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Erica Hall Inked by FrostPDP Erica Hall Inked :iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 3 Protostar Background by FrostPDP Protostar Background :iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 1 1 Ocean View by FrostPDP Ocean View :iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 0
Some scattered character plot
First things first - Lets start with the main 3.
Branden Frost:  Tragic past, extremely fast and with a penchant for human life that extends to a relatively strong but open-to-ideas policy of not killing.  The obvious connection:  "Hitokiri Battousai" Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin.)  He also reminds me strongly of Akira (Samurai Deeper:  Kyo) simply because of his ice mastery, but his personality is a lot warmer.  Considering I roleplayed Branden a number of times while writing/planning and a version of him for the old H:TSS storyline, his gimick of being one of the Four Lords (NO, this is NOT a bite-off of SD:K's Four Emporers, of which Akira was a part of.  I came up with this before ever reading SD:K.) sets him apart as he is clearly willing to accept death in the face of a greater good but only if he can justify the deaths.
Clarice Saffron:  Well damn.  This girl is supposed to represent the
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 1 9
Cassandra's Training
The two robed figures were staying in a rather small village just inside of the Kingdom of Ralase, one with a name neither traveler could remember.  They had left their horses behind at the tavern and walked through the drowsy town, choosing to spend some time out in the woods this evening, scandalously alone.  Of course, scandal was the furthest thing from either mind.
"Thank the Gods we're out of that backwater," he began.  He rubbed his forehead once, exhaling a long sigh before smiling to himself.  "Begging your pardon, but I cannot stand that country."
"I don't blame you," The woman replied.  Despite being a native of the aforementioned principality, she had many recent reasons to despise her home.
"Well, its finally safe to start this, I suppose.  I won't lie or beat around the bush - You have a lot of potential, Cassandra of Rethold," the older (yet young-looking) man stated.  His black robes blended into the night so well that, despite the radiance of a near-full moon, she coul
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 1
The Battle of Agincourt
The battle raged without a hint of remorse - The Presian armies moved north, and the Ralasians, even aided by their Emorian allies, continued a slow and painful retreat.  Three "stop-gap" attacks had been launched by Ralase, aimed at this "Redeeming" (as the Presians called it) army, and all three had failed.  This fourth?  It was all the same.
The Presian army had long ago decimated Ralase's mounted forces and was moving ever northward.  The arrows fired at them were hardly enough to do major damage, and the few Dark Paladins (or as the Ralasians called them, Swordpriests) had been defeated at only minimal cost.  For whatever reason, Sheng-Li seemed to smile upon the advance and their prayers for protection had been answered.
Their army had a lump sum of eight Oracles; two more than any other single division in the country.  This was also enough to confer a small level of magical protection over the eight hundred men remainin
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 7
Camdel II: The Master...
It wasn't by far his first mission, yet this one had him nervous.  He could easily see the gun - Holstered, held on the man's right side, with a small snap-button over it.  The man was vaguely aware of his surroundings, and the target was most certainly not alone - Two other officers stood with him.
"Why am I doing this, again?"  He thought to himself.
"Because you're under orders.  This man, for whatever reason, is your target."
The year was 1989, and the voice in his head was Peter Kallen, a telepath who was stationed near to where he stood in that Moscow street.  The US and USSR had finally crossed the line - An intrusion here, infiltration there, all of that was fine.  But a small incident (thankfully kept out of the papers) in which a trio of American and Hegemony agents were taken down was not to be overlooked.  Yet somehow, Armstrong felt this mission had no purpose.
"But I just don't get it...He's an ordinary
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 0
Camdel I: The Meeting
The young man strode out of the office building with a black suit and briefcase, the folds of his clothing sheltering him from the chilly wind of the early summer - Standard operating procedures, that outfit was.  Your typical, non-descript suit with only a handgun concealed, and your typical briefcase with various documents pertaining to clandestine operations.
The building?  A front: not for the mafia, but for a government project.  Not the CIA, NSA, or any of them - Another, far less common type of sinister operation kept out of public eye.  Some called them the "Men in Black," an organization made infamous by movies and urban legend.  True, many of their operatives enjoyed wearing black, but this was not the case universally.  He happened to be one of these suit-wearers.
The documents?  The latest updates on the progress at the local "university."  The cover for the office was, of course, a student loan
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 2
Not quite baywatch
Lifeguarding; A tedious occupation at best.  Seated poolside, resting in one of those high-up platform chairs reminiscent of an olympic diving platform but better suited to a pool party and keg, observation of the water's waves and the patron's disposition leads to infinite conclusions about life.  The waves never raise terribly high, and the young inadvertantly splash the old in their attempt to conquer their corner of the "vast sea."  The tiniest sometimes bring a toy ship, exclaiming "arrr!" and swashbuckling their way to a wet victory.  The only constant rule is "the smallest children play in the deepest water."
