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Edit 2: Updated her picture. Yes, that's Starlight's second outfit. And I really like it. It certainly makes her more original. Thanks a lot Sher! ^-^ Yeah, she looks taller, don't know why. But if you want to know more about her second outfit, check out the bio below.

Edit: I wrote more on her bio. It's not exactly complete, but I thought it was time I update her bio. Also, I do tend on adding something to this picture. It's going to be another SWAT Kat outfit for her. Thanks to MajesticReaper she gave me a good design to use so Starlight will be more original. This first outfit will still be used, it just will be gone. Also, this bio does have some spoilers for my story. Be warned! Another thing to add that even though I did add in Scarlett as Chris's best friend, Sher and I agreed that it's best to keep our characters separate so neither is relied on each other. While Scarlett is Chris's best friend, that's really all she is. In other words, Misty won't be existing in Chris's story. And that's fine. I hope you all understand. That's why I didn't put in Scarlett's SWAT Kat name down in here.

Haven't seen her in awhile huh? But getting back into SWAT Kats, It's time I dusted her off. I also changed her up a bit. Going to be working on her bio real soon...

Full Name: Christina Major-Scratkata (alias Starlight)

Age: 21 (22 later in the stories)

Birthday: March 1 (Pisces)

Height: 5’2

Weight: 135 pounds

Cup size: A

Dominate hand: Right

Species: Human, later turns into a cat. It’s really unknown of what kind of breed her cat persona is.

Voice actress: Natallie Portman (I really love her so I think her voice would be perfect)

Family: A mother, father, and younger brother. They are living back in the human world. Only Chris’s brother knows of her going into the kat universe.

Appearance: Tan fur with dark brown hair usually in a ponytail. Fluffy tail and hazel eyes; is usually seen wearing pink and black clothes.

Personality: Very sweet and kind, tends to be stubborn and naive. She is the type who is willing to do anything for her friends. She also has a bit of a short temper. She also can get scared easily depending on the situation. As Starlight, she tends to be more serious and focused on her job of catching the bad guys.

Main Bio: Chris was once a human girl living in another world where humans are dominant. She attended college and had a job to make payments. But she was really unhappy with her life. She was sick of how normal and routine her life was. She wanted something exciting to happen to her for once instead of the usual that went on. She got her wish when two strange creatures saved her life just as she was nearly molested by a creepy guy who wanted her money. She was shocked to see they were not humans but cat like people. Chris soon learned that Razor and T-Bone came through a strange portal and needed a way to get back home. Feeling grateful that they saved her life, she decided to hide them at her place. Luckily, her parents were on a long trip while her brother was currently attending college.

    She soon got to know them both and started to view them as family. Jake and Chance had come to brighten up her life that she no longer felt sad and lonely. She even started to develop romantic feelings for Jake considering how sweet he is (and the fact she found him attractive). A few weeks went by and Chris was captured by an evil scientist who was the one responsible for bringing the SWAT Kats into the human world. He was able to thanks to the Past Master. He wanted to experiment on the kats to see how different they were. He nearly succeeded however, his nephew Greg saw how evil his uncle was. Not to mention Greg’s feelings towards Chris had him see the error of his ways and he helped Chris, Razor, and T-Bone to escape and take down Bombard and the Past Master.

    Once the bad guys were defeated, Greg used his uncle’s portal machine to help Razor and T-Bone get back home. Chris was very sad to see them go. Having come close to them both, she hated it however she understood that they needed to be back in their world. After a heart breaking good bye, Chris watched her kat friends leave. For days after that, she became very depressed. Greg tried to comfort her but to no avail. Finally, he made an offer. The portal machine had enough power to make a small portal for her to go into the kat world if she pleases. The only catch is, she would never be able to return. Chris weighed her options. She could see her kat friends again, but she will never see her family again. After talking it over with her younger brother who had just gotten back, Chris decided that she would be happier in the kat world. Despite knowing she would have problems in that world (such as she was going to be the only human there), she went to Greg and made her choice. Greg and Alan were sad to see her go, but they understood her decision and wished her luck and that they will miss her very much. She got what she could take and she got in her car to go through the portal.

    She was lucky to end up in the Salvage Yard of where Jake and Chance lived. Once they were done greeting each other, it turns out that Chance and Jake (especially) missed her very much. Right before Christmas, Jake made another earring to have Chris take on the appearance of a kat and she soon became a permanent citizen of Megakat City. There are times Chris feels home sick for her human world, but having Chance and Jake as well as how interesting it is to live in Megakat City has Chris forget about that.

