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Trading Woolyne - CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2018, 8:38 AM
I worked my ass off for the ATA event and now I've realized I can't connect with the design ;;0;; So, regrettably, I'm hoping to to a trade for a different wool or other bipedal CS

I'm interested in lighter designs and ones that have a warm color palette and fluff is a strong bonus! 

Woolyne #301 by Woolynedex  
*master list

Please comment here or note me with offers! 

Thank you so much for the interest <3333

Skin by UszatyArbuz
My goal is to get 200 followers by my birthday and I'm so close to both so I want to celebrate! 
There will be two winners and if enough people enter I'll add some more prizes on <3 
I just want to say thank you all so much !! I've met so many great people and it's been such a lovely time ;0; bless. 

End date: September 28th 2018

First place - A half body painted portrait or a full body shaded drawing! 
Second place - A half body shaded drawing or a couple chibi! 

Some examples of my art ((I can also draw humans~)) 
Temperance - Sad days by FrostedWatercolorSimple and easy by FrostedWatercolorIlli - art to adopt by FrostedWatercolorArt Trade - Green boi by FrostedWatercolorpeppermint mocha - couple commission by FrostedWatercolor

Comment with tally of tickets entered! 

Please no multi-account entries.
You can enter and give the prizes to someone else~
Be respectful <3 


Following me (old or new): +1 
Reposting this: +1
Tagging friends (up to three tickets): +3 ((These tickets will go to /the poster/ if youre tagged- please leave a new comment if you'd like to enter!!))



I decided to add a third place which is a chibi! Thank you so much for entering everyone, honestly I appreciate it sooo much I'm so shook. Well without further a due here I ago! 

In third place...... GlitchOS !!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! Let me know who you'd like a chibi of >:3c 

In second place...... OllieWally !!!!!!!!! Congrats !!! Let me know if you'd like a couple chibi or a half body >:3c 

and finally.... in 1st place!! tigersylveon !!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations~~~ You know the deal by now ahaha :3c 

And to everyone who didn't get chosen, I'll host some more of these in the future so there's always another chance! Thank you all so much for entering, I love you all <3333

Proof : Here
Paypall please <3

Complexity fee's might be applied for wings, large horns, complex markings, and/or detailed clothing. 

ALL examples can be edited to include a couple. Please just double the price!

All CS characters are wonderful and I'd be happy to draw them all !!

Have any questions? Please just leave a comment! 


Chibis - $25

**Can have simple animation added for flat $5 fee**
**Special deal: Couples are only $40**

peppermint mocha - couple commission by FrostedWatercolor  Slurp - Couple commission by FrostedWatercolorBook cuddles - Chibi Commission by FrostedWatercolor

Animated Full Body $50

Relaxation Animation - Commission by FrostedWatercolorBest Boi by FrostedWatercolorFie animation by FrostedWatercolor

Painted Style $70-$90

**More examples to come**

Temperance - Sad days by FrostedWatercolor  Beach Mistakes by FrostedWatercolor

Outfit Design $35

**Lase, patterns, or other numerous small details would have an up charge
Back view would be an extra $15
Ordering a set? $5 discount per extra design ordered. **

Outfit Commission - Clock by FrostedWatercolor


Please send me an order form by DA notes titled "Commissions"

Character Ref:
Commission Type:
PayPal Email:
Other Information?:

If you are ordering an outfit design commission please add on following information ( ** means optional)

Outfit(s) Desired: 
Reference sheet/images:
What colors are heavily used?: 
In what season/location will these clothes be used (winter, summer, beach, desert)?:
**Character(s) and/or style(s) inspiration: