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Day 1: Today is my 6th birthday. My Sister, Kayla gave me this journal as a gift and told me that you can write whatever you want in it. She also told me that she wouldn't peek in it and that it's my own to keep. I think Lady Chrysallis is Okay with this, even though she has her "Rules"

Day 6: Not a very good day. Today, some of the other changelings gave me some weird looks and harsh remarks. Instead of fighting back though, I tried what some of the older members of the hive did and just didn't pay attention. To my surprise, it actually worked. I asked Chrysallis, wondering what the others would be teasing me for, and she told me because I'm "Different." What the hay does that even mean?

Day 18: Today marks the beginning of Chrysallis's lessons. Since we were changelings after all. she wanted us to practice changing into other creatures. Afterwards, she judged our looks and had the top shifters in the class try to look like her. Kayla was one of the top 3 and she did a great job from my view of the show, even though she got second place. The queen then told us that we'll be doing some outdoor exercises probably in a month's time. I wonder what Life's like outside the hive.

Day 54: It's been awhile since I last wrote so I thought it would be a good way to "Relax" as the citizens of Canterlot called it. yeah, i was actually able to go to Canterlot. Lady Chrysallis wanted us to test out our transformation abilities by using disguises. for me, barely anypony in canterlot noticed me, so I used this chance to look around. Since I was disguised as a Pegasus, I used my Flight to peek through windows. When I did, I saw what looked like a classroom where 3 stallions we're grading a filly on something. Wasn't sure what it was, but she passed. If the unicorns here can do magic, than can us changelings do the same?

Day 108: I've been looking around the hive, trying to find what the ponies call a "library." I asked the queen and she told me it's location, but that it was off limits for those around my age. She didn't give a explanation for the reason why thought, which makes me wonder if she's hiding anything. Who cares though, I'll just sneak into it at night and find out for myself when the time is right.

Day 381: Wow... It's been some time since I've last written in here. Many things have happened since I last wrote in here. One of those things is that I'm practicing Magic, (Even though it's breaking the Queens rules) Specifically fire and shadow. I hope i don't get caught as well as have these burns on my front hooves go away.

Day 572: Today had a bit of a weird start. When I woke up, what I thought was sunlight was actually the light of the moon. It was like that for a couple of hours until a light came from what looked like the ruins of an old tower and then 5 minutes later, morning came. Did I just wake up too early or was it something else?

Day 603: Fall... That's what I learned while sneaking around Ponyville today. It's one of the four seasons of the year that happens every three months. Personally, I only like it because fire has the same color as the leaves this time of year. Maybe Kayla will like what I learned today.

Day 715: What is wrong with my body? For the next few days, Chrysallis threw us into the Everfree forest with the challenge of surviving for 20 full days. 20 days?! That's like going to hell and back (Please excuse my Language.) Anyways, that's not the weird thing though. While I was making a fire for heat, a bear was attracted by the smoke and attacked me. In return, I held it down with my Shadow magic, but when I touched it's head, the body began to shake violently and decomposed. It was like my body was absorbing the bears! When it was done, the bear was no more. Did I really kill another Living thing? What made my body able to do this?

Day 735: It's already been 20 days and I'm not only glad but confused. I'm glad that I survived, but I'm confused about some dreams I had during those 20 days. They involve a city not from here, two ponies that went to that world to investigate and one of them getting infected by a two legged creature called a "Human." I only heard three names. The Ponies names were Omega Blade and Songbird. The human however, it's name kept ringing in my head like a bell... James Heller. Who... or what... is he?

Day 900: It happened again. I had another dream about that Heller guy (I think it's a male). Just that this time it was different. Unlike the previous dream, this one was shorter. One part contained him fighting another human he only addressed as "Mercer." Anger was in his voice as they squared off, there limbs near there heads turning into weapons. The struggle lasted a while until Heller disarmed his "weapons" and absorbed him. The other part showed Heller with what looked like his daughter and another female (I think. I can't really tell one type from another.) They looked over the ruined city as the sun rose and the woman asked "What do we do now?" Then, the dream ended and I woke up. Is what I saw real? Can my Front hooves... or any limb for that matter be used as a weapon? Does Chrysallis know? Am I just a tool to her?

Day 1103: Trying to keep the mutations from not being seen is kind of hard, but I can handle it. Chrysallis though, Thinks I'm hiding something. Earlier, I had to lie to her when she asked if I'm doing anything suspicious. Anyways, I figured out how to not only Mutate my front hooves into weapons, but take on the form of living things I consume. I should practice it constantly with my magic.

Day 1261: For some reason, everyone was weird today. When I mean weird, I mean the opposite of what they usually act like. The only two people that we're acting normal we're myself and my sister. Taking the chance, I worked on my transformations and Magic skills. However, I got a bit of a wierd visitor today. He was like a combinations of different animal parts with some weird looking eyes. He tried distracting me, but I just ignored him. Then he tried touching the top of my head, but was surprised when whatever he was trying to do didn't work. He not only looked so mis...placed, but he also looked Insane. When I came back, everyone was back to normal. I was going to ask the queen about who that one... thing was, but I decided not to.

