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Under My Wing

By frostykat13
Rainbow Dash: Umm...whatcha doing under there, kiddo? I know I said I'd take you under my wing, but I didn't mean it literally...
Scootaloo: *blushes* ohhhh

Just some Sleepless in Ponyville (which happens to be my favorite episode in all of MLP FIM) cuteness!! Eat up the adorable Scootadash, everybody.

I really, really like these two together. Like, a LOT. Like, enough to even do a comic about them...hmm...

Time taken: 1h
Tools used: Promarkers, Copic sketch markers, white gel pen, Letraset Fine Liners, Pencil, eraser, hands

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um.. k lets see i love the idea, it makes sence and people i think would be happy to take the time and fav it. i have ALWAYS loved your work because you remind me of a very close friend.i like your style and think it original and i usally think that you do digital art and it ssurprises me it isnt in conclusion i love your (art all of it) and hope you carry on being a brony/pagasister artist. ( question; do you have a drawing tablet? if you dont i thik you sould get one)
P.S im really bad at spelling.
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Thanks for your critique!! And it's awesome that you've mistaken my art for digital :D About the drawing tablet, I would like to get one, but I don't think the ones that you draw onto and it appears on your screen would work for me. I would much rather get a Centiq, if you know what that is, because you draw right onto the screen like it's paper. Sadly, though, the Centiq I'd like to get is $999, and I can't afford that :/
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Which copic marker did you use for Scootaloo's mane?
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I actually used promarkers for her mane, and I used trick or treat, maroon, and peony :)
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Theese two are always adorable with each other. Looks so precious! And a comic bout them, hmmmm I shall wait and see the adoribleness come :3 

kinda had enough of the whole rainbow factory
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Who HASN'T had enough of rainbow factory lol
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      Clapping Pony Icon - ScootalooClapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash


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I love how Dashie calls her "squirt", it's just too adorable for words!
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Ooh a comic would be cool. This picture is cool too btw lol :)
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RD didn't know what she was getting into with this "big sister" thing. Fortunately she can wing it!
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Scootalove! Scootaloo don't give a crap that she didn't mean literally, she is just happy no matter what! So cute!
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Really cute! I love it. The coloring is my favorite part along the lighting :) 
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:iconrdeyeflutterplz:-"Shoosh Scoot,enjoy the feathers".
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