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Renders: Old Pre-SGW Archie Sonic Sally and Tails
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Published: August 5, 2016
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I had a hard time editing and making younger version of Sonic, Sally, and Tails from the Old Pre Universe.

1. Pre-SGW Classic Sonic,
This is when Sonic has brown eyes back in the old universe dark and goofy era of the Robotnik Wars. Sonic does not have the gold buckle on his shoes and the grey traction on the bottle of his shoes. A more Satam design to it.
Sonic in the old classic era of the Pre-SGW was a high speed hero, who loves chili dogs, a lot, and I mean a lot, does what he can to help out, and loves rock and roll music, which we all know.
In his old past, He can get angry very easy, which cause him to be more of an asshole to everyone, thinks he is right and everyone is wrong, I seen him pick fights with Knuckles more then his game counterpart, when Knuckles tries to find a way to save his island or trying to help, Sonic respond by punching Knuckles in the face like an asshole. Sonic was a real dick to everyone when he get angry or having a bad day. 
Back when the writers added drama in the comic to make it more real to the character.

2. Pre-SGW Sally Acorn
This version of Sally has long hair when Sonic was in space for a day.
When Mobius thought Sonic died, Robotnik, pretty much took over the whole planet, the heroes are too weak to stop Robotnik, like they lost the will to fight back, I thought Shadow would stop Robotnik, but no, Shadow let it happened, some hero you are Shadow fro the Pre-SGW universe. 
This Version of Sally that Slaps Sonic in the face and broke up with him, and leads to her allowed to date Monkey Khan. I don't like the moment, but Sally made it up with Sonic late on and you know how the story goes.

3. Pre-SGE Classic Tails
Not many picture of Satam Tails, the Young version of Tails, who is we all know Sonic, trusting sidekick, sadly in the old universe past, Sonic does leave him in the dust sometimes.
Tails has furry cheeks to give his the young cute look, and grey eyes, and no traction on his shoes.
He basically his old Satam design.

They art work belong to Tracey Yardley :iconyardley: 

Edited by me :iconfrostthehobidon:

Sonic, Sally, and Tails belongs to Sega and Archie (I know most of you say Sally doesn't belong to Sega, as long as she or the other related characters that are Sonic related, they are own by Sega in my book.)

I Do Not Own these characters, This are cut out images, These are edited renders, I hope you like them.

The orginal artist is right here :iconyardley:  he is a the one who made this art style. and they are own by Archie.
Check out the archie Sonic of Pages of where the renders are from:
1. Sonic's image from Archie Sonic comic 201 page 14
2. Sally's image from Sonic Universe comic 13 page 17
3. Tails's image from Archie Sonic comic 225 page 1

Sorry if you thing I'm stealing, but many people have made their own design on other characters, like spider-man or other characters, and for some reason Sonic characters from a comic are off limits, it's not far, and people are trying to blame me for this crap when many people has done it before.
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I just wish Sonic's old universe will be restored.
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Sadly Archie won't publish anymore comic of Sonic, We got a team called Sonic Legacy to continue the story.
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where i find this team Sonic Legacy to re-continue the Archie Sonic story?
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where do i find their story?
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
Mostly in their Archie Sonic Wiki 
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I'm gonna connect Archie with IDW sonic.
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well, the way I see it, It will go like this how Sonic's old universe restored:  Sonic and his friends and new friends (from IDW comics) reunite with the freedom fighters and sonic came across Mobian Pokemon. first ones ones were Rachael the Pikachu and her big sister Rita the Raichu. They and their friends were upset that their families and friends from the old universe don't exist in the new universe They remember what happen before the Genesis waves and about it. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles vowed to try to restore the old universe. Nichole warns them it has to be done with putting changes from the new universe in the old. Cause it has people in the new universe that never existed in the old universe: Namely, Dulcy's Shijin Warriors. And resorting the old universe directly means resorting the old universe without putting good changes of the new universe in the old, and if the old universe is restored like that, then the new universe people will be erased from existence. She also mentioned that sally's still roboticized in the old universe. Later on Eggman activates his old robots; Grounder, Coconuts, Scratch and Decoe and Bocoe from Sonic X. Eggman's Metal series found Emerl (From Sonic X) and brought him back to Eggman using portals. (Not Genesis portals) Eggman actives Emerl and tells him all about his (Emerl's) defeat from Cream. Emerl became furious and wanted revenge and a rematch with Cream. Eggman found a humble old man who joins him and his name really was Humble Old Man (H.O.M for short).

Later, Sonic finds out Shadow has a mobian family and was taken to earth. And one of Shadow's brothers; Al was missing. Later on, Eggman got a Chaos Emerald and found a Timestone. He sends Emerl to fight Cream as a reward for serving him well as he plans to use the Timestone to alter Time. H.O.M. has other ideas. It turns out, he was using Eggman and reveld that he's Mac the Trollhog. Leader of the Trollhogs. He team shows up and attack. Mac plans to restore the Old universe. Bunnie overheard and she and Rotor try to stop him. Rotor chastises Mac cause that's a direct way to restore the old universe. Bunnie ask Mac what about the New universe mobians, but Mac dosen't care as long as the old universe is back. Back with Sonic, he reunited with his mom; Queen aleena, his brother and sister; Manic and Sonia. Emerl crashes the party. Demanding for the rabbit that defeated him, not mentioning Cream's name, Sonic remembers Emerl from his time at Station Square. And so does Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Vanilla and Rouge. The Chaotix, Tangle, Sally, the freedom fighters, Rachel, Rita, Blaze, Silver, Tempest the Dolphin, Whisper and Omega are not familiar with a Gizoid that's not gray, and Shadow thinks Emerl is just a fancy one, not know it's actually his long lost brother Al roboticized into a Gizoid. Emerl makes his way searching for Cream but Sonic and friends interfere. Emerls gets taken down by Knuckles but Emerl spindashes him. Gemerl arives and Emerl sees him as a knockoff and a faker and easily smashes him to the face, disableing him. Tails was upset that this and shoots Emerl with his laser arm cannon. But Emerl copies that and uses it against Tails. Knuckels heals Tails (Like he did in Nazo unleashed) Emerl saw this. And they continued the fight. after some beting, Emerl is down but use the blue Timestone to derobotcies himself as Al. Shadow's other brother; Dopplegango saw that Emerl is Al. Shadow then regonized his brother and lets sonic know about it. But Sonic still calls him Emerl. Cream then runs up the roof of the building to give Sonic the Chaos Emeralds but before Sonic uses them to turn into Super Sonic, Al saw Cream and took the change to shoot Cream. Everyone else was shocked and terrified. Even Shadow is horrified as to what his brother has done to the weakest of Sonic's friends. Al continued to fight Cream leaving everyone else behind. Blaze was saddened and angered at the same time and attack Al but Al used Cream as a Shield. Sonic bashes Al and Knuckles heals Cream but Al Spin Attacks him and injures Cream again only worse. As Knuckles atempt to heal again once more, Al uses Chaos Disable to prevent it. Knuckles' abilit to heal has been disable for 2 weeks. Al made it worse as he wounded Cream with a poison laser and hit cheese as well. And the Chaotix and Vanilla saw and Vanilla was crying her eyes out for her daughter getting hurt very badly. Al goes he won his fight with Cream. Meanwhile, Mac uses Chaos Control using the Chaos Emerald and the Time Stone to make a Chaos Wave, restoring the old universe. Bunnie and Rotor try to stop him but it was too late. The Chaos Wave started spreading. The Trolls and Eggman and his robots weren't effected cause nothing was changed of them from the Genesis waves. However, changes in the New universe on people are going away after the Chaos wave covered them. Some take aways were minor (Antoine's looks along with Dulcy's and Uncle Chuck's dog's) more took away helpful things, (Rotor's strength and Big's ability to do a spindash) others were not good at all. (King Acorn's health and Sally is gong to turn back into Mech Sally. Soon.) As Sonic and Blaze morn for Cream and Cheese, and when Knuckles, Vector along with Blaze ready to rip Al limb from limb, the Chaos Wave cover their location as well. Even Sally was effected. Turning back to Mecha Sally. But as Mecha Sally about to attack. Tonic the Trollhog bashes her and everyone on the roof else but Al, Cream and Cheese. only Amy was still contious. Tonic put Mecha Sally in a roboticizing chamber and deroboticize her and Larry (In Extreme Coco form) grabs Amy and take her away. Leaving Al to withness the chaos that's insuing without what was in the new universe now that the Old universe is back 100%.

