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Full-Body Animal Commisions
Full-Body Animal characters such as OC's, Fanart, Line art, Avatars, ect.

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I love it! And I mean it! I hope everyone who visits my page, loves the deviations in here! And thank you to every deviant who put their time and effort into making these!!!

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FT Happy Stamp by Fannochka My Favorite Anime Animal Character: Happy
Fairy tail stampx3 natsu by HavickArt Natsu Dragneel; according to quizzes I'm the gender-bend of Natsu!

Hi guys, I am pretty new to DA, so don't expect amazing drawings, I hope you like them though!!! If you do, that's great!!!
HEY GUYS!: You can call me Frost, Frostie, or whatever you like! It's your choice!
Thank you!!!

BTW: French language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy If you think about it you know some random words in this language, too: 1) Sushi, 2) Karate, 3) Sudoku, 4) Anime (:3) 5) Teriyaki 6) Karaoke, 7) Sayanara (Comment if you know anymore!!! :3)


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25 Watchers! Thank you!
Wow! 25 Watchers! When I first started on Deviant Art I never thought I'd get this far! I mean, I have only been on here for 4 months! That's more than 6 watchers per month! Anyway, I started making this when I received 24 watchers and I thought it would be stuck in my folder for a long time before I submitted it, but I just finished it this morning! This is my Fursona, Frostie! So one thing all of you guys should know about me is that I love Misnomers! I named her Frostie because their is fire spurting out of her paws, tail, and ears like that in the picture!
Anyway, hope all of you guys love this! Thank you again!!!
Line art by: Cocoroll
Cat Adoptable! OPEN
Hey, Guys!!! I need some time just to lay back and relax, cause my stress is really taking a toll on my personal life! So I'm making some adoptables!
Credit for MoonyDrawz! Thank you for making this!
1) You can only change the name of this adoptable!
2) You MUST credit me!
3) You MUST pay for this! 
4)If you draw this, please send me a link in the comments!
    Thank you! Hope you enjoy it!!!

OPEN~ 15 Points
Name: River
Gender: Female
Skills: Flight, Great eye-sight, Quick-pawed
Personality: Sweet, Devoted, Strong, Tom-Boy, Stubborn

Hope you like her!!! BTW, this is my 100th Deviation!!!Celebrate 
Warrior Cat Adoptables! #2 OPEN
Hey, Guys! These are the first adoptables I've ever made, so I hope you like them! Line-art by Asticou,…
1) You ARE allowed to change the gender, clan, rank, and name, but if you draw it you have to make it recognizable!
2) You MUST pay for these adoptables! They are not yours to use until after your purchase!
3) Please send me a pic of your drawing in the comments below and if you post it on your page please credit me!
Thank you!!!

1) CLOSED~ 10 Points

2) OPEN~ 10 Points
Name: Specklesplash
Gender: Female
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Deputy
Skills: Inciteful, Quick, Great Hunter
Personality: Strict, Brave, Smart

Hope you like them! Thanks!!! 
Stanza #1: "Go away,
I need to get you outta my mind!
I don't want to think of you
You're just a distraction,
I wished you would go away!
Why do you bother me
By never talking with me?
I wish you knew
How I felt,
And I wish
You felt the same.
But I know that will never happen."

STA #2: "You're just a boy.
I don't know why,
But you distract me.
If you only knew how much
You're hurting me,
Things could be better.
I always think
About how I can get you
To notice me.
You'll never like me in that way,
Cause I'm not pretty,
I'm not athletic and popular
Like the other girls.
But why can't I get 
You out of my mind."

STA #3: "I wish you'd talk to me.
I wish you knew the pain I am in
So you could comfort me.
I'm alone
And forgotten.
You probably think
I'm not worth the trouble.
Well, you're right.
Why like me?
I just wish is wasn't you,
But don't take it personally.
Because I wish is was no one."
HAPPY Halloween!
Hey, Guys!!! This is Happy from the anime Fairy Tail! Halloween Art Contest hosted by jadexmidnightlover!!! Thank you Jadie for hosting this! Btw, this is I planning on being for Halloween!
Stanza #1: "I lay in bed
My heart thumping
And sweat running down.
I try to ignore it
But I know that I will never
Be able to show it.
But isn't it obvious?
Don't I seem different?
It's cause of this mask I wear,
That I wish would finally
Fall off."

STA #2: "I don't blame you!
I just wonder why
You can't see the obvious.
But it's okay.
It's okay.
I'm used to it by now.
So don't worry!
It's not your fault."

STA #3: "You see me smile,
But you can't see the sadness.
You hear me laugh,
But you can't hear my cries
Of pain.
I know I'm not alone,
So if you're like me
And you're out there,
Will you answer my cries?
I can comfort you.
You can comfort me.
And we could both
Have a shoulder
To lean on."
Chapter Four: Resistance

    I wake up. I don't remember ever going to sleep. I head is laying on something although I do not feel like I am laying down. I open my eyes and the world is on its side. I lift my head and I find that I am still in the place I was last night. Sitting down. I look to my right and see Ryan. Staring straight at me. He's smiling and I can see he's about to burst out laughing. I feel my face red hot with embarrassment.
    "It's alright," He somehow gets out of his mouth. His voice was shaky, but I know it isn't just from laughing. 
    "Are you alright?" I ask, glad to change the subject, "Are you cold?"
    "Yeah, but I'm fine," He replies, getting up with effort, "We have to get going."
    "Going where?" I ask, getting up along with him.
  "Luke came here for a reason," He points out, "He probably wants to take us somewhere safe. Er… that's what it sounded like."
  "I'll wake him up," I walk over to where Luke is snoring and shake his shoulder.
   He sits straight up and looks at me. Then he looks over at Ryan. He stands up and walks over to the door without a word. He opens it and leaves. For a while I just stare at the door that is slowly closing. Ryan is getting up angrily. He looks over my way.
    "Come on!" He shouts gesturing with his hand. He adds running out of the door "He's getting away!"
   I follow him out of the door and broke into a run. I split with Ryan and ran to the right down a old trail. 
Rainfall (WC OC)
This is Rainfall! Hope you guys like him!!!
Hey, Guys, Check out where I made this!…
Here are some things about him:

Name: Rainfall    Gender: Tom    Clan: IceClan    Rank: Warrior (New)

Parents: Poppyleaf, Flamefoot    Siblings: Snowfoot, Kestrelfeather
Kestrelfeather (WC OC)
Okay I'm done with doing big introductions! This is Kestrelfeather! Hope you like him!
Check out where I made this!…
Here are some things about him:

Name: Kestrelfeather    Gender: Tom    Clan: IceClan    Rank: Warrior (New)

Parents: Poppyleaf, Flamefoot    Siblings: Snowfoot, Rainfall
Stanza #1: "I hate this.
I know you're there,
Watching me.
Every step I make
Is crucial to our relationship
Which I want so badly.
You make me do things
I don't wanna do,
And you don't even know
What I'm going through.
If you found out
I'm sure you wouldn't care.
It have to be you?
I like you
But I wish I didn't.
I wish I could control it.

Stanza #2: "I hate this.
My life has changed.
I try everyday 
Just to impress you,
But it never works,
And you never seem to notice me
I wish I was a pretty girl.
I wish I was a popular girl.
I wish I was someone
You could like
The same way I like you.
But you ignore me.
So I'll change.
If only you knew
What you meant
To me,
Maybe life could be different
For the both of us.
I hate that I like you,
But I can't change it now.
Part One: A Change

Chapter One: Curiosity

    I used to look in the mirror too long. Those moments were not out of vain, but curiosity. Have you ever noticed that you can recognize others faces, but yours is unfamiliar to your brain. I always wondered if anyone else had this problem. I was always curious. Of course, curiosity can make you sad. Thinking about what you would see if you had no eyes to see. Not just being blind, but having no eyes. Because if you have no eyes to see, then what would you see? You wouldn't see darkness, so what is it that you would see? I also always wonder, what if my mother's miscarriage was born instead of me? What would he be like? Would life be different for the friends I have made, the enemies I have made, for the lives I have left in ruin? I already know my brother's name, even though I have never met him and my parents never named him. But I know. His name is Peter. I always wonder about the people I haven't met, the parts of the world I have not seen, and all the imaginations, thoughts, suffering, and emotions stirring around the world. Sometimes I ask God in my prayers if he can send all these to me, and see what would happen to me, then I think better of it because if I had all these even for a moment, I am sure I would parish. But, then, this thought brings me to deeper thoughts, as I stare at my reflection in the mirror. Why was I given the body I am living in now, the soul that shows who I am, and the mind that harvests the thoughts that I have brewing in my head at this moment? Why was I put on this world, with these beliefs? With these friends? These enemies? This family? Then some unspoken question hits me like a knife impaling my heart. What if I'm not real? How am I able to tell the difference between life and death? How do I know that I have not lived a life different from this one? What if... I am living in a life lies?

