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Frozen Skyrim: Cut I by gh0st-of-Ronin, literature

A Frozen Ballad: Part I by Parsat, literature

A King and Queen of Ice 1 by Ravens-Death, literature

A Royal Catfight by Adalack, literature

A.R.E.N.D.E.L.L.E. 1 by loomisj72, literature

Disney Fan Fiction - A Herculean Effort Ch 1 by Spartans300, literature

Disney Fan Fiction - A New Freezing Ch 1 by Spartans300, literature

Disney's Frozen: A Royal Wedding (Elsa x Reader) 1 by Llareggub7, literature

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Could you please make a folder for Reprise for me?
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What about your icon? =) It's fine.
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Even if it was(and I didn't think it was), I wouldn't have had qualms with it. 
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Well then I've joined.

So, how do I add my story?
Let me know if there are any problems with your folder. =)