, and both of us fought Flip. He was really difficult to pacify, and none of our blows landed on him. But every time we made a move, a beam of his flames would singe our skin. I then switched modes. I went into Pure1.34 mode and my form dissolved into pure flames, my body grew, and my power augmented. My feet touched the blood flowing towards the river, and I was as tall as the fortress itself. Flip flew through me and I felt weakened. A gaping hole appeared in my chest, and It got bigger as long as Flip was absorbing me. Flailie then zoomed past Flip with her double scimitars, and a gash appeared out of Flip's Neck and his side. He vomited flames and blood, and I collected the flames so I could regenerate. He then collapsed while I shrunk to original size. I also collapsed beside Flip. "We'll…. T-talk about… this… Later…" and I closed my eyes.

Personal journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental)Caeruleus

Flailie came to my side. "Here. I'll make you a shield. You can rest in here before you can fight again. And she covered me with dense flames. "Thanks." And I reserved most of my energy into the shield. I then saw Flailie fly to the main battle.

Personal Journal 1, Arcalisia III, (Mental)Ao

Kindle charged towards Mewi, but her Insanity kept her alert. Every time she dodged, she was able to shoot Kindle. She already had deep injuries on her arms, legs and a scratch on her cheek. When she took that last blow, Kindle fell to the ground.
"Let me finish you off, Kindling!! YAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!" and prepared to fire more explosive knives. Before she could, Milchra got in the way, Her body seemed weakened, but otherwise she seemed alright, but Mewi fired instantly, nonetheless. The knives stuck to her right arm and lower body. I flew to Kindle and carried her away from the resulting explosion. She stayed  afloat in midair, but many of her parts were missing.Milchra's expression was blank, and she lost her arm, and both her legs. When she looked up, she also lost her right eye. I had to hold Kindle, and I couldn't leave her anywhere. She seemed the most injured and vulnerable at that time. Milchra's eye socket lighted in a flame, and flames grew from where her missing parts were. I could see her eye forming over the flames, and same went for her arms and legs. Her head glowed, it ignited, and wisps emanated from her limbs. Her feet and hands were emitting flames, and a new suit covered her old ones. She then charged towards Mewi and cut her arm off. But then her left arm touched it, and a Mechanical one grew out. As soon as Mewi fired at Milchra, she crashed to the ground.
Then she screamed, "Aunt Milchra, youngest sister of my mother, I will see your death by my bloodied hands!"
But a familiar-looking blue-striped ball hit Mewi and thrust her far into the atmosphere. A great explosion lighted up the sky, and it was as if the three moons of Arcalisia III circled another sun.

Caeruleus then made a gesture which would renew the naturalness of the Planet. He thrust his arms into the ground, and all Daffodils around us were set ablaze while everything else stayed intact. If this was seen from orbit, A person would see that Arcalisia III was glowing, that it was another ball of fire. Caeruleus then slowly descended and sat down. Kindle opened her eyes and announced meekly, "We shall go to Arcalisia IV. Assemble the team as soon as they've rested."

"But may you rest first. So as not to let you rest in eternal peace this early."

Journal entries would follow a week later. End entries Would follow at some point after some entries


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