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It's April's fool so yea... thought I should remind you it's the best day to confess to that special someone.
Just a friendly reminder: I'm still alive XD maaaaaaan got so lazy to finish any work lately, sorry for that~ Might put something here real soon! (hopefully)

Also, quick question: I bought a python book and, quite frankly, I was going to give a shot at tutorials/lessons once I'm done. Would you guys give them a peek?

UPDATE: Due to lack of time I was forced to drop the challenge, well, I still had fun

So as some might have noticed, I'm having a go at this, I was trying to draw each day a different character. Well, today I decided raise the challenge a bit... I have a list of 46 characters, each day I'll draw one RANDOM character that I haven't drawn during inktober. I had the indecency/insanity to put in there some characters that DON'T have a design yet, they're just ideas I have but didn't flesh out so... you might see some characters that shouldn't be on paper just yet. XD 

List of characters:
#1 - Ralph
#2 - Seth
#3 - Daisuke :icondaikunz:'s sona 
#4 - Rodney My otter sona
#5 - Gary
#6 - Elias First time I ever drew this guy
#7 - Teo
#8 - ???

Here's my experience at setting up a twitter:

Twitter: Hey man you broke some rule, look it up on the link then give us your phone, oh, you might pay extra fees.
Me: *fills appeal ticket* I just joined and set up a profile pic, what did I do wrong?
Twitter: *insta-email* Hey man you broke some rule, look it up on the link then give us your phone, oh, you might pay extra fees.
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As far as I see it, this event is a huge load of crap. For years dA had as few issues that have been talked over and over again, with no visible sign of fix in sight. It is known there are complaints about how, in general, this community has been getting worse: thieves, tracers, fetish artists with their poorly cropped figures and no mature tag on it, underaged users, assholes and yada yada yada. Not to mention a pesky bug over the llama for points thing, where the same invalid offer pops up constantly... What do we see instead of a fix? LGBT propaganda, because there is no better way to say you love your community than starting a LGBT project. Just say you like gays and we forget all of your laziness for the last years.

One thing I don't like, it's the amount of coverage we (LGBT community) currently have, I get it, we aren't straight, why all the fuss? Though some events are, sadly, necessary to raise awareness, they are getting out of hand, completely. The way things are heading, the amount of events as this, the importance given by the media to it; we're more getting into a situation where we aren't include ourselves, but rather segregate the group we want to be inserted on. Being part of LGBT is supposed to be a normal thing, yet we're having a tremendous amount of attention, we want to be taken as equals, but we're promoting our differences. Example, pride, one should be ok with themselves right? not to be afraid to voice who they are, that's the point of the movement. Now there's where the double standards start, you say "I'm proud to be gay" and people say you're brave, say "I'm proud to be straight" and you're the scum of the Earth.

This where I say the whole pride movement is an utter nonsense the way it's being implemented. I mean, heck, what's the point of being proud because you simply like to have a person in bed? Save the pride for when you actually do something out of sheer force and dedication. How it is supposed for us to be seen as the same as other people, if we keep waving flags and make it clear we are different? Of course this does get on the nerves of some people (me included), it's an annoyance, not to mention an awful logical flaw. DA is no different, they send two notifications about the event, one to promote it and another to promote the flag. This is kinda shoving things down people's throat, though simply deleting the notifications solves it, what I am against is that everywhere I go on this site, I have to put up with that flag at the header. They support LGBT, cool, awesome, ok; but some people don't, and having that flag slapped on their faces will do more harm than good to us. Who knows, some might even get tired of us because of stunts like that and actually get more aggressive. 

To wrap things up, I do not condemn LGBT (that'd be very hypocritical of me), but I do am against being proud of something so trivial. I recognise the importance of awareness events, but also acknowledge the way they're made they might lead to an even deeper segregation on the long run. I do think people should be more accepting, but I don't agree they should have it slapped on their faces so much.

All for now, Frosty's out
This floofer :iconcana-the-wolf: gonna die :v.... like we all do eventually.


-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged.
-Write 13 things about yourself
-Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. 
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (Try an stop me >:3)
-No tagging back.

