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Good morning everyone, Frost here. If you guys happened to be looking through my gallery, you might happen to notice that a lot of art pieces that I used to have are not there anymore, including old comics that I'm not updating anymore. Well, to put it lightly, I decided to remove a lot of my old art from my gallery in order to clean things up around my gallery and have my pieces reflect more on some of the current work that I have been doing as of lately. I've also been thinking about placing up some of my drawings here, whether they be rough sketches or finished pieces because I think it would be great to try something new... though, personally, I'm not really so sure.

I was also thinking that for the time being, while I try to straighten some things out in real life, I would put points commissions on hold for the time being. I hope you guys are okay with that because right now, I am really trying to find some kind on motivation that can get me thinking creatively again so I can create more amazing pieces for you guys. Because with the last few deviations, I put a lot of hard work into it... but it feels like no one's really paying attention.

So let me know what you guys think of this. I really appreciate you guys supporting me and also my work, and hopefully you can help me find the inspiration to get back to creating again. But for now... well, I think I will not be doing anything for a while if this art slump that I have keeps on happening. And I know that I really just don't want to end it so soon. I mean... I've been here for nearly seven years and made a lot of friends along the way. I just really hope that I can get some kind of spark for inspiration. Because creativity to me is like a burning flame... I don't want it to go out just yet.
Hey guys, Frost here. Last week, I was able to finish up what I had to do for the remainder of my classes in the Spring Semester and I have a bit of a break before the Fall begins. So for the time being, I can hopefully be able to make a few more art pieces and try to refresh my skills with Photoshop and spriting. Have a great summer!
Hey guys... Frost here and once again, I'm not dead. It's just that with school winding down, I still have a lot of things to do before I'll be done. But one of the things I made sure to do was clean up a bit of my page. Removing some old outdated information that wasn't entirely necessary since some of the stuff that I did not need lingering around.

Anyways, once school is done (and I have the motivation to do art again), I'll try to make some things for you. But for now, wish me luck. I got final projects coming very soon and I'll need all the luck I can get.
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and have a happy new year as well!
Hey everyone. Frost here with a quick update. Before you ask, I'm not dead... I've just been busy with a lot of stuff on my end since I'm still looking for a job and going back to school. On the plus side, I have been working on part four for the 'Nitro Vs. Frost' comic I am doing and after showing what I have so far to jameswolf100 himself, he likes what I have in store and I hope you guys do as well.

Without further ado though, happy halloween/Nightmare Night!
I find out from :iconaquadragonic: that some jackass ONCE AGAIN is using my characters and calling them his. Here's the message

Alright Brother I gotta tell you this Somebody stolen your oc and own as there own here the youtuber name and g+…
Looks at his videos Your Oc has been used as his own…
Here his g+
Given that this is the second time this has happened, I'm really beginning to think I should take down my sheets and have someone please submit notes in the future so that way this sh*t doesn't happen because I'm sick and fed up about it. Please report this guy and take him down please.
Hey guys, Frost here with a quick update. I've been working on two things that I want to put up here as soon as I finish them. One is of another sketch that I turned into a drawing, similar to that of my last piece, but as a way to test art styles since it's an adaptation from a character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (And one I really want to get someday). Secondly, I'm working on a small mini-comic that may be split up into multiple parts and was... actually inspired by a comment on one of my previous deviations. So please look forward to that.

See ya around...

Oh and Comic con was fun again this year... Now I'm off.
Hey guys, Frost here... So I know that I haven't had the chance to put up a blog lately or create any new art pieces to show you guys, but I really have been up to my neck with schoolwork over the last couple of months. Now though, since that I finally graduated out of community college, I hopefully can get back to making some new pieces for you guys... and hopefully, if I'm not distracted, I could try some new things to show you. But for now, I'm just glad to say that I hope I didn't miss out on anything too big and I can't wait to show some more creativity soon.

Also, on a side note, I have been playing some games on my Tablet like Fire Emblem: Heroes, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Brave Frontier. If you would like my friend codes for those games, just let me know and I can provide them for you.

See ya around!
Hey guys, Frost here. Normally, I would try to get some kind of deviation up for Halloween, but since I've been working too hard for my classes and also some other things I have going on in life, things have been kind of slow. So yeah, instead you get this journal. Happy Halloween guys and have fun!


Hey guys, Frost here. Given that school is starting back up and with how hectic my summer has been, I haven't had the chance to work on art as much as I would want to recently. But with the fact that I only need to go to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays now, I thought I would get the chance to FINALLY do some work. Which brings me to one of the topics that I wanted to first touch on.

I'm out of DA points. So basically, on here, I'm broke... Which brings me straight into another topic (bear with me here). I'm making changes to how I do points commissions. Some of the offering I used to have for you guys will no longer be there, but I will also have some new things for you guys to provide a wider variety of my services. Also, there will be some price changes to go along with this as well. I may even consider doing hand drawn commissions, but my skill in that is limited and may also cost more than anything else here. Keep in mind that this whole new system is a work in progress and I'll make changes as I go along and add new things you can commission for as well.

