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SWS The Titan's Curse

By frostwalkers
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SWS The Titan's Curse

2011 Thoroughbred Mare
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Detailed Profile
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General Information

Registered Name: SWS The Titan's Curse
Barn Name: Titan
Gender: Mare
Age: 7yrs
Breed: Thoroughbred
Height: 15.3hh

Barn: Racers - Stall 1
Owner: Adonis Firecaller
Trainer: Dustin Altham
Rider/Handler: Dustin Altham

Phenotype: Golden (failed) Bay (hidden splash) (blue eyes)
Genotype: Ee/Aa/nSpl

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Career Information

  • Discipline: Flat Racing
  • Status: Active
  • Show Record: 19: 10/3/3
  • Earnings: $6,356,500

3yr old Career

Twin Rivers Down September Meet Races (Reused Journal) - Maiden III - The Titan's First Race - Unjudged (Randomized 1st) -  $30,000
SC SFS - Entries+Results - Flat Racing - Wrath + Titan: Flat Race - 1st Place - $50,000
DarKest Dreams Stakes -  2nd Edition - The Titan's Last Race - 1st Place - $50,000
Total: $130,000

4yr old Career

JMR Spring Season Races - Scott County Ladies Run - Never Gonna Give In - 1st Place - $80,000
Spring Into Summer - Flat Racing - Spring Into Summer - Racing - Titan - 3rd Place - $37,500
Winter Season Races - Stone Creek Stakes - Entry Bomb - 1st Place - $60,000
Winter Season Races - Oceanside Cup - Entry Bomb - 1st Place - $80,000
TS Monthly Throwback Races (June) - TS Palos Verdes Handicap (G2) - Palos Verdes Handicap - 1st Place - $124,000
Total: $381,500

5yr old Career

2016 TS Pacific Classic - Pacific Classic - Edge of the World - 3rd Place  - $100,000
--> Time off - foaled SWS Calliope
Total: $100,000

6yr old Career

2017 TS Pacific Classic- Pacific Classic - Center of the Universe- 1st Place  - $600,000
TJC Prestige Races - August - Pacific Classic - Natural High - 2nd Place  - $200,000
2017 TS Breeders Cup Classic - Breeder's Cup Classic - And We Run - 3rd Place  - $500,000
Rising Star Farm's 2018 Summer Races - Open Turf Mile - Call Out My Name - 4th Place  - $50,000
Skyy Ridge Monthly Races - June - Pretty in Pastel Cup (G1) - Unstoppable - 1st Place  - $85,000
Skyy Ridge Monthly Races - June - Polka Dot Cup (G2) - Dawn of the Brave - 1st Place  - $90,000
Skyy Ridge Monthly Races - June - Sunflower Stakes (G3) - Dance with the Devil - 2nd Place  - $20,000
Skyy Ridge Monthly Races - Sept - Star Shopping Trophy (G1) - Setting Run - 1st Place  - $150,000
Rising Star Farm's 2018 Fall Festival - Open Dirt Mile - Redemption Run - 1st Place  - $50,000
Total: $1,745,000

7yr old Career

2019 TS Dubai World Cup - Dubai World Cup - Night Runner - 2nd Place  - $3,000,000
HRA Breeder's Cup 2019 - Longines Distaff G1 - FEVER - 1st Place  - $1,000,000
Total: $4,000,000
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Health & Breeding

Overall Health: Excellent
--- Est. Retirement: 22yrs
--- Est. Lifespan: 37yrs
Current Health:  Healthy

Previous Injuries: 
-- None of note

Breeding Status: :bulletgreen: OPEN
--- Restrictions: Purebred Thoroughbreds stallions ONLY. Any crossbreds/stock/warmbloods will be denied.
--- Price: 600:points:/$6 | 2 training images of a horse of my choice & fullbody breeding image

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Breeding Reservations:
( mate check | breeding picture | payment ) (( Bullet; Green = done, Bullet; White = not required, Bullet; Red = not done )) 
(( Bullet; Pink = filly, Bullet; Blue = colt/gelding, Bullet; Black = deceased ))
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Thoroughbred Society PC
- Total: 75pts
- Rank: World Class Blood

