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This is my own personal essay about the SWAT Kats. While the cartoon is great, it certainly left a lot of vague details that center around the characters. We only know a bit about Chance’s personal life, nothing about Jake or Callie, or Felina herself. That’s why this journal is to dedicate my personal theories and headcanons around the series, as well as some I have read and agreed with. If anyone wants to add their own theories or headcanons, please go right ahead. I am always open for anything so that way we can have a more personal look on our favorite kats.


First of all, I’m going to go ahead and break it down to the two main characters, that being Chance Furlong/T-Bone and Jake Clawson/Razor. Then, there will be a section centering around Callie, Felina, Feral, and other various characters as well. Once again, these are just theories and headcanons. None of them have to be true or fact. I will go by what the show provided and just add in the blanks.


:bulletred: Chance Furlong / T-Bone :bulletred:

:bulletred: Chance grew up in Megakat City as stated in a Bright and Shiny Future. I believe he was an only child and had only his mother to look out for him. His father is to be believed that he died or left his son and wife without another word. In any case, Chance never remembered his father all that much.

:bulletred: Or, Chance probably did and the memories he has of him consist that his father was never a good role model. Hence why Chance was always at Pop Tate’s, because Pop was a better father figure to him.

:bulletred: Chance’s mother was an Enforcer once and she was very supportive of Chance becoming one himself. Once he was kicked off, she told him that she is still proud of him to this day.

:bulletred: Chance was a football player throughout middle school to high school.

:bulletred: Chance loves thrill and adventure that he reads from the comic books or on TV. Hence why he tends to try to make things interesting if he finds it boring.

:bulletred: Chance has a bit of a childish side to him, which is why he still loves Scaredy Kat and other things most young children enjoy.

:bulletred: Chance was in the Enforcers for a couple of years before he met and befriended Jake Clawson when he first joined. The two hit it off right away.

:bulletred: Chance sometimes finds it surprising that despite how quiet and passive Jake can be, Jake is able to provide a big rival out of him when he makes a challenge to him.

:bulletred: Chance’s fear of bugs came from him having always a bad experience with them back when he was a kitten. For example, he was stung by a bee, bitten by a spider, and finds any bug disgusting.

:bulletred: Chance is right handed; though he does have a mean left hook.

:bulletred: Chance loves girls and he considers himself a ladies man. When he sees a pretty girl, he will confidently flirt with her. He usually has no problem going on dates since he is an attractive tom kat, tall and muscular. And the confidence air around him gives him an edge.

:bulletred: Chance has been a hot head since he was little. He has better control of his temper when he got older…somewhat. When he was younger, every time he got angry, he would punch things and wreck anything he got his paws on.

:bulletred: Chance is older than Jake by two years. They were kicked off the Enforcers when Chance was 23 and Jake was 21. They have been fighting crime as the SWAT Kats for several years. Currently, Chance is 26 and Jake is 24.

:bulletred: Despite the cartoon giving him black eyes, I believe Chance has green eyes.


:bulletblue: Jake Clawson / Razor :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Jake wasn’t born or raised in Megakat City. He lived in a small town that was a few hundred miles away. His parents are good folk that raised him to the best of their ability and he has a younger sister who is at least six years younger than him.

:bulletblue: Jake is gifted with high intelligence that showed at a very young age. He loves to test his knowledge by making things from scratch.

:bulletblue: While Jake does like girls, he can’t help but get tongue-tied when trying to talk to one since he never had any experience of how to deal with them. Though this only makes him very cute in the girls’ eyes and that works in his favor. While he may not be as big and muscular as Chance, he’s still handsome in his own way and his quiet ways do tend to make him very mysterious to girls.

:bulletblue: Jake is ambidextrous. Though he tends to use his right hand for the most part, he is able to use his left hand equally.

:bulletblue: Jake wanted to become an Enforcer because he desired to get away from the quiet life of his small town. He also wanted to work on the Enforcer planes, jets, and helicopters.

:bulletblue: Jake’s favorite colors are blue and red. He also likes the color black.

:bulletblue: In his spare time, Jake loves watching horror films and David Litterbin show. He also enjoys reading as well as sketching to come up with new missiles.

:bulletblue: When Jake was younger, he was picked on by bullies due to his small size and him always reading. His parents had him go to karate classes to defend himself. He has a black belt in martial arts and why he’s pretty agile and quick. Though he never fights unless he really has to.

:bulletblue: While he may be quiet, Jake will not hesitate into taking on a challenge.

:bulletblue: Jake would get a lot of love letters from girls who had a crush on him during his high school days. His sister would tease him endlessly about it.

