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Published: April 25, 2020

    Hey, everyone. Long time no talk, huh? To be completely honest with you, I've always been lurking. I've just neglected to post stuff because... well, I'm just terrible at it. Though I did type up a long journal one day back in January, but then I closed my laptop before posting it and then when I came back to it and tried to post it, it deleted everything and I just didn't have the motivation to do it again... Sorry about that, but I'm here now and I hope that's all that matters. Though I'm not gonna lie, I saw that DeviantArt is switching to the Eclipse layout permanently in May and I'm not here for it. I mean, just look at it. It's... hideous. It's entirely possible I may abandon DeviantArt altogether after it goes permanent, but for now we'll just see what happens. 

    I hope you all are staying safe during our current global crisis. I hope you're all maintaining social distancing guidelines and hopefully quarantining yourself away from people. The only way we can prevent the virus from spreading is by following these protocols, and it bothers me that a lot of people are just treating this like a minor inconvenience. I'm not sure about how it's being handled outside of the United States, but I do know that a lot of businesses have closed their doors temporarily and put their employees on a temporary leave, for which I'm truly sorry for. I, however, have continued to work despite the crisis, but I'm thankful to still have a job, as I know others are not as fortunate. And word to the wise, please don't leave your house for any reason. All you're doing is putting yourself and others at risk. I work at a Home Improvement store, and you wouldn't believe how many people are just in the store because they're bored and there's nothing else open. 

    Anyway, let's get on to what I really wanted to talk about today. Despite my absence from DeviantArt, I've kept going on my Fakemon Projects in my down time while simultaneously taking breaks to keep my mental health from derailing. Back in January when I made the first journal, one of the reasons why I didn't have the motivation to keep going was because I was mentally drained. A lot of stuff was going on at work (and still is, honestly, but it's not something I can talk about), and I focused entirely too much on both it and my Fakemon stuff, so I eventually had to stop and had to take a week or so to recuperate. I'm better now, thankfully.

    As you may have seen today, I've been updating some of my Fakemon with new templates and information. Currently, I'm finalizing the Rogiv Region and beginning to move into a second Region, of which you may have seen my new set of starters for back in January. This second Region is called the Easos Region, and unlike previous attempts at this, it's actually rather important for both of these Regions to co-exist for the overall plot regarding the Pokémon: Mosaic and the Echoverse. You see, Pokémon: Mosaic will act as a... finale, of sorts, for an overarching plot. Details for Easos are still in the development stages as Rogiv is finalized. I know this might sound a bit strange, but trust me. It's important it plays like this. Once Rogiv is finalized, Easos can run a lot smoother. Hopefully in the coming weeks, however, you'll see much of what Rogiv has to offer. 

    For now, enjoy the little treats I've uploaded regarding the Easos Region, and look forward to more regarding the Rogiv Region in the coming weeks. I think I've said all that I want to say now, so I'm going to go back to work and continue working. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you all stay safe!


Edit - I forgot to mention my Instagram Accounts, which honestly I have been more active on the past few months instead of here. While I'm still unsure, if I decide to just abandon DeviantArt completely, if you still want to keep up to date with my work and stuff, that's a good place to go. It's also possible I might start a Tumblr for it, but I haven't really thought about that just yet. Anyways, be sure to check out both of my accounts! I have one that I use for personal things and then one dedicated solely to Fakemon and my projects. 

Personal Account - pokenerd_brandon_
Fakemon Account - bonsly209

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Carlos235Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you are back, at least you are not very frozen being dissapeared from here, at least your presence is still there, not losing the entire symphony you have.
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Great to have you back, even if it might only be for a short while. No need to push yourself, especially at a time like this.
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SpireExHobbyist Traditional Artist
You know I follow you on insta but didn’t know it was you LOL 

anyway , don’t worry, take your time, take you own decisions! ;j I don’t like Eclipse either :(

Yeah the situation is grave, grievous everywhere. After China, we (Italy) are, at least were before the virus spread in the US too, the main infected country...many have died, some doctors and nurses too. Shops, libraries, factories, theatres, cinemas and all the rest have been closed and this produces a double effect. On one hand we are safer, at least we feel so, but on the other hand, of course, the economy endures drops and losses and gaps (especially when comparing our own economy to the other EU countries’ ones). We are trying to stay safe and we’ll begin to re-open some activities, industries and areas of our cities soon (around May 4th) but we (we all I think,sadly) will have to face the “ruins” both of the economic and health effects which will require new measures and, I hope, a new way of living which will help us but the planet too. :heart:
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IntegerMovaStudent Digital Artist

Hey, it's been a while as well. How've you been doing?

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InEventualityHobbyist General Artist

I'm glad to see that you having a plan for the overall plot. :)

I'm sorry to hear you feel that way about Eclipse. I personally will be staying but I respect your decision fully if you leave. It'd be a shame to completely lose trace of you though, so I hope you can find some kind of alternative site. :)