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Frosty Hills

Snowy Moutains, with a Touch of Spring by Froster-Draws, visual art

I believe I can fly-

a finger collab painting I did with my dad by Froster-Draws, visual art

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My Bio

Hello there! I'm Froster-Draws! Also known as Frost-Strike, Ney Taffie, Silverj, J.S and much more! Well yeah, I'm Frost-Strike this is just my traditional and photography account.

Friends: FyrnOfficiel kakuriku Strawberry--Smoothie LordMaddie SerostheDragon Kaiwelos

Go check them out 'cause they're really cool.

And check out my bro that happens to be on deviant art Magma-Mage

I love doing traditional art and photography, (also digital just pretend I don't because that's on my main account)

My biggest dream is to become a singer and also a writer

And I really want to do more collaborations! (Digital though you can friend me on Discord if you want to try one, Frost-Strike#0071)

I also have a discord server! Note me and I'll invite you to join.

I'm currently working on 3 books and practicing my singing hoping to one day become a famous singer-songwriter and writer!

I never wrote much of myself on my main account so uh, I guess here I can tell you more about me!

I'm a 14 year old girl doing: digital art, traditional art and trying to be a photographer, I have two brothers and they're both older than me, I'm pretty shy and all I ever talk about is music, art and grammar, so stick around if you like any of those, I try making traditional art twice a month and sharing some new photography, I also do digital art weekly on my main account, I'm no pro, I'm just trying, though, I think my artistic skills are pretty good! My father was an artist and everyone always says my skill must've come from him Laugh Out Loud (but yeah I'm a self-taught artist)

I'm a Christian and I love romance books! I also really love watching 7th Heaven, I still believe I'm the youngest person in my family, (was) but I'm probably not anymore.

In real life I have no friends and I'm an introvert I used to have a BFF but she disappeared, she did, she did..

Other than music and art, I do like going on long walks and swinging, also to the mall- (which doesn't make much sense but yeah) even though I'm pretty afraid of humans, I feel like going to malls and places crowded with them is the best way to communicate somehow and learn more of this strange specie, hmm. I have lots of cousins but only one of them really likes me, one of them seems to try and compete against me, if I get my hair cut, she gets her hair cut the exact same way, I get my hair coloured, then she wants her hair coloured! Rainbow Dash - DO I LOOK ANGRY?! [Free Icon]

My family is pretty nosey to, like I once went for singing lessons (for like a month?) and then I really thought deep in myself, it was really distracting and very stressing and %0 percent fun, I want to practice a specific song my teacher is like "no I think you should do this one instead"

I really disliked it and I didn't learn anything, I'm just going to go as far as I can and say it I hated it and I'm going to self-teach myself how to sing instead. Anyways afterwards my entire family questioned me about it and were like "so how are the lessons?" (very annoying)

I know they're just wondering about my life 'cause they don't see me too much, but really, never ask me about any lessons.

I'm usually friendly and shy, but if you caught me in the wrong mood I can be pretty stressed out and rude, (IRL and online) the only thing that calms me down is music or going for a walk, but if you ever want to talk to me feel free to do so! I do really enjoy some company, you can ask me more about stuff that happened to me if you like, but no personal questions.

If you ever want to draw me something you can draw any of these characters, Right here and here's what other awesome human beings made for me Here

And if you made me an art piece please note my main account, for I am more active there

And you can of course draw them with your characters if you like.

Thanks for reading! Stay Sweet.

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Nick Wilde - Icon I'mma head out now.

Favourite Visual Artist
if they can sing, I already like them
Favourite Movies
has to include singing
Favourite TV Shows
has to have lots of singing
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Zayn Malik and One Direction
Favourite Books
has to have some sort of singing connection to it
Favourite Games
as long as it has good main menu music
Favourite Gaming Platform
as long as my headphones will work on it
Tools of the Trade
My bare two hands, my phone and my camera