13 irrelevant facts about a derpy Frosty

01. I'm only doing this cause I'm bored.
02. I get bored easily.
03. It's hard for me to come with some crap to say in these things.
05. I like sushi, is yummy.
06. Pissing off people on internet is fun, especially SJW.
07. I've coded in logical, low, medium and high levels.
08. I check other people's tags for ideas of what I can write on this thing.
10. I'm far from being organised in some areas and way too much on others.
11. My memory is a rather crappy.
I get bored easily.
13. Being random is fun.

Answering time!

01: What is your favourite game?  

02: What do you play games on?
Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, Rust, Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, Warframe, Heroes of the Storm.

03: Favourite food?

04: What music do you like?
Old pop/rock.

05: What is your favourite thing about art?
Makes me forget about all the harsh cruelties of the sad broken world we live in... #deepcrap 

06: Favourite Animal/creature?
I'd say otters.

07: Favourite series? 
Death Parade, no doubt.

08: Favourite Social media?
None, I hate all of them, just use them 'cause I need to.

09: What do you like to do in your free time? 
Depends on my mood.

10: What are you good at?
Answering questions without really answering them. :D

11: Favourite kind of humor?
Again, depends on my mood.

12: Have you travelled anywhere? 
Azores, Spain, France and Italy.

13: Do you have any idols (you can just answer yes or no, if you dont want to say who it is :D (Big Grin))?

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I tag...

No one! owo Screw rules, long live anarchy!!!! 
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Feel free not to read a word, I'm just bored so I'll expose my irrelevant thoughts to a bunch of randoms. :D

A few days ago I came across a post here on dA about bullying, and it did really broke my heart... especially the last part, where the poster insulted me. It said "99% of the readers are heartless and won't do a thing to stop this, repost if you're part of the 1% who actually cares", turns out, not only I'm not the snowflake I thought I was, as also I'm a cold heart bastard because I didn't want to post it on my dA. I felt so... insulted... so... heart broken...

Ok let's go down to business, I'll start off by saying the truth, I didn't give a damn about the post. Now, please do hear my motive before tossing your salt. I do care about the matter, bullying is an idiotic atitude that can lead to serious permanent damage to one's life. Though the word has been spread all over throughout the years, I still think raising awareness over it is important. The real deal at stake here is not bullying, but how the post was made.

First I raise this question, how on Earth did the poster get these numbers? I mean, true there are insensitive people but, 99 to 1? So let's say I, a caring person looking after his loved ones, decides not to repost the text. I don't want or feel there's need for me to post it on my page, but because I read it AND didn't repost I'm suddenly heartless? That's some wacky logic right there mate. Now, let's imagine that I'm a person who doesn't care about bullying or how the victims might feel, I found this post, posted on my page and suddenly I'm a kind and caring person.

All the foundations were laid; I stated my position, I analysed the "deep" shady punch line of the post, let's deliver the final blow... 
The original poster might be actively fighting for a change, however, the last line made the whole post lose its integrity. The use of fake statistics and sentimental vocabulary in form of reward/punishment argument reveals a degree of manipulation to make people spread the post. This manipulation is a form of emotional blackmail, "if you don't spread the post you're shit like all the others", which is, plot twist, considered bullying. This line in particular demonstrates immaturity at dealing with the matter and hypocrisy. 
For the people who share the post, I know some do care and fight for a difference. But I know that some of you only do it to feel like you've done something to support a cause, when you haven't done anything besides posting a wall of text you din't write. You do it so you can look good in front of your fans, shows you care right? Because you reposted a fancy text and did nothing for the change you claim to defend. You, the "1% who actually care" are the real MVP, go brag about it in front of your followers.


Well that's all I had to say, Frosty's out. :3 
How many sexual orientations and genders you think there are? Tumblr says there's a fuckton of them... what's your opinion on it?

Despite the title, please don't make a shitstorm out of this.
People from the internet! I came far away, from the Gayland to share a message with you, a message from God Himself! Here it is:

My children,

I fucked up, Adam and Eve was a real cool idea, they populated this world of my creation yada yada yada... but this planet ain't that big and you guys fuck like rabbits. Well, no, you guys can be worse. 

