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Happy 5th Anniversary, Magiswords!

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I was told by a diehard fan of Magiswords that it's 5th anniversary is today. I couldn't make a full color drawing on my tablet, but here's a good ol' traditional sketch with a photo taken. ^^

Even though I've said Magiswords is a 5-6/10 for me, it's always got a special place in my heart because it taught me a lot about cartoons, how they're made, and what we can do to improve. I'm glad I got to feature such a unique show in Toon Wars, and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did :) Thank you to :iconartbylukeski: and every other Magiswords creator for bringing this into my life ^^

And to those who wanna see more of them in Toon Wars, don't worry. Unlike Cartoon Network, no matter what fan story I write next, you can never forget this cartoon.

Fun Fact: All these redesigns are upgrades I've made for Toon Wars Legacy. Sometimes I wish the show used these over the designs they had, but it was a start nonetheless
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