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get you a man with no fashion sense

saw an absolutely horrendous cardigan

did what had to be done
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Thats the kind of Cardigan Fresh would wear Underfresh

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what do you mean 'no fashion sense'???? that cardi is the DEFINITION of fashion!!!! little star

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OMG >v<

Had to be done. ...and now I really want that cardigan xD

SuperBecky's avatar
Now that's a cute boy right there bear clap emoji 
54viruses's avatar
I can't stand huge arm holes. They bug me. Refuse to wear clothes like that. =)
CQ-SkyPaint's avatar

I wish I could draw such horrendous outfits on the gremlin

peaachi's avatar
he looks like he borrowed one of papyrus' sweaters and im here for it 
GRAYSANS's avatar

Thats me in the morning when I have to go out

SansFangirl4life's avatar
very snazzy ;3 i love it lol
goomygirl123's avatar
2 things.... i want that sweater...

also! thanks to you i have began putting my baens in outfits i will never pull off!
StarryEyedPolitician's avatar
i love that outfit tbh
0ArmoredSoul0's avatar

It's horrible.

I love it.

WelpHi1212's avatar

dear god that's horrendous. i love it.

S-E-Sagas's avatar
it definitely had to be done!
Sunstar-Of-The-North's avatar
princessofDisney27's avatar
Oh my goodness!!! He looks so cute!!!!
LunarMew's avatar
Your lines are very clean!
Anna-mator's avatar
oh man, he would totally wear that. so would i, honestly. looks super comfy.
TheTropicalTophat's avatar
Tbh... I'd unironically wear it 😳
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