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For all Frozen fans out there!
Here's the group for all the fans who likes FanFictions about Frozen :)
Join us, it'll be worth for it :)
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Welcome to Frozen-FanFiction :)

:bulletyellow: We are pleased to welcome you to our group ^_^

:bulletgreen: Hello Everyone, gh0st here! First and foremost, We'd like to thank everyone for their all of their hard work and contribution to this page dedicated to Frozen Fan Fiction! May the cold never bother us, and may the spark of writing be eternal!

:bulletblue: With that said, we just want to point out a few things that are pretty obvious to all of you I'm sure!

:bulletpink: -Folders and submission: While each work have one chapter in the featured folder(the first chapter or prologue), each series have their own respected folders so feel free to turn in your own work in your folders (Not that we don't mind doing it, just thinking it would be far more efficient if every member does it xD). I know some of you already do it yourselves so thank you for that! If you have a one shot, it will go to the One shot folder.

If you are turning in a new series for the first time, just note us and we'll be more than happy to make a new folder for your work! =)

You may have recognized, that some folders have "DONE" in the title. That means that this story is finished :)

:bulletpurple: -None Literature Artwork: While we can personally say that A LOT of Frozen fanart of all genres impress us, we can't accept any of them here unless they are cover arts for your fanfiction(and that has its own folder as well called 'Cover Arts'... duh! xD). We know that's a major bummer, but we are affiliated to a handful of Frozen groups that have a plethora of Elsa and Anna and so on fanarts! So while you won't see it in our page, it's not that hard to get to them!

:bulletorange: -Mature work: Follow the guidelines of DA art submission and it should be fine. If your written work has any mature content in it, please label it as such.

:bulletgreen: Also on a much more volatile subject, this group accepts ALL fanfiction. That means you'll see Jelsa, Helsa, OCxElsa, and a few others. For the most part a lot of shipping don't offend people, but Elsanna definitely strikes the wrong chord in some people. Be warned to all readers that there will be Elsanna work here.

:bulletblue: Please beware, that our slogan is: "Every FanFiction of Frozen will be accepted! :)"
That means, there may be a few stories, which has mature content filter on or has to do with Elsanna shipping.
Please respect that :)

:bulletred: -Hate art: This group is to perpetuate the positive vibe and imagination that Frozen elicits out of us so it's pretty self explanatory that hate art is NOT accepted here! If your words have malice towards Frozen, then it doesn't belong in this group. Everyone has the right to like or dislike something, but going out of the way to trample on a territory BASED on the thing you hate the most is kind of asinine and disrespectful. Some Frozen groups accept blatant hate art and I don't understand why. Members, if you read any content that Emiss or myself miss that is hate art, please let us know and we'll deal with it accordingly.


:bulletblack: With that said, please PLEASE PLEASE message us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Also if you know of any Frozen groups that we can affiliate with, please pass it along this way! Also, invite your fellow Frozen writers that aren't in this group already! I know we're a little bit of a fixer upper since we are still new, but given some time and some work, this group has potential to be a corner in the web of great literature for all Frozen lovers!

Lovely greetings,
Your Frozen-FanFiction admin


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Frozen Skyrim

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My Commission: Frozen Skyrim XVII by gh0st-of-Ronin
Mature Gallery

Mature Content

DeFrosted by gao23


Commission: ELSA and ONYX by papillonstudio
art by: papillonstudio 

It's no big secret that I have had a long-standing Fanfic I have been writing for some time now. Said fanfic is none other than my Skyrim Chronicles; or more specifically, my Frozen Skyrim story. I have poured A LOT of thought and resources to this unorthodox crossover that is fueled by my unforeseen (at the time) attraction to one of Disney's popular Disney Princess(QUEEN to be exact). Let's just explore that "thought" and "resources" for a bit, shall we:

Mature Content

My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover by gh0st-of-Ronin
My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover X by gh0st-of-Ronin My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover XI by gh0st-of-Ronin

