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Welcome to the Oasis by FrostRaven32 Welcome to the Oasis by FrostRaven32
So... after seeing Ready Player One one day before the official release, it lead to me coming up with this idea. Since I have been working on a standard design for Raven in the Ultimate LSW sprite style by :iconqsab101: I decided to start by coming up with the main character design as well as putting him in the X1 Suit that allows for players in the Oasis to fully immerse themselves in the game. As for his character, I decided to stick with Frost for it, but some of the tools and artifacts that he has are based on references to pop culture as well. Here are a few:

Player's pin (Classification- Artifact): A special tool that allows for him to read the thoughts of other users around him.
Hyomonto (Classification- Weapon): An blade that was carved directly out of solid ice, but the blade is actually made out of crystalline ice magic. Can be swung through open air to send ice shards at opponents or attacking opponents directly with this weapon causes them to begin to freeze.
Blackbird (Classification- Vehicle): A motorcycle that comes from a world in the Oasis where duels occur at high speeds. The Blackbird has a mode for ground travel, but also has flight capabilities if the driver happens to be thrown off course.

That's just a small tease for some more things I have in store. Including the look of Raven's revamped LSW look. But here's a challenge I want to see you guys undertake... I want to see your own version of your characters in the Oasis. It's your choice, but I think it can be the beginning of something fun.

Credits to everything shown
Raven and Frost belong to me
Credits again to :iconqsab101: for the ULSW sprite style. Check him out guys.

I hope to get some more things done soon so I can make some more art for you guys. But until then, happy Easter!
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FrostRaven32 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I'm glad you like it. And thanks for the fave
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