    I snap out of my trance and smile at my own reflection in the mirror. I know I was just thinking something, but it flashed through my mind so fast that I have already forgotten it. I ignore it with a nonchalant wave of my hand and go back to getting ready for school. My dark brown hair was untidy from sleep and my brown eyes were full of that morning tiredness. I picked up the hair-brush in front of me and easily smooth my hair. I quickly get into my school uniform. I open the door of my room and step out into the carpeted hallway. My little brother, Michael, is sitting at the top of the stairs with my dog, Max. I move pass Michael and run down the stairs. My mom and my older brother's heads pop up from a conversation when I came into the room. I wonder what they were talking about, but, although my curiosity was telling me otherwise, I did not press in.
    I walked into the kitchen and made myself some maple and brown sugar oatmeal. My favorite kind. It was already 7'O clock. We usually leave at 7:20. I laze around until we finally leave. I walk out of the door with my backpack and my lunchbox. 
    We get to the school twenty minuets later and it's already 7:58. Somehow. If I don't speed up I won't get to class in time. I push through the front doors and rush down the stairs to my classroom. I step right into the classroom and I hear the morning bell ring. I set my stuff down on my desk and begin unpacking. Brynn, one of my good friends and the girl who sits next to me in homeroom, walks up to me and greets me.
    "Hey, Abby," She waves. She's much shorter than me so I must look down to talk to her, "How's life?"
    "Fine," I reply as I continue to unpack, "Kinda boring."
    I finish unpacking and I sit down. The teacher, Mrs. Sherry, begins to walk around the room.
    "Planners out, so I may check them," She announces gently, "Oh, and morning announcers should head upstairs."
    I watch as the announcers head upstairs, but for some reason I didn't hear the announcements. I am sitting at my desk and the announcers were back down here. My books are out. Now I'm lined up for History class. I'm sitting at my desk in History. I'm leaving the religion room, but I'm so overwhelmed that I drop my books. I fall to the floor. Everyone looks at me. No one helps. I here the bell. Everyone continues to move, as if nothing happened. I pick up my books and get up. I walk out of the room. I feel the sweat on my head. My friend, Anna, walks up to me.
    "Are you okay, Abby?" She asked, "Something weird just happened to me. I was in first period and then I was lining up for second period and now I'm here."
    "That happened to me, too," I looked at her, hoping to find answers in her also questioning eyes, "Something weird is happening. When I fell, everyone just looked at me, then looked away."
    It's afternoon. I'm in my homeroom packing up. I walk out of the room with my backpack, and when I line up against the wall Thomas, a boy from the other homeroom, walks up to me. 
    "Something weird happened to me today," He looked at me, his face only read confusion, but I already knew what he was gonna say.
    "Yeah, the same thing happened to me," I looked over at him, "Something weird is going on and I'm gonna find out what that is."

Poppyleaf (WC OC)
The great hunter, Poppyleaf! Poppyleaf is the mother of three kits and my third made IceClan OC!
Check out where I made this!…
Here are some things about her:

Name: Poppyleaf    Gender: She-cat    Clan: IceClan    Rank: Warrior

Parents: Unknown    Siblings: Sweetfang
Flamefoot (WC OC)
The notorious father of three, Flamefoot! My second made OC for IceClan! I have made more and they will be coming out soon!
Check out where I made this!…
Here are some things about him:

Name: Flamefoot    Gender: Tom    Clan: IceClan    Rank: Warrior

Parents: Froststar, Unknown    Siblings: N/A
"I'm sorry.
I know you'd never like me,
But at least I try
To make you notice me.
I tried to run the fastest,
But instead,
I came out dead last.
I tried to hide my face
So you couldn't see me.
I wish I could be like the others.
Those are the girls you like.
I'm just on the side
trying to fit in.
But I let you down,
And I know you'll never notice me."
Chapter Three: Difference