Mature Content

My Commission: Queen Elsa by gh0st-of-Ronin

Mature Content

My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover IV by gh0st-of-Ronin

Mature Content

My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover V by gh0st-of-Ronin

Mature Content

My Commission: Frozen Skyrim XVII by gh0st-of-Ronin

Mature Content

My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover XV by gh0st-of-Ronin
CM : Rise of the Guardian by kachima Commission + Onyx and Elsa by Hedrick-CS

Mature Content

My Commission: Winter Elsa by gh0st-of-Ronin

Mature Content

My Commission: Skyrim Chronicles by gh0st-of-Ronin

Mature Content

My Commission: Avarice by gh0st-of-Ronin

Mature Content

My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover XIV by gh0st-of-Ronin
Commission: Kharjo, Onyx, Serana by Fandias SP CM : For the First Time by kachima

And then there are the chapters I have written so far: Frozen Skyrim Chapters. And here are my favorite chapters up to date: 
Skyrim Chronicles: The Snow Queen XIII
It is called Attribution’s Share. Or for those less inclined to the regality of that name, they call this place Snake Mount. Regardless of the name one choose to call it, to find oneself inside Boethiah’s Oblivion Realm isn’t something that can be considered an honor. While many might consider me a fortunate individual for having more than one way to interact with the Daedric Prince, I for one can say that I haven’t felt the fortune from Boethiah’s calling; at least not in a long time. Surrounded by battle-hungry warriors who are heavily induced by Boethiah’s presence doesn’t exactly paint the fortunate picture that Daedric worshippers are talking about. Boethiah’s pawns glare at me, snarl, and it will only take a small movement until it all leads to where Boethiah wants it to go: a bloody brawl.
“I don’t have time for this!” I yell as I shove the unconscious Redguard that attack
Skyrim Chronicles: The Snow Queen XI
Gormlaith Golden-Hilt. “Go forth, Dragonborn and tend to your own!”
Felldir the Old. “Your tale has yet to find its end. We will ensure to buy you time!”
Hakon One-Eye. “They will feel the bite of my axe!”
The three legendary Dragonslayers did not hesitate as my Thu’um brought their spirit back from Soverngarde. They lived as warriors and died as heroes, and now after their living days, they stand by me to fight my battles when I need an axe or an extra blade. They have no fear. They are a testament to what Nords are capable of as warriors. And I will need them if Elsa is going to survive this. As I hold her in my arms, cradling her limp body, I take another moment to glance at her. Clearly by that agonized look on her face that she is suffering tremendously. She strikes me as a person who has never experience any kind of mortal wound, let alone, anything that resembles an in
Elsa ch. IX: Behind the Mask
It didn’t happen. The horrific event that remains fresh in Elsa’s mind is just another nightmare caused by her stay here in Skyrim. Senna isn’t dead.
“But she is,” but despite all her efforts to lie to herself, the voice inside Elsa’s head won’t let her believe it, “she’s dead and you need to stop trying to shelter that naïve mind of yours, your Majesty. That priestess is dead!
The mixture of guilt, grief, and anger are all intertwined with every word that uttered by her doppleganger. Perhaps she is going insane… even her nightmares are haunting her when she’s awake.
“You were right to tell that arrogant man that it’s your fault. Just like your crew—just like Marius, Onyx’s little Priestess was raped, killed, and humiliated because of—!”
Skyrim Chronicles: The Snow Queen VIII
The taste of Drelas’ blood still lingers after all this time. It’s not a flavor I’m used to—raw blood that is. It’s been a while. Senna had always tried to pull me away from drinking from ‘fresh meat’. Makes me ponder as to how diluted the blood potions were that she supplied me. They were blood that much I can say, but I know they aren’t the same thing as drinking from the original source. Molag-Bal knows that I haven’t truly been a real Vampire Lord for a while now. It’s been some time since I actually poked at that idea. I wonder what Serana would say to me now? It’s been some time since I saw her as well… all these things that are swirling in my head and I have Elsa to deal with. Though I barely have any real moment to bounce these issues. The thick cloud in the sky has had my attention for some time now. Probably part
Skyrim Chronicles: The Snow Queen VII
I glance to my side observing Elsa as she keeps her eyes on the picture. She has been staring at it off and on for a bit now. Seems like saving it from the fire really was worth it for the simple fact that she and I had avoided more unnecessary conversation. Her eyes are bound to that picture, as if some spell is keeping them from looking at something else.
“If you have some kind of sarcastic comment to say, please abstain from doing so,” she speaks and the nature of her words catches me off guard.
“What made you think I was going to say something?”
“You haven’t uttered a word since leaving your house. I had a feeling it was time for another nonsensical comment from you.”
Hard to refute the idea that I was about to say something. Even going down the steps, she has been staring at that picture. I was afraid she was going to take
Elsa ch. VII: With Great Power
EDIT 01/05/21:
Until DeviantArt figures out a way to make editing/writing literature friendly like it was during Pre-Eclispse, my updates will be posted on fanfiction. I'll link the chapters.
Elsa Ch VII With Great Power:
The stench of the fire hovers over Elsa much to her disdain. The soldiers reek of it, the air is heavy with the smoke, and the memento she saved barely escaped the onslaught, thus making it the most prominent thing that carries the smell of the flames. To Elsa, the idea of the memento lost forever would have been a much worse of an outcome so she can take a bit of solace in it smelling like the way it does. The picture had been a ‘comfort item’ that Elsa made sure would be present whenever she travelled. One would consider it childish for a grown woman—for a Queen—to require such an item to keep her company
Elsa Ch. V: Of Blood and Shadow
EDIT 10/06/20:
Until DeviantArt figures out a way to make editing/writing literature friendly like it was during Pre-Eclispse, my updates will be posted on fanfiction. I'll link the chapters.
Elsa V Of Blood and Shadow:
 The boy’s grip is strong despite his size. Every step he takes is filled with urgency, and Elsa finds herself having to hasten her pace just to keep up with him. For someone who obviously has endured horrific things quite recently, the boy has kept the majority of his disdain within. Elsa expected more tears, more need for comfort, but the moment he found out that the Dragonborn is among them, he seemed to have regained some vigor. The young boy also has more stomach for seeing a dead body than Elsa, obvious by the lack of any reaction from seeing Onyx standing over his latest kill who was standing guard in front of the entrance. Watching Onyx pull the bolt out o

