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Kisekae: Linda Skylark (Young adult) by FrostTheHobidon Kisekae: Linda Skylark (Young adult) :iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 9 0
Mobius Bio: Other Freedom Fighters

The Downunda Freedom Fighters is a group of Freedom Fighters from the continent of Downunda that banded together to resist Dr. Ivo Robotnik's invasion of Mobius. They have on some occasions fought alongside the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Upon Robotnik's death, Dr. Eggman's rise to power and declaration of war between the Kingdom of Knothole and Eggman Empire, the Downunda Freedom Fighters are currently fighting alongside the Kingdom to defeat Eggman.

Walt Wallabee (leader)
Species: Wallaby
Gender: Male
BoomerangmanshipLeadership skillsBasic combatPersonality:
Walt is typically very friendly and sensible and is trusted by his teammates as the leader of the Downunda Freedom Fighters. His authority over his team was usurped when Sonic came to Downunda while they were looking for Bill, causing Walt and Sonic to bicker through the whole mission.
He's pretty tough o
:iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 13 4
Anna Full Power: Rage Mode by FrostTheHobidon Anna Full Power: Rage Mode :iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 37 48 Elite 9 members: Mary and Pluto Revealed by FrostTheHobidon Elite 9 members: Mary and Pluto Revealed :iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 11 12 OC: Pluto the Zeti Bull by FrostTheHobidon OC: Pluto the Zeti Bull :iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 11 10 OC Bio: Mary the Goat by FrostTheHobidon OC Bio: Mary the Goat :iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 14 10 Art trade: SPATON37 by FrostTheHobidon Art trade: SPATON37 :iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 25 16 Com Zahir678 by FrostTheHobidon Com Zahir678 :iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 26 16 Sonic Adventure: Part 2 pg 13 by FrostTheHobidon Sonic Adventure: Part 2 pg 13 :iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 31 33 Com: Sasori and Lee by FrostTheHobidon Com: Sasori and Lee :iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 19 21 Kisekae: MK Raiden Elder God of Thunder (Hero) by FrostTheHobidon Kisekae: MK Raiden Elder God of Thunder (Hero) :iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 25 31
Mobius Bio: Vanilla the Rabbit

Vanilla the Rabbit is a mobian rabbit and Cream the Rabbit's mother. She and her daughter came under attack by Snively Robotnik when he thought he'd found a mystical energy source under their home. Vanilla sent out a distress signal and she and her daughter were saved by Amy Rose, but their home was destroyed in the process and they then went to live in New Mobotropolis.
Full Name: Vanilla the Rabbit
Michelle Ruff(English)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Weights:  Unknown
Height: 130 cm or 4' 3' ft
Fur: Princeton orange, cream, white
Eyes: Cinnamon-brown
Skin: Peach
BirthPlace: Mobius
New Mobotropolist (New Home)
Species: Rabbit
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Favorite Food: Ice cream
Mobius Cream, Cheese, and her friends.PeaceMobius RosieMobius NicoleMobius Amy
Dr. RobotnikViolance 
:iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 19 7
Sega Bio: Vanilla the Rabbit

Vanilla the Rabbit (ヴァニラ・ザ・ラビット Vanira za Rabitto?) is an anthropomorphic rabbit and the respected mother of Cream the Rabbit. Vanilla lives in a small cottage close to Night Carnival with her daughter, Cheese, and G-merl. Vanilla is a skilled homemaker, who has taught her daughter polite manners under her kind, but strict discipline. Together with her daughter, their Chao, and Gemerl, she lives in Mobotropolis on Westside Island.
Full Name: Vanilla the Rabbit
Michelle Ruff or Cindy Robinson (English)
Sayaka Aoki (Japenese)
Age: Unknown (I'm guessing around 24 or 25)
Gender: Female
Weights:  Unknown
Height: 130 cm or 4' 3' ft
Fur: Princeton orange, cream, white
Eyes: Cinnamon-brown
Skin: Peach
BirthPlace: Cream's House in Sonic's World
Species: Rabbit
Alignment: Good
:iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 23 6
Mobius Bio: Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao

"I'm so terribly sorry! That was so rude of me! "- Cream the Rabbit
Cream the Rabbit is a young mobian rabbit who originally lived with her mother, Vanilla, in the Southern Baronies. She enjoyed the company of the Chao that lives near her home until their Chao Garden got the attention of Snively Robotnik who came to claim it. After her home was destroyed, Amy Rose insisted on both Cream and Vanilla relocating to New Mobotropolis and Cream agreed to come along, feeling she had got a life-long friend in Amy. It did not take long for Cream to show her heroic side, and soon became a member of the Team Freedom, so that she could do her part to protect her new home and it's people. Cream is constantly accompanied by one of the Chao, whom she has given a red bowtie and the name Cheese.
Full Name: Cream the Rabbit
Sarah Wulfeck
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Weights:  12 kg or 26.4 lb
:iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 18 3
Sega Bio: Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao

"A friend of a friend is always a friend!" - Cream the Rabbit (Sonic Rush)
"I'd be ashamed to hide during a battle! Well, to hide too much I mean!" - Cream the Rabbit
Cream the Rabbit (クリーム・ザ・ラビット Kurīmu za Rabitto?) is an anthropomorphic rabbit and the daughter of Vanilla the Rabbit. She is a friend of the Chao,[4] especially to her dear Chao friend Cheese, who she takes with her everywhere. Originally living an idyllic life with her family, Cream had a chance encounter with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends when the evil Dr. Eggman entered her world, and soon began joining them on their adventures. She is able to achieve flight by flapping her large ears.
Cream is very polite, well-mannered and pure, though she can be childish and naïve. She is full of curiosity and tries her best in everything she does. Though young, she is not afraid to stand up for herself a
:iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 19 3
Sega/X Bio: Bokkun

Bokkun (ボックン?), designated Messenger Robo (メッセンジャーロボ Messenjā Robo?), is employed by Dr. Eggman to send messages to Sonic that come in the form of explosive TVs just like his Sonic X Universe counterpart. Int he Sega Universe for their Eggman has used him to send messages to his enemy about his plan to take over the world but over time (During the Black Doom arch and Rivals 2) he was deactivated by Dr. Eggman until Maria the Hedgehog activated him and reprogramed to be a helping companion for her.
Name: Bokkun
Messenger RoboFlying RobotRobo ChaoLittle Helper (Maria)
Creator: Dr. Eggman
Andrew Rannells or Kate Higgins (English)Yumiko Kobayashi (Japanese)
Age: 6
Gender: None (referred to as a Male)
Weights:  20 kg or 43 lbs
Height: 50 cm or 1' 8" ft
Eyes: Greenish-Yell
:iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 14 16
Team Chaotix TOGETHER!!!

Freedom Fighters FOREVER!!!!