:bulletblue: Despite the cartoon giving him black eyes, I believe Jake has amber or gold brown eyes.

:bulletblue: Jake had an ancestor in medieval times. A hero who kept the world safe and use the dragon sword to do so. Hence why he was able to pull the sword while his partner could not.


:bulletpink: Callie Briggs and Felina Feral :bulletpurple:

:bulletpink: Callie has always dreamed of making peace for herself. So she worked and graduated from a school of law.

:bulletpink: Callie took the job as Deputy Mayor when she was only 22.

:bulletpink: Callie is excellent at writing both on paper or computer; which is good but also bad since she is stuck doing all the Mayor’s speeches. If it hadn’t been for her being a Deputy Mayor, she would probably be a writer.

:bulletpurple: Felina comes from a long line of military blood; hence why she takes her job just as seriously as her uncle.

:bulletpurple: Felina is an only child and considered a daddy’s girl. She was also a big tomboy despite her mother’s attempts of having her wear dresses, which she hated very much. Though she has somewhat outgrown that phase. She still prefers pants.

:bulletpurple: Felina’s parents are still alive and are living comfortably miles away from Megakat City.

(may add more…)


:bulletgreen: Commander Feral and other characters :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Commander Feral’s older brother and Felina’s father tends to call up on them both to see how they are faring.

:bulletgreen: Feral has one older brother, whom happens to be Felina’s father.

:bulletgreen: Feral’s brother used to be on the Enforcers, but a harsh accident crippled him that forced him to retire at an early age. Feral takes it upon himself to run the Enforcers to the best of his ability to make his brother proud.

:bulletgreen: Feral always looked up to his brother and doesn’t want to disappointment him. Not to mention he never wants to make him angry, hence why he has no choice but to be lenient towards Felina whenever she acts out of line for the most part as stated in A Bright and Shiny Future.

:bulletgreen: Feral is a fan of David Litterbin’s show as well though he would deny if anyone asked.

:bulletgreen: After Lieutenant Commander Steele’s schemes to get rid of Feral so he can be Commander, he was fired or transferred and Felina took his place.

(may add more…)


:bulletblack: Other theories :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Dark Razor and Dark T-Bone in the different universe shows what if Jake and Chance had been so bitter after being kicked off the Enforcers they decided to go down the path of evil instead of trying to save the city their way. Their anger soon morphed into ugly irreversible rage and they both became evil to the point of no return. This evil rage is probably what caused Dark T-Bone to fly terribly.

:bulletblack: Dark Callie is considered the same. She started out wanting to run the city peacefully but having to deal with the lazy mayor made her very bitter and after Dark Kat gave her an offer, she decided that running the city her way would be a better choice. Her contact with an evil doer is what made her heart turn cold since she thought being evil was more fun than her current good for nothing job.

(will add more…)



This is what I have so far. I do plan on editing this and adding more. Also, I am more than happy to see what kind of theories you all have in mind. Just feel free to comment below! It’s what makes this fun and to keep this cartoon alive as well!


One thing I will never stand is when someone who claims to be a fan of the same thing as me tell me to have my OC die because they don't belong in the fandom I created them in. You're not a true fan if you don't respect people's different likes and dislikes. You're just rude and disrespectful.
I saw Coco and holy crap I loved it so much! One of Pixar's best movies, hands down!
I find it funny that in a way, Phoenix Wright and Razor the SWAT Kat have a connection. Why do I say this? Because Barry Gordon, Razor's voice actor voiced Donatello in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 series. Phoenix Wright's voice actor Sam Riegel in DD and SoJ also did Donatello in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. I think that's really cool. XD
I plan on drawing my OTPs. The list will be and may not be limited:

Blue Golden Couple (Phoenix Wright/ Tiffany Howe-Wright)
Jake Clawson - Razor/Christina - Starlight
Lightning McQueen/Isabella Holler
Danny Fenton - Phantom/Maya Fey
Tadelsa - Tadashi Hamada/Elsa
Jackunzel - Jack Frost/Rapunzel
Mericcup - Hiccup Haddock/Merida DunBroch
I'm about ready to leave a group because I tried submitting something to their group twice now and so far they haven't accepted it. Is it because the mods are busy? No, because I see there are pictures still being accepted into that group so there is someone looking over the submissions. This group hasn't been the best because the folder selection they have is crappy. For example, I suggested they should retitle one of the folders from "yuri yaoi" to "pairings" since what I draw for the fandom isn't yuri or yaoi and their response? "Oh just submit your pictures to groups. ^^" Gee that's great. Apparently they only support gay couples. Oy...


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