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Minimal Status Icons

Hey :D
It's just a simple status icon pack i ported for Pidgin.
Goes pretty nice with Minimalistic themes.

To install it, just copy the tray and status folders to /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin (need root permissions) and restart Pidgin.

Please, Backup the original folders!

I hope someone like it.
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wonderful! looks great with AwesomeWM's minimalism ;)
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I absolutely hated my pidgin icons until i found this!
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The best Pidgin icons
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Love it! I'm trying to figure out how to use that NOVA theme, I got to change my theme once, but Now I can't figure out how to do it again.
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awesome work i love it :)
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Thanks :clap:
And what iconset you are using on desktop?
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greatest pidgin icons ever!!!!!!:D
Yeah, what is the name of the gtk-them and where can i find it?

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looks like nova:
find here
Nice! Already have downloaded the theme and I am still using it ;) But what I just noticed that you got a nice gtk theme too, what's the name of the theme?
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looks like nova:
find here
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nice work:)
by the way, what's the font's name?:)
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How did you make the message window look like that? Can you explain to me in steps, please?
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Great icons... Very nice and simple.
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I like your icons , so i :+fav: them :)

But all your icons are in a 16x16 size; in 22,32 & 48 folders too : it would be good to resize all this icons ;)

You say you have ported the pack to Pidgin , but which pack is it ? :P
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how you made this :d supertoo:d
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Just replacing the original Pidgin status images with the ones on the shot :)
Thank you for your work !
Gonna release something , that portal give me so lot ...

Thx one more time.
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You're welcome, and thank you!
I'm glad you like it.
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fits in super with my current setup.
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Thanks, i'm glad i can help :)
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