TOHRA Points
- Total: 94pts
- Rank: Premium

- Total: 224pts
- Rank: Intermediate

Mare Society
- Total: 104.5pts
- Rank: Superior

Jockey Club Points
- Total: 159.5pts
- Rank: Legend (Classic)

- Total: 484.5pts
- Rank: Divine Blood

Ringside Registry
- Total: 99 stats | 56.5xp
- Rank: Rookie

- Total: 176pts
- Rank: Champion

Refs: 1pt
Current Ref: +1pt [Look up]

Recreation: +2pts
Random Full-body: +1pt
Vet Inspection: +1pt

Headshots: +2pts
No Title: +0.5pts
Training Chibis 1: 1st row, 3rd image: +0.5
Prize 1: +0.5
[Racing] SWS The Titan's Curse +0.5

Training: ??pts
Training Chibis 1: 1st column [4 images]: +??pts
Training Chibis 2: 5 images: +??pts

Show Entries: 64pts
TIER Pretty Face Contest Entry: Unjudged: +2pts
HARPG's Next Top Horse Phase 1: Placed 27th: +2pts
HARPG's Next Top Horse Phase 2: Placed 27th: +2pts
HARPG's Next Top Horse Phase 3: Placed 27th: +2pts
Twin River Downs Season Opener: Maiden III Entry: Running: +2pts
SCS Summer Fun Show: Halter: 3rd Place: +3pts
SCS Summer Fun Show: Flat Racing: 1st Place: +5pts
DarKest Dreams Stakes: 2nd Edition: 1st Place: +5pts
Never Gonna Give In: 1st Place: +4pts
Spring Into Summer: Halter: 1st Place: +5pts
Spring Into Summer: Costume
: 1st Place: +5pts
Spring Into Summer: Mounted Archery
: 2nd Place: +4pts
Spring Into Summer: Reining
: 3rd Place: +3pts
Spring Into Summer: Flat Racing
: 3rd Place: +3pts
A Whole New World
: 3rd Place: +3pts

Reference: Horse Stock 06. by BillTokioHotel
Copyright notice by AngelLale87

Health generated using SVI Health Matrix by @/MistyofSunrise 
Some elements taken from BCS Official Profile Template Layout - free use! by @/ssomme

SWS The Titan's Curse - Old
[Racing] SWS The Titan's Curse by frostwalkers
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Id like a slot to her ^^
frostwalkers's avatar
Of course! :D Points, USD or art? :heart:
Acetoma's avatar
points :la:

She'll be bred to Hand Grenade ^^
frostwalkers's avatar
sure thing, sent whenever you're ready! I'll go ahead and mark you down :D
Acetoma's avatar
i just sent them i believe ^^
frostwalkers's avatar
yep, received! thank you! :D
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H-R-A Registered

#: HRA-TB-188
buckuroo's avatar
Has this girl got slots open by any chance? :)
frostwalkers's avatar
frostwalkers's avatar
That looks amazing! Thanks for adding Titan, and good luck in the show! :D
StoneGardenStables's avatar
Here's the colt's ref by the way. (:
Thank you again for letting me breed to her, this little guy is gonna be great. <3
StoneGardenStables's avatar
I would love to get a breeding to her!
frostwalkers's avatar
Of course! All I'll require is a full-body image of her :)
StoneGardenStables's avatar
Would a breeding image count or would you like it to be a separate image?
frostwalkers's avatar
That would count :meow:
StoneGardenStables's avatar
Awesome! I'd love to use Caterang8's Abyaz. (:
If both of you agree of course. (:
frostwalkers's avatar
That's fine with me! :)
Caterang8's avatar
Ah so this is the mare? :) very nice! Wow, that's gonna be a talented baby! 

You know my prices ;) once I've gotten the art I am more than willing to allow this breeding :) still ok for me to design it? 
StoneGardenStables's avatar
Yup! I have been on the hunt for the perfect mare haha! I'll get right to work on the art payment. (:
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