Day 1354: Obsession... What is that? I read about it in a book now that Chrysallis has approved of me going in the archives ( What the swarm call a library). The Book mentioned that word and the definition of how it was a craze for something. Then again, the queens been acting a bit strange. She always keeps talking about this "Candence" when she's in her quarters and about a plan where she can finally obtain her own kingdom. Her own kingdom? Isn't the Hive her own kingdom? The book also says that obsession can reveal one's true character. what will it show about Chrysallis?

Day 1441: Chrysallis the Conqueror. That's what it sounded like when she revealed her plans to invade Canterlot. But the queen really shocked us all with not only her commanders, but the Pony (Yes I said pony.) that joined the swarm that's her "Ace in the Hole." His name is Prince Thorn, son of Princess Luna. Chrysallis said he joined by choice, but I could tell he was forced. I could see the fear in his eyes through the tough guy disguise he was doing. Chrysallis commandeers might have an Impact as well. Amshel is always persistent and can easily persuade people to get what she wants and Xavier is half Cyborg and does whatever Amshel tells him so they can obtain what they want (Even though the two don't usually work in pairs.) Thorn is like a puppet that chrysallis is playing with.

Day 1631: Invasion day. That's... what everybody else was doing. Instead, I had some questions that needed to be answered. I had another dream about the two ponies I mentioned before, Omega Blade and Songbird. The dream involved Songbird, the female, in a hospital room. I can hear the cries of the mare as she screamed in Agony. After some time though, I heard the cries of two Newborns instead. one was a filly and another was a colt. When I saw them, my jaw dropped. Both the newborns looked like Kayla and I. That's how the dream went and I went to the Canterlot Library in order to answer some questions about those two. After a while, I found out something hoffirying. 5 days after our birthday (as Chrysallis told us) they were murdered, the attacker unknown. In a deseperate search, I tried to figure out possible causes and came across Omega's journal and research notes while doing so. Maybe they can give me some clues.

Day 1720: BINGO!! I finally figured out what I've been trying to discover day and night for nearly 3 months. Omega Blade and Songbird weren't just a married couple, they were two of equestria's best scientists that worked closely with Princess Celestia. I couldn't believe that they knew and closely worked with Equestria's Ruler. Anyways, The two we're working on a set of spells that allowed the possibility to traveling to other worlds after discovering them in many observations. After many test's and practice, they figured out how it worked and tested it with a trip to another world. That trip got the two ended up in what the humans called New York Zero, Specifically Manhattan (Don't know if it realtes to Manehattan, but assuming not.) When they got there, they ran into the huamn known as James Heller. Omega attacked Heller after he offended his wife and in the process ended up with the Mercer Virus. Just one question... How do I have it?

Day 1800: The Ruth has been discovered. Everything I previously knew about me has been a lie. A lie from the queen herself. My sister and I we're never "Her Children" at all. The Two ponies I mentioned so many times before, Omega Blade and Songbird, were our parents. They we're murdered in cold blood by the swarm and stole us away from there dying bodies. In order to hide the deception, they turned us into changelings so we could look like everyone else. This also confirms how I have the Mercer Virus...... That's it!! I'm not going to follow her after she made my whole life a lie. I'm going against her and no one will stop me.

Day 1801: The night seems to never end. I finally left ,y mark on the outside of the hive. If that doesn't get Chrysallis's attention, I don't know what will. Still, theres one person I have to thank... Xavier. Don't know why, but he didn't notice me killing the guards. If he did, then I would get a problem. Still it feels like I'm forgetting something. Maybe it'll come to me one I get out of here.

Day 1825: Looks like my message was very well recieved! Three packs of Changelings were chasing me the past 2 weeks after I took care of the first one they sent for me after Chrysallis discovered my betrayal. However, when they did find me, a pony (Yes, a pony) actually destroyed all of the them. His name was Raven, a 17 year old Unicorn that looked like a Sapphire Gem. He had Ice like eyes, a broken horn (Even though he could still use magic) and a set of headphones around his neck. There was a mark around his flank, but I didn't bother asking what it was. What I did ask though was why he saved me and the answer was a bit horrifying. He told me that "You reminded me of myself at your age... When I was 9 my family was masacred. I don't know if there we're any survivors. I was alone and sometimes barely able to defend myself." He then asked why were the changelings attacking me and I explained everything from the beginning, as well as showed him my fathers journal and notes. After he had a look at them, he gave them back and asked me to change into a blackbird. I did so and then flew onto his shoulder. His head turned and told me "I'm on your side and your story will be known to more than me."
Loganís themes:

Burn the Obedient-Korn: [link]
Not Listening- Papa roach: [link]
Evilution-Datsik and Infected Mushroom: [link]
Live Free or let me die-Skillet: [link]

Logan's BIo contains a combination of things that don't belong to me. It is a crossover so heres the Credits

MLP belongs to lauren Faust
Prototype 2 belongs to Radical Entertainment and Activision
Raven, Logan, Kayla, Omega Blade, and Songbird belong to me
Amshel belongs to :iconjerrid120:
Xavier belongs to :iconxavierthechangeling:
Prince Thorn belongs to :iconchanglingprincethorn:
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