Of course, I have enjoyed writing this tale, some chapters more than others, but in the grand scheme of things, this has been a fun journey. Now the reason for this little journal post is that I have found myself unable to continue to update this tale as much as I want. Life changed for me and time isn't as available as it used to be. Whatever time I am allowed for my geekdom I have focused on my toy reviewing, blogging, and gaming... I have prioritized these because the simple fact is that it isn't as easy to write something like a fanfic, something like Frozen Skyrim like it used to be. Time, fatigue, and real-life priorities have pushed me back from being able to really put my full thought and focus on my Frozen Skyrim project. Sadly, I don't know what the next few months can give me, but I don't foresee my life, my schedule to change. So suffice to say, this is me kind of lamenting on the notion that... I may not be able to finish this project until Frozen 2 comes out.

And no, this isn't me saying that I'm going to stop writing this. I have a ton of ideas, I have some outlines, I have placed way too much effort to just simply abandon it. This will always remain one of my well-loved projects despite it not being the favorite in my DA page (I'm still, supposedly, a DiD based writer/ commissioner lol). There's been a lot of day dreaming thoughts about this fanfic (back when I was at my old job), a lot of colalboration with some fantastic artists, and truly, this tale just deserves the conclusion I have in my end for those still interested in the tale.

SO... that's where I am at with this. The Fate of this World Lies Dormant because of RL shenanigans, lack of thought process, and... well... time. I hope to rectify it because I am still nipping at the next chapter at a SLOW but still getting somewhere level. Just know that I have not abandoned it and it is just in an EXTREMELY SLOW process. 

#FrozenSkyrim #Frozen #Skyrim 
More Journal Entries








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