So without further ado, here's what I have for you.

Current offerings:

Sprite Request (New character) (Kirby, dragon, LSW and Sonic) 5 points a pose.
Ex: Drake Dragon Commish by FrostRaven32

Small SpriteSheet (6-12 poses) 15-20 points (depending on difficulty).
Ex: Ephah Gift by FrostRaven32

Revamps: 20 points each. It you need me to do more than one character, that means 20 a piece

Costumes: 30 points each (Must provide a reference)
Some of Frost's Cosplay by FrostRaven32

Weapon Rotations:
Small rotate: 10 points
Ex: Andrey Request by FrostRaven32
Medium: 20 Points
Ex: Zeo Commish by FrostRaven32
full rotate: 30 points
Ex: ZackFire Commish by FrostRaven32

Picture: 20-30 points (Depending on several factors, including if you already have a character you need me to use and what kind of effects) Winter Storm by FrostRaven32


1.) I will not do any Adult rated content... PERIOD. Especially not NSFW work.

2.) Please be patient with me. I'm balancing life, school work, writing in my spare time and family so I may need some time to do your commission properly and not rush it.

3.) If you have a reference to a particular character that you want for me to do, please make sure to provide it.

4.) I will be taking commissions in sets of three. Meaning that I will be doing commissions three people at a time. This is so that way I cannot take on too many things at once and mess up with my work. I want to put quality into my art and impress you guys, so I rather not screw things up by taking on too many people's requests at once.

5.) Lastly, and I am mentioning this because it has been mistaken before, the weapon rotation commissions are for a weapon that you already have and need at different angles. It is not creating a weapon from scratch.

Wait List:

Now then, I hope this will be successful and that you guys find this to be quite useful. I will make updates to this journal over time, so please keep an eye on it once in a while.

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a good day.

P.S. Asking for a commission is Not going to have you end up like this. Trust me on that...

I'm considering on learning how to do custom moves for Frost, but I'm looking for something that can help me get it right the first time. Any good ideas guys?
Hey everyone, Frost here. First off, before I get into this journal, I would like to thank all the people that responded and helped me stop the OC thief on Google Plus! It makes me feel great to see that all of you guys have my back. Now though, comes the fun part. Last week, I was very lucky enough in order to be able to get the opportunity to go to San Diego Comic Con 2016 for all four days as well as preview night. I was able to get a lot of stuff; including prints for my room, this awesome shirt, this amazing Chibi figurine, a poster for my door on One Punch Man, some funny buttons and a lot more. But the part that really made this year memorable was that I was able to meet one of my favorite artists that is also an inspiration of mine.


That's right... The same guy that does artwork for the MLP fancomic Adapting to Night. He was a very nice guy and also enjoyed one of the sketches I did on Melody Song, otherwise known as Vinyl Scratch.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So in total, this year was a COMPLETE blast. I was even able to attend a couple of the panels this year (Sadly not MLP :C. Maybe next year...) and saw some cool costumes. Now to return back to the infinite cycle we call life.
-Frost out


Thanks to :iconaquadragonic: , I now know that some jackass on Google Plus stole Frost and my OC! Help me out please!!
Yup, just as the title says, I'll be hitting the road tomorrow to go up to Los Angeles to AnimeExpo 2016. Hopefully I'll get the chance to get some stuff, have some fun with friends and try out some of the game demos that are on the show floor. KOG games, the guys behind Elsword, are also going to be there so I can't wait to go see what they have in store. Until then...

Stay classy
-Frost out
Sorry I haven't been posting a lot of work as of recently. I've been EXTREMELY busy with College, schoolwork, and the small things I get to do from time to time. But hopefully though, I can be able to post some more work for you guys soon since I am trying to do some new things with both sprites, comics and storytelling.

Hopefully, I can post something for you guys soon to make up for the slack.
Tis the season! See all of you in the new year!!

Why does this new fighter remind me of Blanka? Anyone want to help?
Sorry for not being online as much or submitting any work. School was kicking my butt left and right. Now that I'm a small break though, I can probably get back to the more important things...... Art and stories xD.

See you around

Oh and I've been playing a lot of League of Legends recently. Wanna find me? I play on NA servers and my Summoner name is FrostRayven. See you on the fields of justice
Now that school is done, I got more time to work on other things. Like art and also stories. Speaking of which, here's a place to read some of the stories I have on FIMfiction.


Some of the Stories you'll find are stories following the Displaced theme. Four of them to be specific. Displaced means ending up in Equestria because of obtaining a said Item and gaining the respected abilities of the character or item that represents them.

Story 1: Swords, Sorcery and Shenanigans
Story 2: Of Magic and Machines (Sequel to Swords, Sorcery and Shenanigans)
Story 3: When Lightning Strikes...
Story 4: The Flames of a Phoenix

Check it out if you guys want. As for me, it's time for some Elsword Grinding

Loved the First game and now that Vergil, Kazuya, Strider Hiryu and Haseo are showing up... Sh*t just got real. Anyways, how's your Tuesday this morning?