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Thanos' Weakness Inside the World Serpent

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A Schoolgirl's Revenge

I never thought I'd find myself saying it, but I admit that sometimes the female of the species can be more powerful than the male. There. I've said it now, and I mean it. And why? Well I'll tell you why. Let me introduce myself. My name is Richard Turner, and I live with my older sister Sally and my Mum and Dad. My father definitely isn't a 'new age guy', and from the very beginning, I was taught that males were innately superior to females. I was reasonably polite to my mother and sister, but I still treated Sally as an inferior, even though I was 3 years her junior. She was the butt of any number of cruel jokes I inflicted on her, but I would have good cause to remember her revenge. When I was about 12, I used to go around with my friends Ted, Bob, and Mike. We had a talent for terrorising the neighbourhood, and no matter how many times we were punished it just didn't seem to curb our behaviour, which just seemed to escalate downward as we tried to outdo each other in deeds of


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