I tried all sorts of things, I even called my boy, Noah and told him "Yo, Noah, I need to give humanity a hard reset, save few peeps, a couple o'animals and make them ya know. Save a bunch of them before I take a holly massive leak." It kinda worked... but you guys went back at it, like, didn't you peeps learn your lesson? 

I could have done other shit, like remake humans, that'd be cool but please, I got an universe, I ain't got time for that. So yea, since you guys can't keep your dicks inside your pants, I decided to make gay people. So you can jump on each others' back, and yea population will be kept more or less acceptable. 

In other words, stop harassing LGBT, really, I need those guys to control your sick sexual urges.

So that's it, gays were sent to Earth to give some population control. :D Thank you and good night!
Overall, the idea seems stupid to me, you have 365 days to show your lover how much you like them, yet it's like people wait precisely until February the 14th to buy some sappy bullshit to show their "love" for their special one. Honestly, if you want to celebrate it, it's ok, but for me I think it's one more pretext to buy crap, just like Christmas. In my opinion, if you like someone show it every day and don't wait a whole freaking year to do something special with them. That said, enjoy your day. 

Frosty out~! 
I will attempt to draw all eeveelutions, as well as creating new ones of the unused types AND make characters based on them, wish me luck. XD
I've seen a lot of people doing this on youtube, so yea, who would be interested in seeing me making art critiques? :XD:
As the title says, Merry Christmas! owo hope you all have fun cuz I won't, gotta study... that means I'll make a small break on the drawings cuz sadly I really need these useless bullshits called grades. Anyway, stay with a beautiful tune that reflects my inner self at the moment (and probably the next weeks).

Frosty out~!
It's my b'day, I'm now an old 21 furfag. That's all. :v

Keep on being fluffy~!

This thread is now closed! I apologize for my laziness has been taking over, I'll start working the drawings by the order they were chosen. 

Update 11th September, 2016: Added a list with the numbers missing.

I picked 30 characters of my male cast and I'm going to draw them in briefs, who? you choose! 

What is this about:

This idea came up after a lil summer project my pal R-CoMiX developed, which? I won't tell! :D Anyway back to the point, as mentioned I pre-chose 30 of my male characters, to each character I associated a number. After all the numbers are picked, I'll draw the associated characters in briefs. Why? cuz read the title. :v Side note, NSFW versions will also be made but they'll be uploaded elsewhere, once they're done I'll update de journal.


1. Pick one, and only one, number.
2. If the number was already picked, you'll have to pick another one.
3. Have fun!


This will be up probably for 2 weeks, but depending on the activity this journal gets I might extend or reduce the deadline. This because classes are about to start and I might not have enough availability to handle all of the drawings.

List of taken/free numbers:

01 -
02 -
03 -
04 -
05 -
06 -
07 - DaiKunz
08 -
09 -
10 - XWinter-ParadiseX
11 -
12 - JanFluffyFox
13 - Nightshade-warroir
14 - 
15 - targeting50
16 -
17 - Nightly-Howler
18 -
19 -
20 -
21 -
22 -
23 -
24 -
25 -
26 - DoubleDoppelganger
27 - jwuffy
28 -
29 -
30 - R-CoMiX

All for now, Frosty is out!
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Funny, already solving/fixing/finding issues on this site again XD anyway, straight to the point, this account has been going around posting the same comment over and over again on several works, its content and repetitive pattern gives me strong suspicious it might be a scam. The message that keeps getting posted is the following:
My name is miss nancy. viewing and going through your profile address today has made me to became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so that i can send you my picture, for you to know and see whom i am.
Here is my email address( ) believe we can move from here!
I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.
nancy .
(Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)
PLEASE I WOULD LIKE YOU TO GO DIRECT TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW TO CONTACT ME NOW..............................................................
I ask to anyone reading to pass on the word and be careful, in case you wish to confirm my statement you just have to check the activity of the said account… and you will notice what I mean. 

All for now, Frosty is out!
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Okay, so first post on this account... I should make some kind of introduction and so on, but screw it, just read the ID thing. XD 
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