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Name: Sara Frostwalker
Nickname/s: Sara
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her


Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Relationship status: Single
Orientation: Lesbian
+ LOYAL || Sara will defend anything she believes is in the right at almost any cost.
+ HONEST || She has a thing against lying - it makes her very uncomfortable to lie so it's usually obvious when she is.
+ RELIABLE || You can count on her for anything! If she agrees to do something, there's no doubt that she'll get it done.

> PHYSICAL || Sara is very physical - she tends to go for hugs right off the bat.

- BLUNT || She speaks plainly - it can come off as rude, even if that's not her intention.
- HOT-TEMPERED || She's susceptible to taking things the wrong way, and her temper flares when she does.
- STUBBORN || It's incredibly hard to get her to change her mind once she's made her decision.

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> EARLY LIFE: Sara grew up in the chilly outskirts of Snowpoint City, initially dreaming to take over the gym just up the mountain. She would run around town pretending to be a pokemon trainer, much to the amusement of her parents. As she grew older, her time ended up shifting towards watching the Real pokemon trainers come and go from the gym, and enthusiastically asking about their pokemon. Unfortunately, her parents never truly embraced her dream to raise competitive pokemon. As the years passed, Sara eventually put her dream on the backburner as she finished her studies and moved away from home.

> YOUNG ADULTHOOD: At 20 Sara moved to a Rapidash stable just outside of Solaceon Town, doing the down and dirty work at the racing facility. After long shifts mucking stalls and cleaning the stables, she was able to start riding lessons and work on her own professional riding career on the side. Within a few years she'd begun climbing her way to the top, turning heads in competitions and working her way to being barn manager. Her dream of being a pokemon trainer began to resurface as the years went on, and for her 30th birthday she was able to take a trip to Wyndon in the Galar region to watch the championship battles. After that moment she was hooked, and began working her way towards joining any Pokemon League, eventually settling on the Issho region.

> UNREST: Upon sending her application to the Pokemon League in Issho, Sara was able to find a more local job managing a Rapidash training facility. Ever since the civil unrest began, she's been keeping her head down and not talking much if at all about her pending League app. She tends to spend most of her free time reading up on pokemon training, hoping to catch up on the years she missed out on gathering experience. When she isn't reading, she's curled up on the couch watching current and previous gym battles, especially the ones from Galar. While the rest of the region argues over pokemon training, Sara dreams about roaming the countryside with a team of her own.

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  • Hobbies: Three-day eventing with the Rapidash from her barn. Fire pony jump time >:3c , playing her guitar
  • Likes: Music, anything to do with horse pokemon, watching battles, making new friends
  • Dislikes: Spicy foods, wasting time, unreliable people
  • Fears: Most bugs, being underground

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Mature horse girl!! So cute

Excited to see her Pokémon misadventures

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thank you!! :D im super excited to get started! <3