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Mysterious Mountains

Hope you like it! I am a dummy! 

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Tool: Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch 
Time: 6-7 hours
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Where to begin...
I'll start off with the positive.
One of the things that attract me to this artwork are the colors. It's an absolutely beautiful combination of colors, and the way they are merged is very harmonic. I really love the way they flow from greenish-turquoise to dark purple.
The distance is also well represented, with the way the layers of mountains are slowly fading into the light.
The amount of detail is well-thought out, there's not too much, and not too little. I really like the way you added some water splashes around.
The bridges are placed in very nicely, both in a very good position which doesn't disturb you from looking at the opening of the mountains, and elegantly blend with the surroundings.

There are lot more positive things to say about this picture, but since I don't want to spam you with a whole essay, I'll move onto the negative.
When I looked at this picture, the first thing I focused on was the opening in between the mountains, which is good, since the opening is well-brought out. But then I noticed the castle. If you look at the opening, there will be something in the corner of your eye, which you keep wanting to look at. It's a nice idea overall, but the way it is placed or where it is placed kinda disturbs the eye. And although I'm not exactly a professional at landscapes, but I think putting the castle on the other bank and making it more detailed and lit up would've been better since it would make two main points in the painting.

Overall, it's a very nice landscape, it has contrast, elegancy and a very nice representation of distance.
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Fantastic job,great colors and atmosphere!I think I've fainted. 
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MUST WATCH!! your art so awesome
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I love the colours so much
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Great use of contrast of the dark of the cliffs and the white of the river. The green adds a nice splash of colour.
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Great landscape!
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They are very...
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I love the dark colors of the mountains, and then you have the sky and stream with such contrasting colors... makes it seem really magical.
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Wonderful, I really like how the mountains in the background came out. 
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interesting misty atmosphere,cool work.
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Looks mighty fine!
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Wow! this reminds me of one of the first drawings i favorited many years ago....
full of detail! i wish i could travel to a place like this!
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This will make a sweet wallpaper :D
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Wow love your color scheme! It's so calming to look at, but it also feels like daner lurks somewhere in the shadows
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Beautiful work! The warm and cool colors are working nicely, the piece seems a little unnaturally tilted near the foreground. Otherwise its great!
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Thanks you, really appreciate!
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You are very welcome! :D
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Amazing, I love the colour choices which creates awesome depth. Well done continue the work.
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