Later, Sonic wakes up in bed at Castle Acorn. Sally informs him that 6 miniutes had past and they have to restore the New universe before its too late. Sonic is more concern about Cream and Cheese's fate. Sally said she's fine, but the Chaos Emeralds are not enough to heal them of the poison, and without Knuckles healing ability from the Master Emerald, they eventually die. Nichole estimates that the poison will kill Cream and Cheese in 8 days. Sally Racheal introduces Sally and Sonic to John the Barbarian Hedgechidna, and his friend, Vicious the Cyreasian Echidna, his wife, Emily, his sibs Irene and Malicious. Vicious mention to Rachael that she has his mom's name. Vic tells them that Mac and his trolls are behind this and tricked Eggman and about his time with the Trolls afterward, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, Rouge, the Chaotix, Whisper and Tangle wake up and they want to know where did Al go. Dopplegango told them that he tried to confount with Al to know if it was him. Al wanted non of it but gives Dopp (Dopplegango) the Time stone for boosts for power. Silver ask Sonic for Emerl attack Cream, Tails thinks its due to his humiliating defeat from her during Sonic X. Dulcy flies on the outside of the castle as her oldself with her Shijin Warriors. And Sally, Nichole and Vicious informed them the trolls did this and about the trolls. And that they have to just the Timestone and chaos Emerald from Mac to reverse the Chaos Wave. Just then one of the Shijin Warriors; Jian the Tiger, then Tangle start glowing blue. Nicole points out that their life-forced have been disrupted. Their starting to die. Because the Shijin warriors, Tangle, Tempest and Whisper never existed in the old universe, their life forces are being on the line. Nichole point out to everyone that everyone from the new universe's life forces have been disrupted. But Rachel and Rita are fine. Cause they existed in the old universe. Soon, Whisper, the rest of the Shijin Warriors got the glow and panic. Nichole say the freedom got 9 days to retrieve the Time Stone and Chaos Emerald and restores the New universe before the new universe people dies into oblivion. Sonic says that will die before the new universe people. Sonic, Sally, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Racheal and Dopplegango, will go to Angel Island where Eggman's ship is to find Mac and get the Timestone and Chaos Emerald, Blaze will come to find Al, Vicious as tag along as well cause he has a score to settle with Mac, and John will stay to gather the new universe people to check their condition with help from Irene and Malicious and Emily. Tangle will come two to show her conducion with her life force on the line. Sonic Asks Knuckles about healing Cream. Knuckles says that that ability is disabled and only the Master Emerald can undo the disabling. Nicole state the disabling will last in 2 weeks. Sonic chastised her estimation cause Cream would be dead by then. Sally reminds him that more peoples lives are on the line. Sonic notices Amy's missing. Dopp pointed out that Tonic and Larry kidnapped her. So They head off.

Meanwhile in the hidden palace zone, Al teleports in and ecountered Mac. The conamder troll dosen;t reconizes him so he tries to kills him but Al dodges and make it to Eggman. Al was furrious at Eggman on what's happening to the universe. Eggman stats that he wanted to use the Timestone for something else. He did not expect Mac to betray him and steal his robots. Eggman is making a robot based on Troll power: Metal Tonic. Later, the gain made to Angel Island only to crash thanks to Skull the Trollhog. and the Dopp and Vicious fight him and Soda the Ugly Trollhog. later at night. the gain camp out, untill All shows up. Sonic and Blaze wants answers especially about cream. But it's not relevant to the situation. Vic mentious that "H.O.M" is actually Mac the Trollhog and so on. Later the next day, Al teleports in the hidden palace zone with food for Eggman. Eggman says that Metal Tonic is almost done. later, Eggman emerges and unleashes Metal Tonic. The Metal series based on Tonic. But since Metal Tonic IS based on Tonic, Tonic high-jacks him. And Mac also robotitices Eggman and Amy into Robot Eggman and Mecha Amy. Decoe and Bocoe and Cubot and Orbot were scared at htis point but Coconuts is angered and throws a coconut at Mac. But Mac caught it and Skull corrupts Decoe, Bocoe, Orbot and Cubot into Decool, Bocruel, Squardroid and Spherdroid. And then corrupts Coconuts, Scratch, Grounder and Bokkun into Bananas, Slash, Digger and Bokill. When Sonic and gain and Al reached hidden pallace zone, and the fight begins. Sonic saw Mecha Amy and Robot Eggman who attacks them.The thought of Cream dying with Amy roboticized and other people from the new universe dying along with Tangle and Whisper causes Sonic to lose it and turn into Dark Sonic. He couldn't take out the trolls but, Metal Tonic is wrecked thanks to Shadow for finishing the job. Mac has one more surprice:  Using Mega Man crossover, using the Maverik's designs, he creates a robot called Volt Vulpix. Tangle was felling worse and the gain was no match for Volt Vulpix. Mac made her well. Sonic has to use the Timestone to turn into Full Power Sonic and attack. And Knuckles says he has one shot. So Full power Sonic is going to use Chaos Blast and Knuckles warns him that his body can't handle using that move. Full power sonic says to brings him ro the master emerald then uses Chaos Blast, sending the trolls out and putting his lifeforms on the line.

They carry Sonic to the shrine of the master emerald and places him onto it, healing him. Sonic comes around. And sally got the Time Stone and the Chaos Emerald. Sally states they better hurry and restore the new universe. Knuckles has another plan. He prays to the master emerald the put the new universe people in existence. But will need all 7 Time Stones. Dopp showed the Time Stone Al gave him. And Vicious shows he had 3 more and Racheal show she has the other 2. At first, Sonic, Shadow, Blaze and Knuckles were peave but Sonic says nevermind and wants to go with Knuckles' plan as long as it keeps the New universe people alive and Racheal's friends and family from the old universe in existences. And it does. Knuckles gains energy from the master emerald to undo the disabling of his healing power. everyone headed back to Castle Acorn and everyone stopped glowing and their life forces are fine. Along with Tangle's. Knuckles then heals Cream and Cheese. Blaze points to Al that he has explaining to do about wounding and poisoning Cream, but Al is gone. He never came with them on their way to Castle Acorn. Sonic hopes to find a deroboticizer to deroboticize Amy. Meanwhile. Al deroboticizes Eggman and he is mad. But he dosen't remember anying about H.O.M or the trolls although he does have an urgre to smash things the took like normal trolls. and eggman's robots are un-corrupted.

Later on, he planned to have Cream Roboticised and this is after the freedom fighter deroboticied Amy who is wailing that Mac turn her against Sonic. feeling that it was worse then she was Rose Woman. Anyway, Eggman hides around Cream's House. Vector was on guard for when Al tries to strike Cream again. Blaze thinks its a good idea. But that was when Metal Sonic grabs her and has her roboticesed into Mecha Blaze. and Sonic defeats her and Metal Sonic and Doppegango morphs into Mega Man armor (Mega Dopplegango) and copies her powers and it deroboticized her. Sonic thinks Eggman roboticized his friends that weren't roboticized (excluding being roboticized masters). Those are Ray, Mighty, Silver, Tempest, Dulcy, Rotor, Bunnie, Antoine, Rouge, Honey the Cat, Mina Mongoose, Tangle and Whisper. one by one, Sonic and Mega Dopp deafeated them and deroboticized them. durring their battles, Eggman was calling Al about the Chaos Emeralds and Vanilla secpects Eggman's near, during Sonic and Dopp's battle with Mecha Honey and Mecha Mina, Eggman fears Al won't be able to deliver him the chaos emeralds in time for another weapon, and Vanilla catches him red handed. Before she could tell Vector, Eggman beats her up and roboticized her into Vanilla Woman (Roboticized master). Cream was looking her mom and she saw her getting beatened by Eggman. she runs to Vector crying and tells him about Eggman hurt her mom. Vector more angered that then Al hurt Cream, he activates the lock down Tails installed. Only freedom fighters, their Friends and families can move around freely. Eggman was busted, while his first robot master body is ready but need power from the chaos emeralds to be activated. Al teleport in and gives Eggman the chaos emeralds. As sonic and Dopp deroboticized all the Sonic's friends, Eggman got Vector, Cream and Tails cornered and demands Gemerl with the new actived mobian robot master Tail Woman. Cream tries to attack Tail Woman but got hit by her. Knowing that it's not werhed losing his future daughter, Vector surrender Gemerl. Tails was shocked. but goes along. Eggman wants Cream outside at the back yard. Cream and cheese went outside and got attacked by metal Tails and Metal Amy who take her away to the egg carrier and eggman mentions that Vector dosen't have to worry about Cream not that she's in his custity. Vector gets physical with eggman by grabbing him, saying that he'll turn Cream against him. along with Gemerl and Vanilla. Tail Woman puts a stop to this. As sonic fights Al as t distraction for Eggman to Steal Gemerl, and Cream's house explodes and Al gives the concordnance to Eggman's new base and teleports away. later, everyone was safe. Although Tails and Vector are in danger mentally. Sonic and them comfurst the two. and Tails says that if Gemerl is offline Sonic has to drag him back to take Eggman's coding out. But is Gemerl is online Sonic has to ether disable or destroy Gemerl. Sonic says if he desroys Gemerl, Tails can't afford to repair him. Tails says it will hurt losing Gemerl for good will hurt, but it's better then everyone seeing gemerl a evil robot. Vector mentions's that Cream is going to be roboticized and pleads to Sonic to save her before that happens. So sonic and Shadow and Dopplegango use Chaos Control to an island that's eggman's base where Al waits.