Sally Acorn Redesign by XaviorTheLycan Sally Acorn Redesign :iconxaviorthelycan:XaviorTheLycan 23 1 Not My Underdog Reboot by mewmewspike Not My Underdog Reboot :iconmewmewspike:mewmewspike 17 16
Comic List / Lista de Comics
• If there are two links for a comic, the one on the left is in ENGLISH / While the one on the right is in SPANISH.
• If there's only one link, either that comic is textless or it's only available in english/spanish because it contains jokes that would be lost in translation.
• The little labels at the end of the links show what setting/characters are in that particular comic. For more details on settings, please refer to this guide (coming soon).
• Si un cómic tiene dos links, el de la izquierda es la versión en INGLÉS / Mientras que el de la derecha está en ESPAÑOL.
• Si solo hay un link, es porque el cómic no lleva texto o porque no hay forma forma de que los chistes no se pierdan en la traducción.
• Las pequeñas etiquetas al final de los links muestran el tipo de escenario en el que el cómic está basado. Para más detalles sobre es
:iconkaleidoskopic:Kaleidoskopic 3 1
YCH #16 (SFW Version) Outfit 1 by CaptRicoSakara
Mature content
YCH #16 (SFW Version) Outfit 1 :iconcaptricosakara:CaptRicoSakara 34 2
Ace Acorney: Nicole Ellidy by JoeAdok Ace Acorney: Nicole Ellidy :iconjoeadok:JoeAdok 92 6 Ace Acorney: Sally McAcorn by JoeAdok Ace Acorney: Sally McAcorn :iconjoeadok:JoeAdok 91 2
IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Zombot Apocalypse
News reporter: (on TV) It appears that Dr. Eggman has returned and is using a new substance, called a "Metal Virus" to turn people into mechanical monsters, called "Zombots". Sonic had been infected by a Zombot and has to stay on the move to keep his infection in check. More to this, Windmill Village was the first place to be poured on from Eggman's "Faceship" by the Metal Virus and the second place to be invaded by Zombots was Seaside City, where the Chaotix live. Sadly, Charmy Bee, one of Sonic's closest allies, fell victim to the virus. And Vector and Espio are now mourning the loss of their friend. And as it turns out, Sonic and his friends are the only ones left to stop Dr. Eggman, destroy his flagship and put an end to the Metal Virus, once and for all. Now for some questions: Will Sonic the Hedgehog ever turn into a Zombot? Will there ever be a cure for the Zombots? Who else will fall victim to the Metal Virus? More of this story, as it develops.
:iconhritz123:Hritz123 2 0
Gadgets Repair TV Ad by Inkit89 Gadgets Repair TV Ad :iconinkit89:Inkit89 84 3 Sisterly Bonding by Inkit89 Sisterly Bonding :iconinkit89:Inkit89 136 9 Johnny Be Good Minerva Editon by Inkit89 Johnny Be Good Minerva Editon :iconinkit89:Inkit89 100 4 I Can Quit Anytime Edtion by Inkit89 I Can Quit Anytime Edtion :iconinkit89:Inkit89 113 2 Margaret The Doll: Part 6 (Final) by zephros542
Mature content
Margaret The Doll: Part 6 (Final) :iconzephros542:zephros542 26 27
School girl by NeroScottKennedy School girl :iconneroscottkennedy:NeroScottKennedy 51 6 Amity Pinup by zephros542
Mature content
Amity Pinup :iconzephros542:zephros542 15 3
Bonnie's Pinup by InoueNinja94Kisekae
Mature content
Bonnie's Pinup :iconinoueninja94kisekae:InoueNinja94Kisekae 14 4
Contest Entry 1- #3 Cosmo Karting by Mel-Sky Contest Entry 1- #3 Cosmo Karting :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 57 33
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Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world, they look after you and support you to the end, and they will forever love you.

God bless you all

Happy Mother S Day 2018 By Frostthehobidon Dcbaihj by FrostTheHobidon

This image of Frost with his Mother Queen Lana the Hobidon

Have an amazing job


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Cane Jackson / CRJ
United States
I am a big sonic fan and I like to draw my fan art all the time, I'm kind, nice, and I always show respect to others.

Current Residence: ?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 32
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: all
Favourite photographer: all
Favourite style of art: sonic and anime
Operating System: Don't know for sure
MP3 player of choice: all
Shell of choice: ?
Wallpaper of choice: sonic, sports, dcs, marvel, and anime,
Skin of choice: can't tell
Favourite cartoon character: sonic the hedgehog, goku, dcs and marvel
Personal Quote: Have a great day

Frost the Hobidon #5276



Frost Commission Update
Commission are open, If you have a Commission you like for me to draw for you.

I work on Sonic OCs and MLP OCs, If you have any Ocs you want me to draw I will be happy to do so.

You will have to pay for this if you want your Commission, one commission at a time.

You will pay with PayPal, I will send you my email to pay on Paypal if you have a Paypal account.

Link to my PayPal to Pay up:


Sonic Oc's: $20.00

MLP Oc's: $20.00

Your fan Ocs: $25.00

Other Media: $25.00

Mature: $50.00

I know it's pricey, but I'm doing to in order to go to conventions, you will get to see me there. In return, you will get a drawing for it.

What Series should I Draw for an Art Series 

40 deviants said X Chemical Series: Draw Frost with a female OC and Other Series Girls
33 deviants said Cute Thing Series: Draw Anna hug anyone she finds Cute
11 deviants said ENM Series: Draw Jimmy in the most embarrassing moments


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