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Hey guys! 
Its Emojo here writing this. I had a few rules to go over for buying our adopts!
1. No gifting or re-selling (don't want it? Tell us and it will be back up to buy)
2. No tracing for your own adopts and DEFINITELY NO STEALING!!
3. No swearing if you didn't get it in an auction adoptable (We don't allow it)
4. Last rule, you can change the tiniest detail on what ever thing u buy but don't make it a big def from what they look like!
Thanks for reading and frosty and I will see you guys later! BYE PEACE OUT!

Hey every!! It's emojo here (cause frosty is making adopts >_<)
I wanted to let you all know that can u please TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS ACCOUNT!!
And buy our adoptable's >-< And I will give you a cookie
(in your dreams)...
ANYWHO I hope you guys have an awesome
time checking our page's!!