Before they fight Shadow tells Dopp not to help, and Sonic calls Al out on all the bad things he did. and put wounding Cream the worse. And shadow mentions all the helpful things he did. Sonic ask what does Al want. Al asnwer it was out of revenge of Cream. as they fight afterwards, Sonic and Shadow won. Al wants Shadow to end him, but Shadow brings out and hand in freindship. Which his brother refuses. Shadow asked why. Al is a matched fight, and the only reason Shadow won is cause he has family support. Al says "This is who I am." he opens a patch to Eggman's base and teleports away. Sonic, Dopp and Shadow journey onward till they faced Tail woman, after defeating her and dopp copies her weapon "Tail attack", they come across Gemerl, as they fight, Cream (In a roboticizing chamber) chasizes Eggman for sending Al to fight her. Eggman states Al wanted to do that himself. And he plans not only to robotiziced Cream but to have her own mother to roboticize her. As Vanilla pulled the lever, Cream and cheese crying that her mother left her. And she got roboticized while crying her eyes out as she got turned into Cream Woman. Then Eggman sends the 3 at Sonic, Shadow and Dopp. after defeating Cream Woman, Vanilla Woman and Cheese Man and Mega Dopplegango copies Cream Woman's Chaos Bomb, Cheese Man's Chaos Attack and Vanilla's Carrot Missile, Sonic morns for Cream, Cheese and Vanilla when they got deroboticized. sonicloses it and yells while turning into Dark Sonic and they reach Eggman. Dark Sonic yells he'll never forgive Eggman of turn creamand her familty against them. After defeating Eggman, Dark Sonic bashes him never to roboticize Cream or mom or her chao again or it will be Eggman's last.

After carrying Cream, Cheese and Vanilla to Castle Acorn, Cream, Cheese and Vanilla said sorry about going rouge robots and started crying. sonic assures them it's not their fault. Eggman roboticized them.

The end.
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Very nice story dude 
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LogiTeekaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I picture the brown/fluffy-cheeked Tails seen in SatAM as more of a younger form that steadily changed as he matured, gradually loosing his darker kit fur and becoming his more brighter-colored self from the games.

At least, that's my headcanon.
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supersonicman9003Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*A brown anthropomorphic mouse with black hair, brown eyes, a black nose, a green and white shirt, bright blue jeans, along with black and white shoes walks up shyly up to the Freedom Fighter trio that is indeed Sonic, Tails, and Sally. At which point, the mouse then bows down formally before Sally, respecting her royal authority.*

Tristian: :aww: ...A-Ah, why best salutations, you three... You three must certainly be THE Freedom Fighters, c-correct? Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, a-and... Ms. Sally Acorn... Such a rather gifted honor to be of your presence, y-your highness... :blushes: *gently takes one of Sally's hands in his hands, softly kissing her hand in a gallant manner*

(^^ Like I have seen that you indeed are quite fond of role-plays myself, with this for example being one of those instances:… So perhaps may do our first one together, my good man? :)

Also, by the way, perhaps do you just so happen to remember my OC, Tristian Mouse? Here's how he looks like to give you a refresher, just in case you don't remember:

Request|Tristian the Mouse by Vex2001

Anyways, neat unique way of grouping up these three together, as well as them looking not too shabby in this art style either. :nod: Now while it's not everyday where I usually see Sonic with brown eyes, Tails on the other hand I gotta say looks pretty decent enough with his design there, giving me Satam vibes and whatnot. :giggle: In fact though, I actually do recall Sally in this design style before and I also must say that I genuinely forgot how lovely she looks with longer hair, y'know? :love:)
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thank you, and yes I remember you OC nice design :D
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supersonicman9003Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Anyways, neat unique way of grouping up these three together, as well as them looking not too shabby in this art style either. Nod Now while it's not everyday where I usually see Sonic with brown eyes, Tails on the other hand I gotta say looks pretty decent enough with his design there, giving me Satam vibes and whatnot. Giggle In fact though, I actually do recall Sally in this design style before and I also must say that I genuinely forgot how lovely she looks with longer hair, y'know? LoveWould you agree, Frost?
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supersonicman9003Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're most certainly welcome, and thanks for the kind words, Frost! :hug:
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