    A month after living in the city, Chris has a nightmare one night that has her fearing for Jake’s life. Because of this, Chris made up her mind that she will become a SWAT Kat herself. Jake and Chance agreed and they soon start training her. Chris of course was nervous to be doing this though she soon got the hang of it and decided to call herself Starlight. (probably will write more later…)

Outfits: As Chris, she usually seen wearing a pink and black shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. When she is Starlight, her first outfit was similar to Razor and T-Bone's. Then after a very intense battle, her first outfit ended up being destroyed. She decided to think of a new one but with more class. Razor and T-Bone helped into what you see above. Because of her being the navigator and her eagle eye, Razor decided to make additions to her helmet. When she puts the visor down, it allows her to see even better and other various things which will make it difficult for any villain to hide. Her outfit is even made to have her be more agile when dodging attacks since she is more prone to use weapons then her own fists. Though she can have a mean kick.

Relationships: Jake Clawson/Razor – Chris and Jake became very good friends from the start. It is a little uncertain of when the two began to have romantic feelings towards each other. However, as time went on, Chris and Jake became pretty close. Because of his feelings for Chris, Jake tends to be over protective of Chris. He will even get angry if any man tries to flirt with her. Chris will also feel the same if a girl tries to put the moves on Jake. Despite there being an unwritten law that humans and kats are not supposed to be romantically involved, it didn’t stop these two from developing such a relationship. Thankfully, Chris became a kat herself during a tough battle and the two became a couple shortly afterwards. Whenever he dressed as Jake or Razor, he will do anything for Chris/Starlight. He also knows to never have her be limited which is why he was fine with her becoming a SWAT Kat. He does tend to worry for her but he also knows she will be fine in the long run. Their relationship is still considered strong and Jake feels lucky to have an amazing girlfriend by his side.

Chance Furlong/T-Bone- Chance wasn’t too sure of Chris at first despite helping Razor save her during the mugging. He thought that because they were not human, she was going to turn them in. She soon proved him wrong and he warmed up to her quickly. Chance has always appreciated Chris risking herself to keep him and Jake safe during their time in her world. While getting to know her, he began to view her as a little sister he never had. She too feels the same about him. This makes Chance pretty over protective of her. Chance and Chris also tend to tease each other back and forth. They also have a few spats depending on the situation. No matter what, they remain very good friends. Chance also loves Chris’s cooking. His favorite is her cooking is tuna helper.

Scarlett Silverbell- Chris wasn’t sure of how lucky she was to become friends with Scarlett, however she did. And that was during one of her college classes that she happened to be taking with Scarlett. The older she kat came up to her and said that her shirt was cute. Thus, the two became instant friends. Chris was happy to have a female friend. Not to mention that despite being friends with Callie and Felina as well, they were busy and Chris was glad to have Scarlett. The two always have each other’s backs. Chris feels bad of not letting Scarlett know of why she tends to run off or turning down her invitations to hang out sometimes. Luckily, Scarlett is understanding and forgiving. She even teaches Chris gymnastics which helps her get into shape and be agile as a SWAT Kat. Due to how Scarlett is, she tends to act all motherly towards Chris, though the girl doesn’t mind one bit.

Callie Briggs- Chris and Callie are very good friends as well.  

Felina Feral- Considered good friends.

Julia Clawson- Jake’s younger sister and she liked Chris very much. She even makes a point that she certainly likes her way more than Ronda. She is looking forward to having Chris as her sister-in-law.

Ronda Pawson- Jake’s high school friend. The two don’t exactly get along due to Ronda being jealous of Jake and Chris being together.

Other Facts:

    -          Chris is studying to work at the Museum since she loves learning about the history of the kat world.

    -          Chris’s favorite colors are pink, blue, and purple. She also likes black.

    -          Chris doesn’t mind Chance’s love of Scaredy Kat. She introduced him to Tom and Jerry when he was stuck in her world and she even brought a few DVDs of the cartoon so she and Chance can watch it.

    -          Chris only allows those close to her to call her Chrissy. Sometimes Jake calls her Tina out of endearment.

    -          Chris choose the name Starlight because not only because of her nightmare but also that stars are considered lights to help show those at night the way. Due to her being the navigator and her eagle eye, this fits her perfectly.

    -          Chris takes her height and size very seriously. Whenever Chance teases her about it, she will get defensive. Because of this, the villains tend to say she’s the Runt of the SWAT Kats.

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