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Thomas Walsh and Lauren Hart (Solver Squad) by Frozen-Yeti Thomas Walsh and Lauren Hart (Solver Squad) by Frozen-Yeti
Last of the finished Solver Squad characters for now (I have so fucking many I need to line n color)

This drawing isn't to scale-

Thomas is a well liked employee at the same company Devin Andrews is at and sometimes hangs out with the guy. He isn't as good at his job at Devin but he's fine with that. Devin grows distant from many working at the company after.. well I wouldn't want to spoil it now would I.. But Thomas tries to help him through what he's going through, even if he's pushed away at the start. Thomas also tries to help the Solver Squad when they try to figure out what happened with Devin before he came to them with his case.

Lauren is a boutique owner on the same street as solver squad's HQ, they sometimes come over to browse her goods and they chat from time to time. She's from a rural(ish) village of sheep named Lancaster. She doesn't like talking to the town too much but proved incredibly useful with information when the Squad has to go there for a strange case.. She does visit every year to see her family though, even if the rest of the town isn't too happy that she left in the first place.

Art , Thomas, & Lauren belong to Frozen-Yeti 
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