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 1 0
H:TSS story 1: The Plan
H:TSS Ending chapter 1: The plan.
"So what the hell is this?"  Asked the soft voice from the 5'4 male.  His black hair, the two strands of it which covered his eyes, stood looking down upon the table which was sending the holographic image into the air.
The short man stood with four others - A man who was slightly taller than him and had purple hair and feminine facial features much like his own; a man who was over six and a half feet tall and had brown hair with white strands of it in the front, his blue eyes clearly visible along with the floating ring of gold within them; and another man with a mohawk of purely green hair who stood over seven feet.
"Well Jess, let it speak for itself," spoke the violet haired man.
"You got me, Joseph, I'm worried," the brown haired man said.  He looked up toward the one called Joseph and smiled a bit - awkward considering what they viewed.
"Well Rune," Joseph responded, "I received this from our men in the field. &
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 4
28 Club_or_Purple Haze
"28-club/Purple Haze"
Are you experienced with
The Purple Haze?
Is there some manic depression in her?
Perhaps she's a foxy lady?
Sound right, Joe?
Is the purple haze in heaven now?
With the 28-club?
Smelling like teen spirit?
Did she leave on a jet plane,
and is she an L.A. Woman, too?
Is it wrong to wonder why
Our most rockin' musicians
Have decided to join her?
Why Hendrix, Morrison, Cobain and Joplin,
Each went at the same age
Moving toward
The same end of us all?
Certainly the wind cries Mary,
And carries a guitar
As it blows away the Purple Haze
Of our lives.
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 8
The Saints - Tales of Emor
marching gleefully to the house
all bow before our most holy name
a house unrivaled in its malady
yet peerless in its justice and joy
each Saint a Sinner, each benediction dark
our service forever a hallowed stain
in the name of the Descendant
poisoned blood of ours rains
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 2
Haiku by assignment.
Flakes fall from the sky to ground
Simple warm up poem.
Acquired tastes love
the chilly touch of snowflakes
landing on one's tongue.
Romance will heat up
Compensation for the fast
Plummeting red bar.
Mercury rise, fall
Just don't up and take a swim
In drinking water.
Been a long time since
I wrote haiku, so be kind
Forgive quality.
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 0
Shadows and Dust
Mirage in the desert
Same as the city
Same as the beach and ocean.
Eternity in an eye-blink
Same as yourself
The course of life.
Time flows as water,
Stream eternal,
disrupted by pebbles.
Shadows and dust,
So they say in the film,
Yet the speaker isn't even
So who is the shadow,
Who is the dust?
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 3
Cassandra's Tale Revised
Cassandra's Tale
Growing up amongst the green leaves in her homeland of Presia, Cassandra was always a strange girl.  She followed Presian theology well, always being in the upper third of her classes at the local church in her town of Rethold.  She was a pleasant girl to be around, not a rambunctious rule breaker, and her family was proud to report at the age of 12 that she'd make a good mother, though she was a little slow in growing out of kid's games.
Her mother and father were devout students of the Church's teachings, her mother even having written a small article on the nature of faith once.  Cassandra was very close to her, and had appeared to inherit her adroitness at handling religious doctrine.  Fond memories were made as the elder brushed the girl's hair gently, clamping down tightly near her scalp to tug through the knots without hurting her.
Her father often used to let her wrestle him to the ground and pin him, tickling him mercile
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 2
Just some ramblings
Malicious intent,
or simply stupid situational choices?
Does the fool control the foolish,
does he even have the mind to lead,
or is the foolery a fiction formed
to trick you into his play,
his act of negligence and
shadowed suspicions of stumped behavior?
When one is in control,
does the controlled realize that
their comprehension of their containment
can decompose their captivity
and does the owner know?
Do slaves revolt when told of freedom?
Is instict to rule ones own house or
is it natural to escape one's freedom
a Frommian notion but fact?
Do we choose to choose?
Can we want to want?
Does it matter if we matter?
Because if we don't, then it doesn't,
but what doesn't it matter to?
And if there isn't anything,
that our not insignificance matters to,
then does anything matter at all?
:iconfrostpdp:FrostPDP 0 2



That's the last time I updated here.  I'd just put out my first book, and was working on a short story collection.  My, how life has changed.  I'm lifeguarding for a living, now, and I've just recently released the second book in the Pillars of the Kingdom trilogy - I know, a long time coming.

I'm looking for ways to perhaps revive my DA.  I might consider entering into photography.  I'm always writing, naturally.

If you're interested in checking out my webpage or looking for a place to purchase a copy of my books, visit - aptly named, I know.  Its mostly the same as years ago, but with some mild changes!

I'll be back with more updates sooner than later!  Until then, my best regards!

--Jesse Pohlman

P.S.  Nice try, Peyton.  Next year, maybe your higher-ups will remember that when you put a wolf on a leash, its never the same when you let it off.
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