    He pulls me up. I'm dizzy, and I fall down easily. He picks me up. At least he is still as fast as ever. I look around. The ceiling is high and made of metal. The floor is made of the same, judging by the loud noises made by Ryan's fast foot-steps. I see bodies. They are still alive, but they are lying down in glass incased beds. Tubes are wired through them and they look as if they're being controlled by something. At that moment I spot her. My best friend. Lying still in one of the beds. Anna.
    "She's fine," Ryan assures me, "She has nothing to do with this."
    "Stop!" The voice is unfamiliar, but Ryan obeys, "What are you doing?
    Ryan drops me. I look at the man. He is holding a gun towards Ryan. Ryan is sitting on the ground in front of me. 
   "If you're gonna kill one of us, kill me," His voice is shaking. His hand slowly moves to his back pocket, "She's valuable. You can find another one of me."
   "What are you planning, Collins?" The man asks, "I know you would never sacrifice yourself for a girl like this one. Remember last time. That boy was killed because of you."
    Ryan gets up screaming. He shoves his gun up to the man's forehead. I catch a glimpse of his face. A tear streaked down his face and he is red with anger. The man surrenders and falls to the ground. 
    "Don't move," He turned to me, "Come on."
   I manage to get up, and he takes my hand. He pushes through the door. He is obviously still angry.
    He turns to me, "We need to get as far away from here as we can. It's not safe here."
    I look around at this new world. The dirt underneath my feet is barren, cracked, and grey. For the first time I realize how cold it is. The ground is frozen and the sun provides the only warmth. I see trees and mountains in the distance. From the sloping land I realize I am on a hill. Broken stairs lead down to a destroyed road that looks like part of a parking lot. The building that I just emerged looks like it was built off the remains of an old church. An old, rusted plague lays on the ground and I can just make out the words:
    Saint Andrew's Church  Roanoke Historic Landmark
    My eyes widen. I look to my left. There lies the school that I was just stretching at what feels like a few hours ago. The school is ruined and the walls are falling apart. Ryan follows my eyes.
   "When I was put in as a Sim-Cam six years ago," He begins, "I was surprised at how much your world looked like this one. Your world was the first one created though. That was before the creative minds kicked in."
    "What happened?" I ask when he turns to look at me.
    "I'll explain later," He smiled, "We have to get away from here before the sun rises."
    He takes my hand, and we run. Down a hill, through the streets, up a hill, and into the trees. I don't know how long we ran, but we are in the woods now and the sun has risen. I look at Ryan and I notice the drowsiness in his eyes.
    He notices me looking at him and say, "You should rest, you've been up all night."
    "No it's fine, you can get rest first," I smile at him, "I'm not that tired."
    That was a lie, but he agreed easily. We find a place to stay in a broken down house. He lays down and almost immediately falls asleep. I sit down on the cold hard round and wonder how tired he must be to fall asleep here. I look down at him and see drool dripping from his open mouth. I suppress a laugh. 
    "What's wrong?" He sat straight upright.
    "N-nothing!" I begin to blush. I was waving my hands frantically.
    "What?" He's beginning to smile slyly, "What were doing Abby?"
    "Nothing!" I pushed back a little, "Go back to sleep. If I get in trouble, I can handle myself."
    "Sure thing," His is serious again, "But wake me up if you're in trouble."
    He fell back asleep as quickly as before. I smiled. But it faded immediately as I remembered I was in a ruined world. My friends still controlled under the machines. My only friend now is Ryan, and I barely even know him. What will happen now? How much of the world is like this? Who was the boy that man mentioned?
    I look up as I see someone opening the door. I grab Ryan's gun and hold it up as the person walks in. The figure is hooded. In its belt is a knife and a pistol like the one I am holding up now. The person lifts its hand in the air. With one hand it takes off its hood. It's a boy. 
    "What are you doing here?" I ask lifting the gun to his head, "Who are you?" My voice is raising.
    Ryan popped up. Without hesitation he gets up and starts towards me and the boy. He takes the gun from my hand and pins the boy against the wall. He holds the gun against the boy's head. The boy takes it with a smile.    
    "Who are you?" Ryan interrogates.
  "I'm the one to save your lives," The boy replies, "You're obviously runaways. We've haven't had those in decades or so I've heard. So you can lower your gun. I swear, if I do anything out of place you can shoot me."
    Ryan does as he says. He backs away and that's when I get a clear view of the boy. He only looks a few years older than me. He blonde hair like Ryan's. He's lean and muscular. His brown eyes are welcoming and his bright smile is kind.
    "Luke," He sticks his hand out to shake mine.
    I avoid it, "Abigail."
    "Ryan," Ryan turns away. 
    "If you need sleep, better get some," I say to Luke, sitting down "I don't need it."
    "If you're sure," He replies and without waiting for me to agree, he curls down on the cold stones.
    "I got this," Ryan says, "I'm not tired anymore."
    "No I got it," I say getting up, "I couldn't sleep if I tried."
    He looks at me with sympathy, "I'll stay up with you."
    We both sit down. Side by side. 
    And I am able to hide my smile.
Snowfoot (WC OC)
My first created IceClan cat, Snowfoot! I created this by accident, but when I saw the cool pattern I decided to make a new OC!
Check out where I made this!…
Here are some things about her:

Name: Snowfoot    Gender: She-cat    Clan: IceClan    Rank: Warrior (New)

Parents: Poppyleaf, Flamefoot    Siblings: Kestrelfeather, Rainfall 
Go check out Feathermist328 raffle! HOORAY!!! And Good luck!!!
Moonfur (WC OC)
The honorable and the last of the tri-clan triplets, Moonfur! Originally Moonfur was in ThunderClan but I decided to make her a WindClan cat instead!
Check out where I made this!…
Some things about her:

Name: Moonfur    Gender: She-cat    Clan: WindClan (Former), StarClan (Resident)    Rank: Warrior

Parents: Unknown    Siblings: Ashstar, Shadowstar     
1) Pick one or more of your OCs
2) Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC
3) Tag 3 people at the end of the quiz |D


1) What's your name?
2) Do you know why you were named that?
"Frick no! Bella is a name too girly for me!
I wish I had some different name!"
3) Are you single or taken?
"I guess I'm taken"
4) Have any abilities or powers?
"Yeah. I use Ice and Fire Magic."
5) Stop being a Mary-sue.
"What gives you the rite to say that to me?"
6) Uh... if you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think
"I would destroy!"
 7) Riiiight... Have any family members?
"Yeah, I guess. My mom died, my father died,
and my sister isn't really my sister.
Does that count?"
8) Oh? How about pets?
"Yeah. His name is Inferno. He's a blue, talking dog with wings."
9) Cool, I guess. Tell me something that you don't like.
"People who think I'm weak."
10) Something that you do like?
11) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
12) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
"Yeah! But never as much as people have hurt me."
13) Ever...killed anyone before?
"Oh... Uh... Yeah. That was an accident."
14) What kind of animal are you?
"Oh shoot! Was this an interview for animals?"
15) Your worst habits
"Killing people"
16) Do you look up to anyone at all?
*Scoffs*"No! Everyone should be looking up to me!
Except for Gildarts."
17) Gay, straight, or bi?
"Straight. "
18) Do you go to school?
*Scoffs*"No! I'm too old for school!
I feel bad for those little kids I see having to go to school."
19) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
"I'm getting married in the winter. And, yeah,
I guess I want kids."
20) Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
"Totally! Too many to count!"
21) What are you most afraid of?
"I'm not afraid of anything! Except for that one time...
when I fought Gildarts." *Gulps*
22) What colour is your hair?
23) Eyes?
"Green. What's with these questions?"
24) What do you usually wear?
"T-shirt and jeans, and that charm my mother gave me." 
25) What's your religion?
26) Well, it's still not over.
27) Anyways, where do you live?
"Magnolia. No specifics."
28) What class are you? (Low class, middle class, high class)?
"Middleclass but I do have trouble with money sometimes."
29) How many friends do you have?
"Everyone I've ever met has wanted to be friends with me,
and I'm friends with anyone who wants to be friends.
Unless they're crazy."
30) If you could change anything about you, what would you change?
"I need to be stronger!"
31) What are your thoughts on pie?
"Why? do you have pie? If have pie you better give it to me
before things get ugly!"
32) Alright. What's your favourite food?
"Anything and Everything!"
33) Favourite drink?
"I'll go for water."
34) What is your favourite place?
"The guild hall."
35) Least favourite?
"Where I grew up. It's destroyed now, but I hate it still."
36) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
"Yes! Desperately!" 
37) Well, it's over.



dumpling by Apofiss dumpling :iconapofiss:Apofiss 16,348 1,507 bronto dino by Apofiss bronto dino :iconapofiss:Apofiss 11,435 523 mini dino by Apofiss mini dino :iconapofiss:Apofiss 16,322 1,018 sweet nightmare by Apofiss sweet nightmare :iconapofiss:Apofiss 13,472 601 feed me or else... by Apofiss feed me or else... :iconapofiss:Apofiss 15,427 1,087 orion by Apofiss orion :iconapofiss:Apofiss 17,451 762 Saber Lily by wlop Saber Lily :iconwlop:wlop 17,947 420 summer is like a pancake by Apofiss summer is like a pancake :iconapofiss:Apofiss 6,231 172


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